Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scent of A Woman

Another drama not to be missed!

Title: Scent of a woman.
Synopsis: (From www.dramabeans.com)
Scent of a Woman is centered around a woman (Kim) who is told she is dying, and decides to live her remaining months to the fullest. Lee plays the restless and aimless heir to a top travel/tourism company, who meets our heroine, a lowly employee, after he fights with his fiancée and quits the company; his interest in her sparks a total turnaround in his life.

Meanwhile, she meets her old childhood friend (Eom) as a patient; he’s a cold, cynical doctor who starts to thaw out because of her, and gradually loosens up to become a caring Daddy Long Legs.

Kim Sun Ah as Lee Yeon Jae
Lee Dong Wook as Kang Ji Wook
Uhm Ki Joon as Chae Eun Suk
Seo Hyo Rim as Se Kyung

Another 16 episode romance comedy drama with Kim Sun Ah (from My name is Kim Samsoon) and Lee Dong Wook (from My girl). I love both of them!

Just finished episode 2 and i can't wait for episode 3, can't wait for Ji Wook to fall in love with Yeon Jae, they've finally met in Okinawa!!!! Honestly, i don't think Yeon Jae is going to die in 6months as its only a grim prognosis by the doctor who later fall in love with her too.

Too many dramas to catch up with lately which explains for the lack of manga summaries. haha.


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Monday, July 25, 2011


 For all Ouran High School Host Club fans....


The cast.

川口春奈 as 藤岡 ハルヒ
山本裕典 as 須王 環
大東俊介 as 鳳 鏡夜
高木万平 as 常陸院 光
高木心平 as 常陸院 馨
千葉雄大 as 埴之塚光邦
中村昌也 as 銛之塚 崇

This feels like another Hana Kimi (Japan Version) and did i mention before? Japan did a remake of Hana Kimi and its called Hana Kimi 2011. hahah.

In my opinion, Japanese drama is going down hill in recent years. I don't know, their story/plot are just not appealing enough as compared to Korean dramas. Oh! I think i know the reason! Korean male leads are so so so much more drooling!!! haha.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 16

The cover.

Hatori's narration: "Damn, what have i done to Kousuke's ex-girlfriend."

Hatori wonders on the street alone after leaving Amy-san's house and she sees couples all around her that she wanted to plant a bomb.

Kousuke: "Hatori-chan."
Hatori: "Hirotsum-kun."
Kousuke: "I thought you've left already."

Hatori: "I'm sorry to have said those words just now."
Kousuke: "Let's put those aside, Hatori-chan, you seems to have forgotten something important."

Hatori's thoughts "Eh? EH? Why does he look at me that way?"

Hatori: "I don't know."
Kousuke: "You really don't? Jya, can i take you as mine?"

Hatori is so shock that blood spurt out from her nose and her thoughts "What? What? What? Don't tell me he's going to accept me?"

Kousuke leans towards Hatori and said: "You really don't know?"

Hatori thinks that Kousuke is going to kiss her so her she pouts her lips waiting for the kiss and thinks to herself "Please don't be shy and accept me then."

Hatori opens her eyes eventually wondering why hasn't Kousuke kiss her.

Kousuke with Hatori's mobile on his hand: "You left this on the table in Amy-san's house."
Hatori: "AHHHHH."
Kousuke: "I'm not returning it to you?"
Hatori: "Eh? You can't! Isn't it obvious?"
Kousuke: "You've saved all the mails from Terasaka-kun."
Hatori: "I'll be a good girl till you return it to me."
Kousuke: "Can i delete all these mail?"

Hatori's thoughts "I see. We've broken up so there's no reason for me to keep them." and she turns into her 'monk' mood again.

Kousuke: "I'm sorry, i'm just teasing you. I'm returning it to you. It's alright if you don't want to delete those mails because Hatori-chan is concern about me."

Hatori's thought's: "Huh?"

Kousuke: "Didn't i said before, i didn't said that we've broken up, have i?"
Hatori: "But.. .Hirotsumi-kun, what about Amy-san? With that aside, don't you have many girls crowding around you?"
Kousuke: "Don't you know? The one i've always like is only Hatori-chan."

Kousuke: "See you tomorrow."

Hatori's thoughts "Eh? EH? Seriously? I can't believe this. This is the first time i've been confessed to. There is on other way expect going out with him i guess. But but but... is it alright? I was just crying because of Rita awhile ago. I can't believe this but this is how my mind is like right now. (shows a pie graph with only less than 10% for Rita and the rest are all for Kousuke.) Ahaha... i'm just a simple minded person. However, is it alright for me to leave my feelings for Rita behind? It's ALL RIGHT!...

