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DEAR - Chapter 9 (Finale)

It's their graduation from high school and they are having the traditional archery match.

Commentator: "She is Rei, the ex-president and she is coming in the 2nd place."

Commentator: "Coming in 3rd place is Banri, who suddenly just joined the club. In fact, he had experience with archery. Why did you not join archery in high school?"
Banri: "Because i want to go out with girls"
Commentator: "Ah, the girlfriend is here to..., is that quirky answer alright?"
Yukari: "Ah.. it's alright. It's a kind of disease for some kind of breed. I believe in him."
Banri: "I'm sorry.. Yukari."

Commentator: "Next up, it's the ex-vice president and he is clenching the first place! One who is good both physically and academically. Moreover, he's going to take over the family temple. Why are you only the vice-president when you are better then Rei, the president in all area?"
Kazusa: "Don't you know that the one being in the second place is the one who has the ability to keep things going on smoothly?"
Commentator: "The weak point of this man?"

Student: "Congratulation on your graduation! Thank You!"

Student: "Senior, i will be so lonely."
Rei: "I will still be here so i will come visit often."
Kazusa: "Thank you for your hardwork."
Rei: "In the end, i've never beated Kazusa in the three years. Have i improved?"
Kazusa: "You did. Did i say anything wrong?"
Rei: "Nope."

Rei and Kazusa being lovey dovey at one side.
Yukari: "People really do change over 1.5yrs."
Banri: "It's tiring to see even for me as their childhood friend."
Other student: "I can't bring my self to look at them."

Kazusa, holding Rei in his arms: "This is of course."
Other student: "It's like his efforts finally paid off."

Rei: "Everyone, take care!"

Rei's thoughts "And we graduated from high school...

... The school that i'm used to going to. To bid goodbye to friends and close ones..."
Banri: "Kazusa, what time is your train"
Kazusa: "2pm."
Banri: "What is this? Isn't it soon? You are going to Kyoto directly? In order to take over your family temple and to under go training, you will be staying in the mountains and not able to meet your family for 3 to 5 years? It is not an easily decision."
Kazusa: "I've made this decision long ago, that is why."

... and i'm not going to be able to meet Kazusa for quite some time."

Yukari looks at Rei: "Rei...

... I'm going to the introductory session for the school of nurse. The both of you will be alright. Childhood friends' bond are strong and beautiful. I'm a little jealous."
Rei: "Thank You, Yukari."
Banri: "Rei! Yukari and i will leave first, anything you want me to bring back for you? I'll be an extra to follow you guys home. The both of you, take your time."
Rei: "Thank you, Banri."

Yukari and Kazusa eyes met: "Please work hard."
Kazusa: "You too and take care."

Rei: "Yukari is going to a nurse and are you planning to just work part time?"
Banri: "It's decide. I'm going to conquest the world's wave! I hope to see more of the world."

Rei's thoughts "From today onwards, everyone is moving towards their individual goals. Feeling both happy and lonely, an strange feeling. Lonely... Ah no ne, Kazusa, there is something i hope you can listen to me and not laugh at me. I... 

... Kyahahah... i'm feeling nervous! I can't face him! Baka, there isn't much time left."

Banri: "Hey, take care and i saw... the ring you bought 2 to 3 days ago."
Kazusa punches Banri and asked: "Rei! did you hear anything?"
Rei: "? no."
Banri: "I'm sorry! Please forgive me. It's impossible for me to win against you."

Kazusa: "Be serious! My heart can't take it."
Banri: "Don't tell me you are feeling nervous? You"
Kazusa: "You are being noisy! We are just 18 yrs old kids and i'm making my an important choice of my life in choosing someone important to me. It's natural that i'm feeling nervous."
Banri: "You are being so serious."
Kazusa: "That of course. Take care of Rei when i'm not around."
Banri: "Okies. See you soon."

