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Title: 声優かっ! (Ongoing Vol. 5)
Mangaka: 南マキ

Since it's already at it's 5th volume, do need to say anymore? This is a MUST read!!! 

I regret that i started reading this only recently. I'm currently at Vol. 4 and i can't get my hands off it. It's so additively nice! Volume 6 will be out on 20th of June! I can't wait to get my hand on it but i think Kino will need 2 weeks to ship it in after i place my order. I miss those days when i can just grab any latest manga on my way home. 

Do read it if you haven't! I'm sure you don't want to miss a really great manga. ^^ Scanlations out until Volume 3 Chapter 17. 

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ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 14

The cover. Adachi in tears. Somehow Adachi looks very skinny here doesn't she?

This takes place before Adachi and Rita are an item.

Adachi's narration: "I think to have both friends and the person i love in school is very far away from me now." 

A girl (resembles Hatori but it's not Hatori) unknowingly knocks Adachi's book on the floor.

Adachi looks at their back and thought to herself "These kind of people looks scary... i guess they might think that i'm an idiot. Ikeda-san (the girl's name) seems to click easily with others if there's a common topic however, i'm not sure of what's happening in the entertainment scene."

Rita picks up the book Adachi dropped.
Rita: "Looks like you are reading a difficult book."
Adachi: "It's about how children are bring brought up in European countries."

Adachi's thoughts "I wonder why he's talking to be bit by bit but to me, it's something i'm very happy about. In the class, there is this atmosphere that i'm very pitiful and i dislike it very much. I wonder why but Terasaka-kun really just treats me normally and that means me feel secured."

Adachi sees Rita laying under a tree and wonder if he's asleep.

Rita wakes up and sees Adachi.
Rita: "Why?"
Adachi: "I'm thinking you might catch a cold or something... " holding a jacket in her hand and continues: "I was planning to cover you with this and walk away. I'm sorry."
Rita: "There's nothing to apologized about. Are you still reading that difficult book?"
Adachi: "Ah?"
Rita: "You enjoy reading those books?"
Adachi: "To say that it's interesting... i should say i'm reading it more for my future."
Rita: "By reading those books, what can it do to your future?"
Adachi: "My dream is to become a journalist. In the future i wish to be able to come in contact with many people and to be knowledgeable about many things. To be able to convey my thoughts through my writings."
Adachi's thoughts "This is my first time telling this to someone else."

Rita: "You are not anywhere near that isn't it?"
Adachi, shocked: "EH? Why do you say that?"
Rita: "That is because you dislike others isn't it?"
Adachi: "I don't dislike them."
Rita: "But you are always alone."
Adachi: "That is because there isn't anyone in class whom i can click with."
Rita: "Then... how can you click with someone?"
Adachi thinks to herself "I've not thought about this before." and she said: "To say who i can click with and who i can't... others have already think that they can't click with me. I'm... dull and i don't say interesting things. Since junior high i guess... people thinks that to be my friend... they will be labeled as unfashionable as well.....  
... i feel embarrassed to want to be fashionable now. I know that i'm being ignorant."

Adachi's thoughts "It does not mean that i do more then what i can and i will be able to make friends."

Rita: "Adachi-san, you are putting yourself to low. There are people who aren't fashinable and yet they are able to make friends. The same for being interesting. That is because to Adachi-san, you see such unfashionable people as BAKA and that is why you've already decided that you are unable to make any friends. To be honest, i have difficulty hanging out with others and i think it's troublesome...

...You should hangout more with others since you have such a great dream. You aren't as bad as you think you are."

Adachi's thought "Terasaka-kun's words hit me and at the sametime, i am able to think of beautiful things. Even if i want to change, there are still many things which i can't change."

Adachi walking along the corridor and thinks to herself "But there are a lot of people whom treats others as BAKA just because they are unfashionable." and she sees Rita in front of her. Rita should be with Hatori. Adachi thinks to herself again "Even though Terasaka-kun said those words but he will also feel troubled if a girl like me confessed to him. I'm sorry to think of such weird things."

Rita sees Adachi from the corner of his eyes and shouted out for her.

Rita: "Bye Bye."

Adachi's thought "However... Terasaka-kun... if it's Terasaka-kun..."

Adachi: "I like you. Can you go out with me?" and she thinks to herself "I've said it."
Rita: "Orr,"
Adachi thinks to herself: "He said 'Orr' that means no... I really did cause him trouble. See... i knew it. It's not such a beautiful think after all."

Rita: "Sure...