... If i don't throw now, when should i throw it? From now onwards, i've got a feeling that i'm going to like Hiromitsu-kun."

Kousuke: "Hatori-chan, what are you'll doing?" (Seem like it's the cultural festival)
Hatori: "Something normal, Takoyaki. What's with that outfit?"
Kousuke: "This? Seems like the person incharge will need to wear this on that day. I borrow it from my senior."
Hatori: "Woah. You look really cool in it."
Kousuke: "That's of course. Have you heard? They've decided on the participants for Mr contest. As expected, Terasaka-kun is in the list."

Hatori's thoughts "As expected.... I really dislike that Rita is in the competition. Adachi is the only one who's going to be happy if Rita comes in first for the competition. I don't like that."

Kousuke: "It's alright. Terasak-kun is not going to win because i will."

Hatori: "Eh? Hiromitsu-kun is also in the list?"
Kousuke: "Of course."
Hatori: "I will give you my full support. You'll will for sure!"
Kousuke: "That is for sure."

Hatori's thoughts "Listen to me everyone! This wonderful guy who is the most handsome person likes me!!! I've received alot since Hiromitsu-kun becomes my boyfriend."

Hatori went to find Kousuke in his classroom.

Hatori: "Hiromitsu-kun, there's no CCA today, shall we go to cram school together?" and she's shock to see a girl sitting on Kousuke's lap and leaning on him like he's her chair.

Kousuke sees Hatori and said: "Haruka, i'm going home so move aside."
Haruka: "OK."

Kousuke: "It's still early, shall we go somewhere first?"
Hatori: "Ah... ok." and she thinks to herself "No, it's not that."

She pull's Kousuke's shirt like a strong man and asked: "Who's that girl? I'm going to kill you because of that!"
That's just her imagination. She said nothing and continue thinking to herself "That is  Hiromitsu, it's unavoidable for such a cool person like him."

Kousuke: "Where shall we go? Is there anywhere you want to go?"

Hatori is still deep in her own thoughts "It was nothing just now. It was only a girl sitting on his lap that's all. I shan't be petty as they didn't even kiss. They are just hanging out like classmate." and she realized that Kousuke is sitting on the bench waiting for her to finish with her thoughts.

Kousuke: "You are done with you thoughts? What happened? Tell me."

Hatori's thoughts "I'm in the position to ask since i'm the girlfriend right? But i don't want him to find me to be a troublesome girlfriend....

... but... some to think of it... Hiromitsu-kun, who is so handsome is so persistent about me! (He merely said that the haven't broken up) That is right. I shall stop those thoughts. I shall only think of happy stuff now!"

Kousuke: "Where do you want to go?"
Hatori: "You've asked that before right?"

Hatori: "Kyahahahah! Hiromitsu-kun, don't you want to play too?"
Kousuke's thoughts "Is this for real?" and replied: "Nope."

Hatori's thoughts "Did i made the wrong choice?" (She chooses to go to the playground) I look like a BAKA playing alone.

A kid pulls Hatori's skirt and said aloud that she looks like some character.

The other kids all agreed.
Kousuke heard the kids, googled and tried very hard to control his laughter.

Kousuke's thoughts "What is this? Hatori-chan is going to drop if i don't hold her from behind. It's basically trouble but we've been going out for about 2 months and she's going to be so pitiful if i hurt her. I will create some disillusion when the time comes till i reach my goal of putting down Teraska-kun."

Hatori: "See how i'm going to fight back!"

Kousuke sees Hatori and laugh "What is she doing?"

Kousuke's thoughts "Why am i smiling to myself?"

A kid comes over and "touch" Kousuke.

Hatori's thoughts "Oh no! I've forgotten about Hiromitsu-kun totally!" and said: "Don't get the brother involved. I'm sorry Hiromitsu-kun, let's move on to the next place you want to go. We are leaving."
Kousuke: "Am i the 'ghost' now?
Kid: "Yes."
Hatori: "Huh?"
Kousuke: "It's better for you'll to run quickly as i can run very fast."

Hatori's thoughts "Hiromitsu-kun is playing with them? Some how i feel happy."
Kousuke: "It's fun!"
Hatori: :You must be tired. I didn't think you will play with us. I was shocked. Thank You,"
Kousuke: "Nope, it's nothing." and thinks to himself "What am i doing?" turns around and left.