Banri: "Rei! He bought a ring for you! Do you know what that means?" and he grabs Yuakri and ran for their lives leaving Kazusa all flushed.
Kazusa: "Rei... "

Rei: "When you are back.. can i have the ring? I like Kazusa! I've been thinking... "

Rei's thoughts "Kazusa and i are having the same feelings. Since the day i've replied Kazusa, i've decide to be with him everyday after that and to love him...

... i can't imagine my future with Kazusa then to feel insecure because we need to be separated... and that is why... that is why... " Kazusa hugs Rei tightly in his arms.

... even though we hold hands and walk together. We kiss and hug. I still feel that it's totally insufficient and that is why i need to make a promise....

... a promise that i really love very much."
Rei: "Kazusa?"
Kazusa, blushes: "I'm not being cool at all. You've said it all. Both you and Banri One looks his best when one put in all his efforts. That is why Rei is good. Since a long time ago and from now onwards, i will only like Rei...

... i promise no matter what. You must accept it. During the time when you are having negative feelings you can't run away. Let's tie a note with our fingers."

Rei recalls Kazusa and herself tying their fingers when they were young saying 'i promise'.
Rei: "It's been a long time since we tie our fingers."
Kazusa: "Yup. We've done this before a long time ago."
Rei: "Isn't it great to be like how we are saying 'i promise' This time too, you will keep our promise right?."
Kazusa: "Have i broken any of our promise?"
Rei: "Nope."

Rei's thoughts "We are born during the same time in time same street. We've met because we are childhood friend...

... regardless, we are able to put in effort for the future that we've promised. To have you by my side, since a long time ago and now too, i'm able to become stronger and that i why i will be waiting here, the place where you will be returning to...
Rei: "Take care on your way."
Kazusa: "I'm going."
... the place where i've spent time with you."

Rei: "You've mixed up the boarding time for our honeymoon trip? On top of that we are boarding the plane on the same day as our wedding ceremony?"
Kazusa: "Even though you are used to travelling. It's unbelievable that there is someone's whose learning ability still seems to be worse then word processor."
Banri: "Yes... yes... yes... It's all my fault! I will listen to your scoldings later as for now, let's hurry!"
Yukari: "The three of you, please look in front for now."

Rei: "Are we allowed to board the plane like this?" (Rei and Kazusa are dressed in Japanese traditional wedding costume while Banri and Yukari are dressed in western wedding gown and tuxedo.)

It's the traffic police again and he says: "It's you guys again!"
Banri: "We are going off to the airport first!"
Kazusa: "We are going to speed up! Hold on tight!"
Rei: "Okies!"

Rei's thoughts "Occasionally, i thought about it when i'm in this town. It's alright to feel insecure and afraid. We are moving forward in this important place since the day we made that promise. It's the same promise we made the other time. Regardless of how many years, we will be together."

That marks the end of this series. Honestly, i'm pretty disappointed, it's just too sudden and abrupt because this series has so much potential! I can just imagine it to be a 6 to 8 vol. Well, probably the mangaka has another better story on hand and can't wait to start on it. Her new series will be on the June issue of BetsuComi.

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Black Bird - Chapter 51

Misao's narration: "This is betryal".

Shou regains life after sucking Misao's blood. 

Misao faints and Shou catches her in his arms.
Shou: "Low blood pressure? Cause you let me drink too much of your blood? It is really effective. I can feel it even from my hair. It is enough for me to be violent. It's all thanks to you, Misao."

Misoa's thoughts "I know what i've just did. He will die if i leave him alone but he said that 'There is something i need to do.' so i...

 ... i helped him to recover. He's going to fight Kyou now. Shou has become a strong opponent and Kyou might lost even due to a minor injury. I still gave Shou blood when i knew this very well. What i've done is betray. I've betrayed Kyou and nothing else."

There are many crows flying outside the balcony. They are sent by Kyou.

Shou carries Misao and flew off.
Misao: "Put me down! You want to go to where Kyou is? I don't want to go! Can i rest for a little while more? Can't i? No! I don't want to go ! Put me down!"

Misao's thoughts "I've no face to see Kyou."