... Ja... let's go out."
Adachi: "Eh? Why? This isn't real is it?"
Rita: "What do you mean?"
Adachi: "Is it alright? I'm unfashionable. Woudn't you feel embarrassed walking beside me?"
Rita: "Eh... aren't you confessing to me?"
Adachi: "It is... but..."
Rita: "I'm happy that you said you like me. Is it alright with you too? I'm a boring person."
Adachi: "It's so easy?"

Rita: "Jya... from now onwards, please take care of me."

Adachi's thoughts "It's then, when my world starts to change. With Terasaka-kun around, i thought anything is possible." Adachi crying in her bed while recalling these events of how she and Rita became an item.

Hatori: "Nakajima!!! Look! Doesn't it suit me?"
Nakajima: "What joke is it this time round? Did you sell the fishing thing which Rita gave you during your elementary school days to buy this ring and pretend that it's from Rita?"
Hatori: "No! No! It's a matter of time that i get Rita. The ring on my left hand belongs to Rita... it might be a little early to put it on now..."
Nakajima: "Wait Hatori... It's Adachi. She can hear you!"
Hatori: "Oh no!"
Nakajima: "She's been along since that happened between her and Rita."

Hatori's thoughts "... why does she look pitiful... but things will never change!"

Adachi: "Nakajima-san, can i speak with you for a minute?"

Nakajima: "Adachi-san... why?" and she thinks to herself "Woah... she slimmed down so much!"
Adachi: "I'm sorry but can you replace me as the person incharge for the cultural festival?"
Nakajima: "Sure..." thinking that it's with Hatori.
Adachi: "I'm sorry."
Nakajima: "No worries about it."

Adachi turns a walks away but Nakajim calls out to her: "Adachi-san... this might sound strange but i can lend you a listening ear if you need."

Adachi stops and her eyes filled with tears.
Nakajima thinks to herself "Have i said something unnecessary? However, even i'm feeling the pain in my heart but this person..." turns to Hatori who's reading guide book on where to go on dates for couples.

Nakajima smacks Hatori hard on her head.

Hatori: "What do you think you are doing? You stupid Nakajima."
Nakajima: "Can't you behave yourself a little? You are immersing yourself in the name of love too early. You've snatched someone else boyfriend away. If you want to immerse yourself in love do it when Adachi isn't around."
Hatori: "Are you saying that you are siding the other side? Nakajima.... you are siding Adachi?"
Nakajima: "No! It's not that! I've been thinking a lot and i know. I've been seeing the both of you all the while so i know that you've been hurt a lot a lot but you've put in a lot of effort as well. Isn't it a good thing to consider Adachi-san's feeling? Hatori... there might not be anyone who is stronger than you."

Hatori's thoughts "I'm strong?" and they heard a commotion. Adachi fainted.
Rita: "Adachi!" and he ran towards her and said: "I'll bring her to the infirmary."

At the infirmary, Adachi on the bed with Rita and Hatori standing beside her.

Nakajima: "Hatori, we got to go."
Hatori left, unwillingly and wonders what Rita and Adachi are going to talk about.

Adachi: "It's the first time i've fainted. I've much have shocked you. I'm sorry."
Rita: "I'm the one at fault. I'm really sorry."
Adachi: "I was thinking about how i met Rita and how we became an item last night. It's so great. Terasaka-kun really did go out with me. It my first time... being accepted by someone else other then my family. I was happy and i became more confident....

Terasaka-kun is my hero. With Terasaka-kun by my side, i've changed. Ne... What should i do? The me who have lost Tearasaka-kun is nothing." 

Hatori waited outside.
Hatori: "Rita! How is Adachi-san?"
Rita: "Um."
Hatori: "What is 'Um'?"
Rita: "Hatori... i think it's still better for me to be by Adachi's side."

Hatori: "Eh? Erm... this is only during this period of time when she's not feeling well is it? What will you do when she recovers?"
Rita: "I will be by her side when she is well."
Hatori: "What is this? Why do you say something like this suddenly?"
Rita: "She can't do it without me by her side. She really needs me."
Hatori: "I too need you!"

Hatori pulls Rita with both her hands: "To me. I can't do it without Rita by my side too!"
Rita: "But you have Nakajima and others by you side right? For her, she only has me."

Hatori let go of Rita and he walks away.

Hatori: "It's not that....

... Ne! RITA! IT"S NOT THAT! It has nothing to do with Nakajim or what so ever! Rita... you didn't even like me even if it's just a little."
Rita is shocked hearing Hatori's words.

and he walks away silently.