Hatori's thoughts "Why is it that i somehow wishes for Kousuke to like me more?" and she shouts "Wait there!" and she runs far away and shouts: "Call out my name from where you are."

Kousuke: "Bye Bye."
Hatori's thoughts "It's embarrassed. To Kousuke, I'm just a nobody."
Kousuke: "If you don't hurry you, you will be left behind, HATORI!"
And she dashes towards Kousuke.

Hatori: "Kousuke!"
Kousuke: "!!" and thinks to himself "Why is she so happy? What did i do?"

Back in school.

Hatori's thoughts "I'm happy. Very happy. I really like Hiromitsu-kun."
Hatori: "Now the feeling is like 'thank you for being there with me'."
Nakajima: "That's fast."
Hatori: "Nakajima, you are dumb that's why you don't understand. Love is all about timing. It's my time now!"
Nakajima: "You are really in a good mood."
Hatori: "I'm going to find Hiromitsu-kun now. I've made a lunch box for him."

Nakajima's thoughts "This will be good if this continues."

Hatori's thoughts "Hiromitsu-kun, it's my first time experiencing such a happy relationship."

Hatori can't find Kousuke in his class room thus she wonders around looking for him.

Kousuke: "That is why i said i can't."
Girl: "Why?"
Hatori: "Hiro? Are you there?"
Girl: "Why is it that it's alright yesterday and not today?"

Hatori sees a girl kissing Kousuke.
Kousuke: "Hatori-chan."
Hatori: "Please continue." and she walks away.

Kousuke: "Wait a minute. Wait a minute. Hatori-chan! It's an accident. She did it on her own." Kousuke still in his usual smiling face.
Hatori: "It's alright. Hiromitsu-kun is like this. It's alright. I'm not going to so unnecessary things. I'll be practical."

Hatori turns and walks away.
Kousuke: "Hatori-chan." and thinks to himself "Eh? What have i done?"

Hatori sits on a beach alone and eats the lunchbox she prepared for Kousuke and thinks to herself "As expected, it's impossible for such a good looking person to like me. I'll be practical. ”

It started to rain, really heavy rain and Hatori continues to sit on the bench which is outdoor. She continues to think herself "I've done well. Damn it....

... it's impossible for me to have happiness." and she sees a foot in front of her.

It's Kousuke.

Kousuke: "What are you doing?"
Hatori: "What is this? You have many other girls don't you? I'm just one of them."

Kousuke: "That is true but... i'm happy when i'm with Hatori-chan. I don't know why but Hatori-chan is not like the other girls around me. Everything you do seems interesting to me. It's your character which does not tires me....

...I know this in my head but i just can't seem to control it. Even though i know what i should do but... Why did i still do such a thing.....

.... i've might have fallen for Hatori-chan." (ハマってみたい - not too sure of this but i guess he's saying that he has falled in love with Hatori. Correct me if i'm wrong.)

Finally!!!! Kousuke fell in love with Hatori! Now i can't wait for Rita to find out about his and him getting all jealous about it! hahahahah Go Kousuke!!!

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Monday, July 18, 2011


 The original "You're Beautiful"

The Japanese remake of “You’re Beautiful”.

瀧本美織 (Miori Takimoto) as  Gu Mi Nyu/Gu Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye)
玉森裕太 (Yuta Tamamori) as Hwang Tae Kyung (Jang Keun Suk)
藤ヶ谷太輔 (Taisuke Fujigaya) as Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa)
八乙女光 (Hikaru Yaotome) as Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki)

I've just watched the first episode of Ikemen Desune.

It's like a copy of the Korean version! 

In the Japanese version, Gu Minam wore the same blue and white nun costume which she wore in the Korean version. All the nice addictive songs are now with Japanese lyrics. Japanese Jeremy has the same bleached golden hair with occasional singular stock sprouting out on top of his head when he's home. The home setting is similar too. Similarity extends till their boss who speaks with a mix of single English word with Japanese.

How do you like the Japanese Ikemen? Well, i guess the production team has put in much effort in the selection of cast (much better then those from Hana Yori Dango imo) thou i still very much prefer the Korean version. hahah


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Thursday, July 14, 2011

電撃デイジー - Chapter 49

The cover.

Teru's narration: "It was scary. I felt regretted and that is why the least..." 

Akira: "Damn, he's already here?"