Misao: "No!!!" and she faints.
Shou: "You've lost conscious?"
Other Tengus: "Chase after him! He's too fast! Where is he heading? He's heading towards the village!"
Shou: "It's alright. Misao, everything would have ended when you open your eyes."

Tengu reporting to Kyou that they've lost track of Shou and that him being unwell seems to be untrue.
Kyou realised that Shou drank Misao's blood and regain his strength.
Kyou felt some strong strength from the village.

Tengu reports that the god of dogs, god of spider and god of thunder had gathered. They might be Shou's followers and waiting for Shou's orders to destroy the village.

Kyou order Zenki and Taro to get ready for battle. He is about to draw his sword but is stop by one of the Tengu asking him to rest more. 

Kyou drew his sword: "I've rest enough. I'm going to fight my opponent."

Zenki flying above the village and is shocked to see what is opposite of what they've speculated.

Tengu spotted something flying towards them. A shadow. It's Shou carrying Misao in his hands.

Tengus: "Shou -sama... Hime - sama... What is this? What's with all those blood? What do you plan on doing now?"
Misao regains conscious. Kyou calls out to her: "Misao! Are you alright?" 

Kyou: "Damn. Let go of Misao, Shou!" Shou puts Misao down and pushes her towards Kyou. Kyou reaches out to Misao. 

Misao backs off from Kyou and cannot stop apologizing and she faints again.

Fuzen and Sagami flew back and reported ... 

... about the dead bodies of the God of dogs. The God of dogs are exterminated. Fuzen: "We heard from the God of spiders when they are running away that they are being drawn here by Hime-sama as a bait. However, they've not lay a finger on  Hime-sama. It might sound unbelieveal but it seems right for the God of dogs to fight for their innocence."

Misao's thoughts "Such things happened? 'there is something i need to do' is referring to this? To manipulate everyone at his disposal and to battle Kyou? He was not prepared to die!"

Shou: "What is this? I don't understand at all. I merely make those naive people think what they want to and control Misao so as to be able to drink her blood. My speedy recovery is all thanks to her. She is of no use to me now." 

Misao is shocked hearing Shou's words.
Kyou: "Ic, this is what happened."

Kyou draws his sword ready to fight Shou. Tengu stopped him: "No Kyou-sama! He's drank the blood. What are you even thinking?"
Kyou: "It's alright. Draw your sword Shou!"

Misao's thoughts "This still happened in the end."
Kyou: "No one should interfere."

 Kyou charged towards Shou."

Misao's thoughts "I hope this day will never come. I don't wish to see them, blood related brother, fighting each other. I want to ran away. If i had not given my blood...."

Shou doesn't seems to be in too good of a condition. It might be due to his fight with the God of dogs. However, Kyou is still recovering from his injuries too. It's difficult to win.

Suddenly, Shou gives out some kind of enormous power.

and it seems to have some effect on Misao. (I wonder if Misao is too engross in her own 'fault' or is she affected by the power emitted by Shou.) Which ever the case, it distracted Kyou. (OH NO!) 

What is left is Kyou's hand, slashed laying on the ground.

Misao's thoughts "This is the price i need to paid for what i've done."

omg~ Kyou! what happened to Kyou? We need to wait to the next chapter to know... haiz. Isn't Kyou suppose to be stronger than Shou? He embraced Misao while Shou merely drank her blood, though he drank quite a fair bit... but.... it's impossible for Kyou to lose to Shou! He has Misao to protect. I hope to see him fight back soon!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 11

The cover which says "Totally disregard the season" - as this chapter is about summer vacation, summer festival and hanabi when in real life, it's still winter in Japan. lol.

Adachi on the phone: "Really? Thank You very much!"

Hatori's thoughts "It's the summer vacation however, my love relationship is full of obstacle ahead. The appearance of this person (moe) is sudden and she said that she likes Rita. After much effort, i've finally decided that my aim was to be the perfect heroine but was changed abruptly and i've become the villain instead. Isn't this back to square one?"

