Monday, January 9, 2012

電撃デイジー - Chapter 54

Tada! Chapter 54!
Recap of the previous chapter where RN uses the invisible ink to ask T for help. 

T and Ky ask R, K and Andy (A) for help formally as they know that they are still kids and their opponent is an adult, a rich adult. A divides out the work that needs to be done. T and Ky will head to RN's father to inform him about everything that has happened and warn him that his life is in danger. While K will gather more information about MR's motive and his wedding party. Haruka said that her parents might know about the wedding party. 

Harkua is from a rich family thus details of such an extravagant wedding can be easily obtain by her parents.

Outside their door step, K asked if it's alright that he will not be by T's side tomorrow. T told K that she will be alright and told him not to worry as she will be extra careful. She greeted K good night but K held her back. 

He hugs her and kisses her forehead. *sweet* however he goes not to mock at her saying that her shoulder is stiff and that she should head back quickly for a hot bath and too wash her stinky hair too. He's actually very worried about T as he will not be with her tomorrow. He tells her to not act rashly and to be safe.
K is out gathering information about MR's wedding and the new JF. He meets Chiharu (C) in a train station smoking room.
 C has not information about where and when the wedding party will be held but she does have some information about the new JF. (it's a little more technical here, but i just translate what i can understand about the new JF) The difference between the new JF and the original one created by K is that the new JF enables one to set the time they want it to be activated which makes it somewhat more convenient. The original JF is difficult to decode but the new JF had loopholes which make it chance of decoding it high.

C believes that K is able to destroy the new JF since the new JF is created by copying the original JF which is created by K. C jokes that she is willing to use her body to exchange for the new JF if it's for K's sake. K pushes C away, thanks her for the information and left. C is pissed and tells K to choose a better place to meet the next time which will require K to use some of his money. K thinks that he's poor enough saving up for T's birthday gift already. 

T and Ky are on their way to RN's house. Ky brings along his Kendo just in case they might need it. They saw RN's father alighting a cab in front of his house. 

Two hooligans called RN's father from behind and said that T asked them here. Her daughter's schoolmate T. One of the hooligan soon took out a rod. Luckily Ky came in time and knocks him out with his Kendo rod. T helps to shield RN's father with her body. T introduce herself in the chaos and said that she does not know the hooligans.

Ky manage to take down one of the hooligan however there is still another one and he's heading toward T and RN's father. Luckily K came in time! (He always made it in time to save T)

T asked if she can go into the house to talk. 

In the house, T shows RN's father the rescue letter from RN. RN's father understands that RN is in grave danger and MR is using the wedding party to sell the new JF and that the new JF is a dangerous software however, he does not believe them fully. Ky panics thinking that this might slow down their plans on rescuing RN. RN's father heard RN talking about them but this is still their first time meeting each other so he can't omit the possibility that the attack just now was staged by T. 

He knows about T and DAISY and about how he disrupted the school system hinting that he's up to no good.

K stood up and clarify things with RN's father by first tell him that he's DAISY and a brief history about himself. It does not matter to him now that he's revealing his past to another person, all he hopes for is for RN's to believe T and Ky, even if it's only for a little.

K assures RN's father that T and Ky are great kids and hopes for him to listen to them once more. Ky tries to convince RN's father saying that RN trust them and thus she wants them to stop MR, inform RN's father that he's in danger and apologized to RN's step mother that she lied to her. That RN puts her life seconded to all the above. T told RN's father that RN putting her life secondary to all the other reasons makes T wants to save RN even more. She hopes for RN's father to believe RN and not them. 

RN's father in convinced eventually and entrust T and gang to save his daughter.

Everyone is busy doing their part to save RN. 

Haruka's parents managed to find out about the wedding party which will be held in a cruise. Everyone is all dressed up for this battle!

I know you love me. hohoho. Hope you'd enjoy this chapter even though my summary is rather brief. =)

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Sunday, January 8, 2012

電撃デイジー - Chapter 53

There you go... Chapter 53.