Hatori's thoughts "Dear God, why are you siding Adachi only? What have i done wrong? Do you think i'm a drumstick?"

All these while, Kousuke is hiding behind the pillar witnessing all of these.

Blood boiling chapter isn't it!!!! I think Rita is the worst and most hated Hero i know. Why is he treating Hatori like trash? Why does guys always stay by the weaker girls side? Why are all the girls who appeared to be stronger always at the losing end? I feel like strangling Rita now!

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

森よhaving a flea stall on 28 May 2011

Dear all,

森よ is having her first flea stall on 28 May 2011 (Saturday) at Scape new building *the STREET + MARKET*!!! (113 Somerset Road) from 2pm - 9pm.

Do drop by and say "HI" !

I'll be selling some of the following handmade stuff by me!!!

Button Hairclips.

Flower Hairclips.

Mini Bag Keychain.

 Vintage Pendant - Key charm with flower stitich_1.

Vintage Pendant - Key charm with flower stitich_2.

Vintage Pendant - Effiel Tower charm with flower stitch.

 Vintage Pendant - Crown charm with crown stitch.

 Vintage Pendant - Key charm with flower stitich_3.

Vintage Pendant - Effiel Tower charm with heart stitch.


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Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Thanks everyone for your encouragement. Was feeling alittle disappointed the other day as i think im always pretty quick with my summaires but just this once i'm later then usual.... and instead of waiting patiently i'm told to keep to the date which i proposed... i mean... it's not work that im doing here and you are not my boss which i need to report to ... its a free sharing service that i'm providing. If one can't wait one should just learn Japanese and purchase your own magazine! I'm not a Japanese so i don't born to know Japanese.

Anyway, i will still be providing the summaries so no worries!

I will do Heroine Shinkkaku this weekend... most prob sunday night if not monday night as i'm preparing for my first flea in sat! If you happened to be staying in Spore on the 28th May do drop by the New SCAPE building and visit my stall! I will be selling handmade (by me) accessories!

As for Black Bird... i will be giving it a miss as it's mainly short extras. Guess the mangaka needs time for her new arc!

Himitsu no Aichan... i'm lagging one chapter... i will try to catch up soon, nothing much happened in that chapter which is a build up for the latest chapter which will be out today!!!



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Monday, May 23, 2011

電撃デイジー - Chapter 47

Kurosaki's narration: "It all started when i first knew the title of this song."

Souichiro: "Do you know? Do you know this song? It's 'Daisy Bell'. It's so nostalgic. I knew Tasuku can sing... it's been a long time since i last heard. What happened? That you are singing... humming... You are singing now... so cute."

Kurosaki: "Huh? Stop joking... what are you taking about? I'm not singing! You irk with alcohol!"
Souichiro: "You often hum when your mood is good and you aren't even aware of it." 

Souichiro is drunk and Kurosaki is helping him home.

Souichiro: "However, it's the first time i'm reminded of your father when i hear this song. When Takahiro-san is in good mood, he often hums this song even when he's in front of me. Even though so, he does not know the title of the song. Later, i got to know the title is called 'Daisy Bell'. Speaking of which, it's not know others. Tasuku, when you are acting as BAKA alone, you use 'Daisy' as your hand name, it's taken from the song 'Daisy Bell' right? It reminds you of your father."
Kurosaki: "That's not true. I'm not an idiot, there's not meaning to my hand name. I just use a name from a terrorist conveniently. It's not to remind me of some useless memories." 

Souichiro: "You really dislike talking about your 'Baka' past. Is it such a dark history? Daisy?"
Kurosaki: "Of course! It's my shameful past."
Souichiro: "I respected what you did during that time. Not about those crimes but how you are so sure about fighting alone. You might feel the pain even till now and from now onwards, many things might happen and i'm sure you will come to think of 'Daisy' as something important some day."
Kurosaki: "Why do you have such thoughts about 'Daisy'? It's such a nuisance and i don't understand why."
Souichiro: "Really? Why is it so? It's alright for you to forget about it but there is no bid deal about it. You resembles me and that i why i mind."

Kurosaki's narration: "You often say that. In the end, it's like you mentioned. 'Daisy' has become something special to me. Since then, all the way..."

Kurosaki: "Moshi Moshi... Takeda? Have you reached? ....