Hatori screams her thoughts alot: "What am i going to do now?" and she suddenly sees Rita. Asking in a really sweet voice: "Ah.. Rita *hearts* what are you doing here (in front of the staff room)?"

Rita's reaction was like: Huh?

Hatori thinks that he's here for her but without her even speaking, Rita: "No i'm not." and Nakajima taps her shoulder and Hatori thinks "He's purpose is at the side." Hatori: "Adachi?" and she hears the teacher says: "Okies! Adachi. You must work hard when you are over there."
Adachi: "Thank You very much."

Hatori's thoughts "This kind of conversation. Don't tell me.... she's transferring school?"

Hator's disappointed that it's only an short term overseas exchange.

Adachi: "When i was in Junior High school, i wrote an article about street children and i'm recommended by my father's friend who works in the mass media industry to do research and collect information about street children in Mexico."
Nakijima and Moe: "How long will you be going?"
Adachi: "For three months."
Hatori turns around in disbelief.

Hatori rushes towards Adachi, holds her hands: "Isn't that great? Leave the peace in Japan to me and leave for Mexico. Until you are accepted, don't come back."
Adachi: "Thank You very much, Matsuzaki-san."

Hatori's thoughts "This obstacle will not be around this summer!"

Rita: "When did you start thinking of going on an overseas exchange? Why didn't i heard of it?"
Adachi: "I plan on telling Terazaka-kun once it's decided. I was informed of it yesterday.
Hatori: "Rita, from now onwards, Adachi will be on her own. As a boyfriend, you should support her from the bottom of your heart."
Rita: "Mind your own business."
Nakajima: "What's that all about? Is he a child?"
Moe: "Terasaka-kun must be feeling lonely."
Adachi: "My dream is to be able to let others know about the problem around the world with the articles i write. This chance is an important experience to me. Terasaka's dream must be important to him too. He will understand when i explain more to him."

Hatori's thoughts "Dream? I've not thought of this before. Don't tell me i lose to here even as a human? As compare to Adachi who has two important dreams (becoming a writer and Rita) i only have one. That is my love for Rita."

Adachi: "Matsuzaki-san, you might find it weird that i'm asking you for such a favor. Can you keep Terasaka-kun company during the coming summer vacation? Terasaka- kun is not someone who will ask people out thus, i'm worried that he will spend the summer vacaton alone."
Hatori: "What are you talking about? Of course i will!"

Hatori's thoughts "Baka. Isn't this revenge better than being a good person? I've warned her before that when i'm with Rita, i can only feel happiness. I'm not letting this chance slip away!"

Hatori is taking this chance very seriously and she's asking Moe and Nakajima for suggestion. She's even taking down note when Moe provides her with ideas.

Nakajima suggest Hatori to create a gap between her and Rita as man are really simple minded creatures whom are easily excited when they get to see a side of the girl which is out of her norm. However for Hatori, she's uninteresting as she already shown everything (inner and outer) to Rita. That is why, to Rita, Hatori is uninteresting, no surprise and nothing special which makes it difficult for him to see her as someone he will like.

Hatori's thoughts "Is it? Guy's think this way? Where is he going to see if it's neither inner nor outer?"

Hatori panics: "What should i do? Learn cooking? Act cool in front of Rita?"
Nakajima: "That simple. Create some surprise. Rita as he might think that he will get a lot of phone calls from you from the fact that Adachi isn't around. Don't call him. He might think you will be pestering him. Don't ask him out.

Harori: "I refuse! That will mean that i can't meet Rita the whole summer vacation!"
Nakajima: "You might think that this isn't fun but Terasaka will be concern/take notice of you. He might think that you are out everyday with blinking Hiromitsu guy or maybe you've got to know some other new guy friends. Then ask him out on the day of the fireworks festival. You might be able to draw his interest."
Moe: "I think this is a great idea. Shall i call Sakai too?"
Hatori: "Rita will be all alone this summer vacation then?"
Nakajima: "It's alright to let him be alone. Don't you want him to accept you? The one who left him behind alone is Adachi. There is no need for you to feel bad about it. Just treat him as someone whom you just ask out for a day of fun. I beg of you, don't be a girl who is always available for Terasaka. Listen up! No one will like a girl who is always available for him."