Kurosaki: "Let go of Teru, Akira. I will decide to let you live or die later."
Teru: "...rosaki..." and her thoughts "I didn't cry until you are here to save me."
Akira: "Hehehe, Hello Daisy."What a good good you are to be able to sniff your way here this fast. Even though so, you know what's going to happen when you make any move." and he points a knife at Teru.

Akira: "This happened because i loath you. It's all your fault that Teru-chan is beaten up and cried."
Kurosaki: "You boisterous! Move away! I'm ordering you to leave her didn't you hear that?"
Akira: "Why are you still so arrogant?"
Kuroaski: "I'm not in a good mood now so quit those worthless words."
Akira: "Heeya! I don't understand why are you still trying so hard. Didn't i said it before, it's all your fault!"

Kurosaki: "Shut up you brat!" and grab the knife with his bare hands.
Akira: "You are scared aren't you."
Kurosaki: "I swear i will not do this the second time because i'm not letting you off for a second time."
Akira: "Heeehahaha... so what if you've swear? You're going to kill me? Are you an idoit to threatened me like this? Regardless how many times, i'm going do it again and again to destroy the thing you treasured most. Kill me if you want! I'm not afraid of dying. Whether is it you or other people, they've become who i think they are."
Kurosaki: "I see, so no plans on changing your idea?"

Kurosaki: "So... this will be your end."
Teru: "Kurosaki..."
Kurosaki: "Don't worry, i didn't kill him."
Teru: "I know, i saw it all."

Teru and Kurosaki doing the explaination as follows:
Teru: "He hold the knife lightly in his hands and tossed it away when his fist is near Akira's face."
Kurosaki: "On top of that, i've hit his chin very lightly. I might cut my own fingers using a swiss knife to kill him and i promise to be a good person didn't i? "

Kurosaki: "Leaving that to one side, it might be a sever punish for a kid."
Teru: "What are we going to do with his body?"
Kurosaki: "Leave it to Master, i'll call him now."
Chiharu: "Daisy, stay away from Akira. It's been a long time though unwillingly. I will take Akira's body."
Kurosaki: "Chiharu.."
Chiharu: "You look well, don't you? Daisy. To meet you again like this, it's my pleasure. You are going to do what i've said."

Kurosaki: "Threatening me shows that you must be scared too. The boy is much more interesting as compared."
Chiharu: "I'm not that free to chat with you. I've giving you a way out. I will take care of everything here. No one will know about the life being stopped. The hotel will keep quiet about it and your names will not be leak out. Is it alright?"
Kurosaki: "I'm curious, you are doing so much for this boy?"
Chiharu: "This has nothing to do with you. You are in no position to say such things. Take your "stuff" with you and leave quickly."
Teru: "Ku... Kurosaki."
Kurosaki: "Alright. Teru, can you stand up?"
Teru: "Wait, i can do it on my own."
Kurosaki: "Even though i didn't mention but we are going down all the way using the escape staircase."

Teru: "Kurosaki... Kurosaki... but... put me down. Your hand is injured isn't it. I can walk on my own."
Kurosaki: "I hope you know that i'm not letting you down regardless of what you are going to say. You've trembled just now when you only need to stand up. Know your limits and don't push yourself. Everything is alright already. I'm sorry to let you encounter such terrifying incident. It's my bad."

Teru's thoughts "Kurosaki's voice is trembling. I'm almost in tears. I'm relief now but... 

 ... i'm feeling hundred times more regrettable. Before i knew it, i'm in tears. I'm having the feeling that i shouldn't cry."

Riko: "You are back. Was it crowded at the hospital"
Kurosaki: "Ah, Riko."
Riko: "I've heard everything from Andy. Both Master and I think that it must have been tough. You're great to have done so well."
Kurosaki: "All thanks to Andy's secret weapon. On top of that, how's Teru?"

Riko: "Other than the bruise at the side of her lips seems like there's no other injuries. She's smiling like nothing had happened. She's pushing herself so hard that i can't even see a trend of tiredness on her face. Se might not be able to relax but it's normal to cry."
Kurosaki: "I see.."
Riko: "Teru might be thinking too much. It's better not to bottle up her feelings."
Kurosaki: "I see."
Riko: "Do keep extra look out on her when you got home."
Kurosaki: "Did you just said something weird? Where is Teru now?"
Riko: "That's why i said, she's at your house, waiting for you to be home."
Kurosaki: "Why is that so? Shouldn't Riko the one to be by her side."
Riko: "Isn't it alright? You're also injured aren't you? Take a good rest and come back. She's your best medicine. I know what you are thinking, so you shouldn't run away, look in front and move forward. It's alright, you aren't the old Kurosaki anymore. No matter how careful you live, danger is always around. You've responded well this time and it's good. From now on, you should overcome any danger that hinder's you....