 ... Do you know the direction to 'Oanabatake'? I'm on my way there..."
Takeda: "I've seen the map and make my way to somewhere near by....Oh! I think i will be alright. I see Teru in front. I'm going to call her.
Kurosaki: "Eh? Teru? Wait a minute! Becareful of Teru! She's now... "
Takeda calls out to Teru from behind and Teru returns him with a punch in his face and she shouts: "DIE AKIRA!!"
Kurosaki reaches but too late, Takeda has already been punched by Teru.
Kurosaki: "See... I told you! That's not Akira... apologized now."
Master: "I've explained that Teru is still concerned that Akira might attack her but that is a little over board isn't it?"
Kurosaki: "It's Riko who taught her those self defense skills."

Kurosaki hands Master Teru's mobile: "I've spoken to Teru... I'm depending on you for this. Please check this mobile using the company's strength to check if there is any device or data being hidden in the phone. Since the beginning, Akira, Mori and Chiharu have been eyeing on this mobile. Just in case they found something in the phone, they might be able to accomplish their mission. I'm concerned that Akira had his hand on the mobile once and i've afraid the might have hidden some device in it."
Master: "I can do the check, no problem. Teru-chan, is it fine?
Teru: "It's fine, i've back up the contacts and mails. I've left mails from 'Daisy' behind. Please read it if you need it for any reference."
Kurosaki: "I've told you to delete them didn't i? Delete them now!"
Master: "That is not what i meant... Is it really fine? I'll be doing a serious check and i might have to break this phone apart to the extend that this phone cannot be retrieve anymore. There are mails from Daisy in the mobile and on top of that... this is the only item Souichiro, your brother who had past away, left you with."

Teru: "It's alright if you are talking about my feelings. I think it is important to be prepared for what is going to happen. I'll tell m brother this when we go visit him. It is impossible for my brother to leave me a item that will endanger my life but i'm curious why Akira is eyeing on the mobile. I think it's important to clearly know my brother's motive and this is not the only thing my brother left me with...."

Riko and Andou came in.
Teru: "Riko-san and Manger!
Riko: "Sorry, we are late."
Kurosaki: "Since everyone is here, we can make a move already."
Master: "Go to the back of the store to ensure that it's close."
Teru: "Thank you everyone for coming today even though i gather everyone pretty last minute."
Andou: "It's alright. Let's go!"

Kurosaki's narration: "That day, we gathered because Teru said 'Let's visit Souichiro's grave together.' and we fulfilled her wish. This is what Teru said 'Mobile is not the only my brother left me with. There are many other things that cannot be replaced. For example: everyone who had gathered here, who are kind and dependable.... 

 ... for looking out for me all the time and Daisy who cannot be replaced. This is what me as Souichiro's sister has to say. There is not flattering in my words but you are the best things my brother left me with."

Teru: "Ne... Kurosaki... can you come and help me?

 ... It's impossible for me to make it in time all by myself. Kurosaki... can you come..." Teru stops seeing Kurosaki helping her with cooking and she smiles to herself. Kurosaki blushes seeing her smile.

Teru: "Wow! The onions seems to be cooking well. You seems to be able to cook really well."
Kurosaki: "Why did you come over suddenly? You scared me."
Teru: "Are you done with your share of cooking? Can you help me to prepare other food as well?"
Kurosaki: "Ok but are you sure you want to go with all these?" which shows a long list of menu and everyone is in charge of different dishes.
Teru: "Yup! We will go with these today! These are all my brother's favourite food!"

Kurosaki: "I can understand about curry. It's most people's favourite food. Siew Mai... it's one of your signature dish but potato salad?
Teru: "Yup! Souichiro will be very happen when there's potato salad for dinner. For tonight, we will replace rice with potato salad."
Kurosaki recalls having lunch with Souichiro: "He dislike it right? He's been giving it to me whenever there's potato salad in his lunch box."
Teru: "Kurosaki, you like potato salad don't you? That is why my brother is letting you have them."
Kurosaki: "I see.... I've been wondering for a long time... it's delicious when there's ham in it."
Teru: "You like that too?" and she talks about how Kurosaki likes his food to be is similar to Souichiro.
Teru: "Kurosaki has many similarities as my brother. I'm not just basing it on food."
Kurosaki: "There are many other people who loves potato salad...."
Teru: "It's strange to be talking to Kurosaki about my brother. It's enjoyable."
Kurosaki: "It is."
Teru: "Thank You Kurosaki... and... "

... Kurosaki.. can you hum the song which you have been humming just now?"
Kurosaki: "Are you stupid? I didn't sing any song! I will lodge a complain about you for spoiling my image!"
Teru: "I know the song which you sang. 'Daisy Bell' isn't it? I'm not familiar with this song at first. It's after hearing my brother humming this song that i think that it's such a cute song. I used to hear it often... 6months before my brother died he used to sing this song very often." and Teru goes on and on about the song and his brother.