Hatori agrees unwillingly to Nakajima's plan in the end. 

Hatori thought's "Oic. Even though i really dislike to let Rita be alone. I know i'm only left with this method this time. It's tough not able to meet Rita for a month. I shall train myself up during this period....

... the truth is, Rita did not contact me even once either. Didn't him even think of asking me out?"

At cram school Hatori bumps into Kousuke. Kousuke: "You cut off all contact from Terasaka kun this summer vacation right?"
Hatori: "I don't need your help even though i'm feeling lonely."

Hatori's thoughts "The gaps between Rita and me should be wide enough since i've not been contacting him."
Kousuke: "Terasaka kun is now with some girls."
Hatori turns around in shocked looking at Kousuke.
Kousuke: "Terasaka kun is quite popular. Isn't it normal for a guy to find a girl to 甘える (behave like a kid) to when he's feeling lonely? He can't 甘える to you who is his childhood friend since it's more natural doing it to other girls."

Hatori's thoughts "It is impossible for Rita to give up on himself when he's feeling only. Recalls how Rita changes girlfriend easily. This is a blind spot which i missed out!. What should i do now? If it's not possible for Rita to accept me and if i don't chase after him, it's the end...

... It is still better to stay by Rita's side everyday."
Kousuke: "You like him right? Hatori sees Rita as some prince don't you?"
Hatori: "He's cannot make it guy. Who can't go on without a girlfriend."
Kousuke: "So you like him cause he can't make it?"
Hatori: "In my head i know that he can't make it. Aren't you suppose to listen to your hear when it's about love?"
Kousuke: "If your head can't understand, your heart is unable to listen to what you are saying isn't it?"
Hatori: "I understand. I should give up on Rita and look for some other guys instead. I might be able to walk out of it but it's not whether i'm able to walk out of it or not. I still want to like him."
Kousuke: "I'm surprised you know this about yourself."

Hatori's thought "Maybe i... i only want to like Rita alone. Ha! This cannot work. If i don't contact Rita now... "
Kousuke: "I think you should endure longer, it's another two more days to the fireworks festival. If you contact him now, you've wasted all the effort you've put in."

Hatori's thought's "That is right. Dear god! Please do not widen the gap between Rita and Me anymore until the fireworks festival!"

Rita's phone rings and he fell off his sofa trying to reach out for it. He's expression seems shock when he sees who's calling him. (it must be Hatori)

Hatori: "Long time no see Rita! Shall we go for the fireworks festival together?"

Hatori dessed in yukata, she's on her way to meet Rita and she's feeling nervous about it. Rita turns around when he heard Hatori called him. Hatori sees Rita and reminds herself to remain calm.

Hatori: "Your hair seems to have grown longer and you put on your yukata too."
Rita: "I didn't cut it that's why. Let's go."

Hatori's thoughts "It's Rita. I've been so wanting to meet him!"

Rita: "Why do you seems a little down today?"
Hatori: "Eh?"
Rita: "You hardly talk. Say something."
Hatori: "I'm talking aren't i?"

Some perverted looking guy from behind: "Sister, you look so cute and i can see you undies."
Rita grabs Hatori's hand and pulls her to walk in front of him.

Hatori's thought's "It's been a long time since i see Rita behaving like a man."

Hatori: "I think i want to buy a drink."
Rita: "I want Wu Long tea took. Take one for me."
Shop owner: "That will be 400yen."
Hatori: "We will pay seperately."
Rita: "It's alright, pay together and give me another yakizoba and give us two フランクフルトeach. (Not sure what's that but it must be some food.)
Hatori: "Eh, is it alright? (for Rita to pay for her drinks and buy her food.)"
Rita: "Didn't i say so."

Hatori's thoughts "Am i being over sensitive? I feel that Rita is treating me like a lady today. It must be the gap taking effect."