... so get well soon and smile. Teru is important and so are you. Both Master and Andy were panic when we know you very hit. Be back to your oldself soon."
Kurosaki: "What is this, Riko. You sound like my mother."
Riko: "You are such a nuisance. I'm doing it for Souichiro."

Teru's thoughts "Everyone is concern about me... us... and that is why i need to work hard."

Teru: "Kurosaki! Welcome back home. Is you hand alright? I've made dinner."
Kurosaki: "My hand is sewed back properly."
Teru: "That is not enough, i'm going to nurse you back with nutrients! Tonight dinner will be gratin."
Kurosaki: "Erm... Teru..."
Teru: "Do you know why am i here?"

Teru: "Because your hand is hurt, so i'm here to help you as you've wished. Don't be shy, it's a trend for shoujo manga."
Kurosaki stops her.
Teru: "What are you doing? Despite all my efforts..."
Kurosaki: "It's a pity that i use my left hand to eat. There's no need for you to do that."
Teru: "I see, there's no need for me to be here. I'll go prepare hot water for your bath."
Kurosaki: "It's alright. Sit here and be normal." and Teru sits quietly beside Kurosaki watching him finish up the gratin.

Kurosaki: "Don't be so uptight. I'm not going to tease you today. Come over here."
Teru: "No, i'm not going over. You seems weird today."
Kursoaki: "I'm not weird. It's alright, i'm going over then." and he walks over to Teru's side and pats her head.
Teru: "What are you doing? Don't treat me like i'm a good kid."
Kurosaki: "Isn't it alright? I want to be nice to you today. Why are you holding back? Is there something you want to tell me?"

Teru's thoughs "Tease... You are sly... you knew it...

 ... it's useless... it's flowing out and there's nothing i can do about it."

Teru: "But... I'm caught by Akira again and if i cry, i will feel even worse. I was caught by Akira in the ferries wheel and that cause Kurosaki a lot of pain. Which is why i thought of revenging him the next time when i meet him. I was so filled with confidence that i'm not going to lose. But today, i was shocked when i heard his voice from behind. I tried to fight back a little after pressing the SOS button on my mobile. My body flew side way once he hit me. I'm so scared of Akira and it's shown all over my face and action and i'm feeling regrettable."
Kurosaki: "Isn't it normal for a girl to be frighten when she's hit? You didn't lose. You were calm and you called for help didn't you?"
Teru: "Even though so...it's not... it's not... I'm caught and i'm going to bring hurt to Kurosaki again. It's my fault that things have become this way."

Teru's thoughts "You've protected me...

... and i'll want to protect you the you you've protected me. Even though i don't have that kind of strength. I can't tell you all these, i don't want to bring you more trouble."

Teru: "It's not even Kurosaki's fault..."
Kurosaki: "I'm one of the reason for what happened today."
Teru: "No it's not."
Kurosaki: "If i'm gone, Aikra will give up and you will be safe."
Teru: "No i don't want that."
Kurosaki: "But... I'm not going to leave you. I'm not going to run away like i used to. You've changed me. My strength is yours, are you going to accept it?" 

Teru: "Um... Thank you. Evem though i'm feeling regrettable, i feel happy as well. Thank You Kurosaki. However, can i move away alittle from you? Your mucus are flowing out!"
Kurosaki: "Didn't i said no. You can wipe it on my clothes. Do it gently."

Teru's thoughs "Mixed feelings filled the night. I'm not going to forget today."

(I'm doing brief summary from here onwards, need to hit the sack soon.)

 Master blames himself for letting Kurosaki meet Akira. Andy consoles him saying that it's the company's direction. He's pleased with his work. (Teru's mobile).

Riko is a little drunk and Master thinks that she speaks like the late Souichiro. Riko thinks that they are a team, with Teru and Takeda as their new member. They discussed about Akira's attack and wonder's if it's really such a coincidence.

Scene changes to ngiht and Kyoshi sneaked back in to school to take back his spectacle cloth which he forgot and he saw Rena. She's alone, crying in the library.

She's worried after knowing that the hotel lift stopped. She suspected something happened to Teru in the lift and she wonders if it's her finance. She can't find him since he left and her gut feeling tells her something is going to happen.

Scene changes to Chiharu, she's on the phone with someone.