Take note that i will be using short form for their names.
K = Kurosaki
T = Teru
R = Riko
RN = Rena
Ky = Kyoshi
M = Master
MR = Morizono
.... and so on.

Teru is in K's house when she  received a text from RN saying that she's going to look for MR clear things up with him.

K came out from the bathroom, topless. *drool*

K noticed that T keeps on peeping at him behind her book and told her to look at him openly if she wants. T blushed and denials. 

At MR office, he's talking on the phone with someone about the new JR and how he's going to use his wedding party to sell the software. RN is outside his office and she heard his conversation. 

RN tells him at she does not want to marry him and she will explain everything to her father. She wishes that she does not know the meaning of JF and all the sufferings it had brought to her friends. 

MR slaps RN and is surprised that a young girl like her knows about JF and will not allow her to stop him. He will make sure the wedding goes on as planned. RN does does not wish to but...

MR threatened her.

T, Ky and haruka went to RN house when she did not turn up for school. Her mother told them that she had not since her since Saturday after she mentioned that she's going to meet MR. T asked if any thing happened between RN and MR.

RN mother showed them a text message from RN saying that she's going to stay at the hotel MR prepared for her till their wedding party. RN mother said that she did called RN after receiving the text but RN told her that she's all well and does not wish to talk to her and soon MR took over the phone and told RN's mother like what RN mentioned in the text message.

RN mother wonders if she's the one who caused RN to run away from home as she told RN to follow her heart. If she does not wish to marry MR, she will help talk to RN's father about it.

That lady is actually RN's step mother but she seems to really care for RN. T tried calling RN again but still she cannot be reached.

RN is being locked up in a 5 star hotel overseas by MR. He made used of a fake passport and brought RN out of the country.

MR forced RN to write a letter telling her friends that she does not wish to have any relations with them ever again. RN refused and said that she had already followed his instructions and lied to her step mother. MR threatens her that he's going to send the JF virus to her father's struggling company if she does not follow what he says and he adds on saying that on one really cares and worries about her. 

RN cried after listening to MR but she suddenly recalls how T, Ky and Haruka said that they will always support and help her.

She slaps herself really hard on the face as if telling herself to be brave. MR said he's going to give her anything she asks for if she listens to his orders. RN request for a cup of fresh lemon juice. MR thinks that it's such a cheap request and he brings her one. RN then request to be alone when she writes the letter and will let MR check only after she finishes with it.
It's been 4 days since they last heard from RN and Ky is worried. T spends her day searching for RN too. MR is waiting for T at her door step and T quickly sends a SOS signal to K. 

MR is there to deliver RN's hand written letter to T so as to make T and friends believe that RN leave willingly. T asked about RN's well being and said that she's not going to let him go if anything happens to her. 

Ky called T from behind and MR left immediately upon hearing them. T hands RN's letter to Ky and said that she does not believe what RN had written in the letter and is sure that MR had kidnapped RN. T is very agitated and K covers her eyes from behind telling her to calm down.   

 and that now RN's safety is top priority. Everyone is trying to decode RN's letter wondering if she uses any codes, pattern or logic.

T asked M to turn on the heater and soon RN's hidden message turns visible! RN uses this old school invisible ink method to ask for help. She knows that T will be able to 'decode' it.

She told them to save her and stop her wedding party. To help explain everything to her parents.

Wait up for the next chapter. They are going to rescue Rena!

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


i'm planning to do DD summaries soon (this weekend i suppose is the earliest) but i know that many have already read chap 53 somewhere... so do i still need to do chap 53 or do you all wish for me to jump right into chap 54?

feedback pls!


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Maybe you'd seen this but i'm still sharing it here.

I can't wait for this movie to be out and now that i'm no longer in Japan, I can't get to watch this moive first hand anymore! ARGH!

There's 2 parts to this movie, showing in March and April respectively.

With one of my favourite 生田斗真(Ikuta Toma) as 矢の元晴(Yano Motoharu) it's a movie not to be missed!

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