They found a nice spot, sat down and wait for the fireworks. Hatori is feeling nervous and wonder how does she usually speaks.

Hatori: "Please start quickly, fireworks."

Kousuke appears from behind: "You've found a nice resting place."
Hatori's thoughts "Hiromitsu kun! Oh no, when the atmosphere is just right."
Hatori: "Alone?"
Kousuke: "I was with some girl until just now. She'd gotten too troublesome so i fake that i've some urgent matter to attend to. I'm planning of joining the basket ball guys later and taking a rest for a while now."
Rita: "What do you think of him (Kousuke)?"
Hatori: "Huh?"
Kousuke whispers into Hatori's ears: "Say it's a secret."
Hatori: "It's a secret."
Rita seems to be affected with Hatori's reply. (omg~ it's like the first time he's having such a jealous kind of reaction towards Hatori! I think there is a tiny bit of light down this very long and dark tunnel for Hatori!)

Hatori sneaks away by going to the toilet.

Hatori's thoughts "For Rita to say such a thing? It seems like he wants to own me. Maybe something is already happening now."

Kousuke's thoughts "Things have gotten troublesome."

Rita: "Oie. You! Are you still going out with Hatori?
Kousuke: "Are you jealous?"
Rita: "Don't avoid my question. She's different from the other girls whom you've been going out with. I don't know what you r purpose with her but don't go overboard."
Kousuke: " If i'm serious towards Hatori, will Rita accept?"

Kousuke: "You are the one who shouldn't go over board. When do you plan on keeping Hatori for yourself only."
Rita: "Huh? What are you talking about?"
Kousuke: "You lack confidence with yourself right? That is why you can let go of someone who loves you unconditionally without any reason. You think that Hatori's happiness is alright anyway it right? You hope that she makes no boyfriend and to only sees you for the rest of her life right? Even when you behave like you don't even like her. Is this really alright? This is like killing someone's hope. Hatori has been liking you all these while. You are so curel Terasaka kun."

Kousuke is gone when Hatori is back from the very crowded toilet.
Rita: "Hatori! Be serious and find a boyfriend."
Hatori: "Eh?"
Rita: "I don't believe in you feelings."

Hatori: "Why don't you believe? Didn't i tell you what i like see and like about you?"
Rita: "What do you know? Everyone says they "like" so easily. However, I'm one who has nothing. Everyone knows what the want and works/go towards that. You and Adachi too. To have dreams, it's great. Since when, it seems like i've something lacking."
Hatori: 'I don't think about you that way."
Rita: "Yup you do. You seems to be enjoying this summer vacation without me." 

Hatori: "Rita. I'm sorry!" and she hugs him... "I was feeling very lonely! I'm sorry to have left you alone. It's all part of my plan not to call Rita."
Rita: "Huh?"
Hatori: "Nakajima said there's not enough gap between us. She told me not to contact you this summer vacation to widen our gap so that you will notice me but...

... i... I can't do anything when i want to meet Rita badly. I'm sorry for thinking only about myself and not for Rita. I'm not going to leave Rita alone anymore this life time. I will be together with you from now onwards. It's really lonely. We are humans after all. "

It looks like Hatori is going to put her hand on Rita and Rita stretches out his hand to grab hatori's or to stop her?
Rita: "Hatori, you are this kind?"

OMG~ Is Rita starting to find Hatori important to him? I really do hope so! Seems like Nakajima's plan is taking some effect on Rita. hahah. It's the first time i see Rita getting a little worked up over Hatori. Making her walk in front of him and asking what she thinks about Kousuke. I do hope that he's starting to have feelings for her and not because she is his childhood friend and he's just protecting her. Maybe he's too used to having Hatori by his side and her absence makes him start to realise his true feelings?

Nonetheless, this chapter is a small step towards new development! On the other side note, i wonder if Adachi is stupid or what. How can a girlfriend ask her rival to company her boyfriend during her absence? I mean,, even if the girl is the boyfriend's childhood friend, isn't it best to avoid? Needless to say the childhood friend obviously likes your boyfriend!

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