Who is the person on the other line with Chiharu?

Seems like they are planning to make their next move soon.

I need to hit the sack now. Will write my thoughts tomorrow if i have time.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Heartstrings/You've fallen for me

Still feeling the pain for Shin Woo (hyeong) unrequited love for Gyu Minam?
You need to watch this new MBC drama, Heartstrings starring Jung Yong Hwa and Park Shin Hye!!!

Title: Heartstrings/ You've fallen for me
Casts: Jung Yong Hwa as Lee Shin and Park Shin Hye as Lee Gyu Won
Synopsis: (adapted from various scource)
Jung Yong Hwa plays a university student, Lee Shin, majoring in modern music who is also the vocalist and guitarist of the school's famous band "The Stupid". Shin is know for his good looks and strong passion for music but in reality he is cold and lacks interest in everything unrelated to music. In the initial part of the drama, he likes Jung Yoon Soo, a dance professor in his university but things starts to change after he meets Lee Gyu Won.

Park Shin Hye plays a bright and outgoing student, Gyu Won, who is born into a prestigious family and is majoring in traditional Korean instruments, especially the gayageum. Gyu Won’s grandfather, Lee Dong Gun, is one of the top 3 traditional musicians of his age and his biggest wish is to see his granddaughter become a traditional music prodigy.

Trying to live up to her grandfather’s expectations, Gyu Won immerses herself in training and becomes a university student who knows nothing outside of her studies. As her friends are fans of “The Stupid”, she was forced to go to the band’s concert with them. There she saw Lee Shin performing live, and is immediately captivated by him.

Park Shin Hye is so cute, my current favourite Korean Actress and i love her hair in this drama!

(Spoilers ahead! Read at your own risk!)

I'm currently at ep. 4 and Gyu Won is starting to fall for Lee Shin. *woohoo* though she's still in the self-denial stage.

Things start to change for Lee Shin as well. Smiles can be seen more frequently on Lee Shin's face after he met Gyu Won and she ended up being his slave. (She lost a bet). As much as he enjoys "torturing" her, Lee Shin is still pretty much in love with a older woman, a dance professor and he kissed her at the end of ep. 4 and Gyu Won happened to hitch a ride from the director (director & dance professor used to be lovers) and she witnessed the kiss!

Lee Shin found out about the director and the dance professor's past and now he wants to be part of the performance which he initially rejects in order to protect the woman he loves (the dance professor, who is the dance instructor of the performance) from the director. The director seems to have a liking for Gyu Won, because of her talent? Or is it because of her personality?

A typical light hearted, romance drama with a typical and predictable plot and story line but isn't this what we love? (Ok, it's what I LOVE).

A cute and bubbly female lead, who ends up being the slave (not by choice) of the male lead whom she dislike initially. Soon she finds herself falling in love with him after she sees his gentleness beneath his cool and mean front. A cool yet popular male lead, who has his heart set for some very beautiful and sophisticated looking woman who is fragile and needs a man to protect her. He enjoys torturing the female lead and soon notices the change in himself.

Now i can't wait for Lee Shin to abandon the professor and fall in love with Gyu Won and i hope the director can spice it up by being biased towards Gyu Won! Only 2 eps. a week. What a torture!

According to Hancinema, the ratings is poor which i don't understand why. Though it's a typical plot but isn't it norm for K-drama which a typical plot? Park Shin Hye is cute and Jung Yong Hwa is cool! Hope the ratings can pick up soon.

Enjoy the teasers!

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Australia - Brisbane, GoldCoast
Indonesia - Batam, Hapchai
日本 - 東京 - 東京都/奥多摩湖/伊豆七島, 千葉県 - 千葉, 神奈川 - 横浜/鎌倉/箱根, 埼玉 - 秩父/長瀞/川越, 静岡県 - 御殿, 山梨 - 富士山, 京都, 大阪, 福島 - 喜多方, 広島-宮島/厳島神社, 兵庫県 - 神戸ベイエリア, 奈良県 - 奈良公園(東大寺&春日山), 愛知県 - 名古屋, 栃木県 - 日光, 長野県 - 軽井沢 , 熊本県 - 熊本/阿蘇, 鹿児島県 - 桜島, 北海道 - 函館/札幌/小樽
Korea - Seoul
Malaysia - KL, BatuPahat, JB, Genting
Taiwan - Taipei
Thailand - Bangkok, Phuket
New Zealand

Cambodia - Siem Reap
Indonesia - Bali

Black Bird
One Piece

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