Teru recalls a conversation with Souichiro.
Teru: "Speaking of which, i've asked my brother why does he sings only this song?"
Souichiro: " This song is taught to me by someone very important to me. This song give me strength to fight till the end."
Teru: "I though what he said was weird. It does not sound like some song which boost one fighting spirit. It's such a cute song."

Kurosaki's thoughts "Someone important... taught me..."

Teru: "Could it be Kurosaki who taught my brother this song? Is there any connection with the name 'Daisy'? Not that there's any relation between the two, i'm just saying what comes to my mind...

... there are times when my brother hums. This is where the both of you resembles. Is there any other areas where the both of you are alike?"

Kurosaki stood up with his face looking down and makes his move.

Teru: "Kurosaki... What happened? Is it...i..."
Kurosaki: "There's nothing. I going to take a look at the hot pot."
Teru: "Are you angry Kurosaki? I'm sorry that i've said things i shouldn't."
Kurosaki: "It's not that. Don't take it to heart."

Kurosaki's narration: "The past has been coming back and forth and it's scary. 'Daisy'... even if it contains kindness, it's still scary. The sins, the past, the kindness... i've been running way from it. Souichiro.... it seems like i've been running away from the ideal that i might be reminded of you. I've wondered if these are your words of hatred towards me. "'Daisy' will remind you of your sins. You must remember your sins and not to forget about them.....

... However, Souichiro.... i never could run away from the memories about you."

Teru: "I'm sorry, Kurosaki. I'm happy to be able to talk to Kurosaki about my brother and i got carried away talking about weird stuff. You must be troubled because i've been saying that you resembles my brother. Please don't be bother my me for thinking that way. That song might not have brought back good memories for Kurosaki... I'm sorry.... Kurosaki's feeling..." and Kurosaki stretches out his hand to pat Teru's head.

Kurosaki: "Don't be bothered by it. You've done nothing wrong. I'm not angry in any way. Really. Don't laugh at me. I just felt like crying after hearing what you said."

Kurosaki: "That song, was often hummed by my father and i too, hummed this same song in front of Souichiro. That was the time when i knew the title of the some is 'Daisy Bell' and knew it had relation with 'Daisy'. I felt detestable then, to dirty my father's important thing with my sins. I hated my hand name 'Daisy' very much. However, you asked if there's any relation with the kind-hearted Daisy just now. You've asked the same question and i felt really happy about it and i was shocked that Souichiro hums this song often too even though he teased me about this song. I don't wish to hear him sing now as he sucks at singing."

Teru calls Kurosaki but he still continues: "Why is he not around anymore? There are many things i wish to tell him and things i wish to do together with him and things i wish to complain to him about...."

Teru: "I beg of you Kurosaki... don't force yourself..."

Kurosaki's narration: "I've changed hasn't i? Souichiro. I can't run away. From the past, the sins, the kindness and the happiness....

.... I believe you've showed me the hard truth. Entrusting me with what's important to you. They are all fulfilled as you had wish.

Riko and Andou came home.

Riko: "We are here and we are coming in.."
Andou: "Is it alright? We didn't even press the bell." and they were shocked to see Kurosaki and Teru hugging!!!!

Teru: "It's alright Kurosaki. I happy that you are crying because of my brother. Thank You Kurosaki."

Kurosaki's narration: "Can i think that you were praising me? I will think of the same way towards your sister. Can i beileve you when you said we are both alike? I hope to become like you. Is there anyone who can tell me that it's not the end when i'm feeling hopeless? I am really grateful that you've save me. It's priceless."


I've churned this chapter out. finally.

I need to say that i'm a working adult with many other commitments like family, bf, friends, shopping, watching dramas and animes, newly start up blog shop, hobbies, studying jlpt-n1... etc...

You can ask me when i will post new chapter summary of a particular manga you've been following however, when i replied with the date, i will most probably keep to it. I don't like to be threaten or told what to do. I hope you understand that i'm doing this for free out of my own leisure time and i can any time stop posting any summaries if i'm unhappy about it.

In fact i almost didn't want to publish this chapter of DD as i'm not very happy with some of the comments... whatever.... i'm hitting the sack. I NEED to work tomorrow.

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