Sunday, October 31, 2010

キミのとなりで青春中。Chapter 28

Finally, chapter 28 of  キミのとなりで青春中。 Sorry to keep you waiting if you've been following this series.

It's April, Keita and Miu are year 3 this year and all of them are still in the same class. Gutsuchi chan is freaking out that she's an examiee this year.

Miu gets back her results from the test before the spring vacation and she gets all Es. Even though she thinks that it's bad but she soon comforts herself thinking that it's still early (that her results will improve over time). 

Miu over heard Keita's conversation with his teacher regarding his choice of university. Keita's teacher encourages him to choose a better universities like K uni or W uni as his results is much better than the acceptance score for the university of his current choice.

In class, Miu hears her classmates talking about school and she recalls the conversation Keita had with his teacher. She wonders if Keita is going to aim for those top universities which she is surely unable to get it. It worries her that she will be in a different university as Keita. She wants to discuss with Gutsuchi chan however, she needs to rush for Bio lessons. (Miu isn't taking Bio lessons was they have different majors in Yr 3)

Miu is taking Geography instead and she is feeling lonely as the only student from her class isn't someone she is close to. Then, a guy enters the classroom...

and he sits beside her! Miu freaked out a little as she thinks that he looks kind of scary.  Miu rushes back to her classroom once the lesson ended however someone called out to her.

It's the guy who sat beside Miu! Apparently Miu left her notebook behind, he returns it to her and introduces himself as Serizawa Kouki, a transfer student from class 7. Miu thinks that he isn't as scary as he seems to be.

During lunch, Miu's classmates are talking about cramp school again. Miu asks Keita if he's planning on going to any cramp school. Keita reply saying that he has no plans as he will end up sleeping during cramp school and he rather look up more assessment books. Miu says that she shouldn't attend cramp school as well then. Keita asks her why is it so. 

Keita says that it's her own problem and it has nothing to do with him. She should make decisions based on her own intentions. Miu runs away hearing that from Keita. Keita looks troubled. 

Miu running away and thinks that what Keita told her was right and she is in no position to rebut and that is why she chooses to run away. She squats down on the rooftop, crying and she heard someone asking her what happened. It's Serizawa. 

He asks Miu to tell him her troubles so that she can feel better and he can make a new friend. On the other hand, Keita is staring at a slip of paper which says: Choice of University. He hasn't made any choices and he's feeling troubled over it.

Miu is telling Serizawa her troubles and what Keita told her. Serizawa thinks that Keita is mean to say those words to her when she's feeling vex and worried. Miu says that Keita is her childhood friend (she did not tell him that Keita is her boyfriend. She thinks that it's embarrassing) and what he said was true too.

Miu thinks that she feeling better and relief after talking to Serizawa. She thanks him and Serizawa seems to look a little affected seeing Miu's smile. Miu let Serizawa have her lunchbox instead as she has lost her appetite after crying and he's having bread for lunch. Serizawa asks if it's Miu's mother who made her lunchbox and Miu tells him that she made it herself. She bid him goodbye and left the rooftop.

Serizawa looks at the lunchbox and wonders if there is still a girl who makes her own lunchbox now. Back in the classroom, Keita came to Miu's class to go home together. 

 He apologized for those harsh words he said during lunch. Miu wants to know which university is Keita aiming for however, she is still unable to bring herself to ask. Serizawa saw Miu and Keita when they are on their way home. He seems a little affected to see Miu with a guy.

The girl beside him calls Keita's name and he asks if she knows Keita. She tells him that Keita is the most popular guy in school and he's going out with his childhood friend who is is a dull looking girl. She says that she in unable to understand why.

Serikawa says he dislike such refreshing feel. (he's referring to Miu i suppose.)

Finally, the beginning of a seemingly longer arc? However, we know that this new guy, Serikawa is going to stir up some troubles between Keita and Miu.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010


New arc for Bleach! o(^^o)(o^^)o

The lost Agent - First chappie of new arc looks promising.. appearance of a new character... wonders if he's a good guy or a baddie....

カッコイイー なぁ~ 黒崎 一護.

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千本桜 (Senbonzakura)

....literally "thousand cherry blossoms"


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

彼はディアボロ!(Kare wa Diablo!)

Title: 彼はディアボロ!(Kare wa Diablo!)
Mangaka: 霜月かよ子 (SHIMOTSUKI Kayoko)
This series is about the heroine, Meiko, wishing to pursue a relationship with her senior, attempts black magic. In the process, she inadvertently summons Lucifer himself! On top of that, he introduces himself as Rui, her new chemistry teacher?!

I've just finish reading the tankubon Vol. 1 of this relatively new series 彼はディアボロ!(Kare wa Diablo!) which is serialised in Betsufure. This series is so far very interesting, intriguing and not the cliche, typical type of shoujo manga, both the art and story.

Meiko, who is secretly in love with her senior, who is currently attached, attempts black magic and in the process she summons Lucifer instead and the next day, he introduces himself as Rui, her new Chemistry teacher. Not only is he able to read Meiko's thoughts, he able to communicate with her through her thoughts! He fulfils Meiko's wish and her senior soon breaks up with his girlfriend and goes out with her however, he's not the same person anymore. He became a heartless person who will not even save his ex-girlfriend when she fell off from the rooftop! Meiko calls for Rui's help and he's only willing to help her unless she agrees to be his personal contractor. Meiko agrees and Rui proceeds with the ceremony. Things return back to normal as before.

Chapter 2
Meiko is now a witch after agreeing to be Rui's personal contractor. He treats her like his maid and makes her run all the errands for him. Appearance of a new character, Yuna. She likes Rui sensei and is jealous of Meiko. She confessed to Rui sensei but was brutally rejected. Rui says he's only interested in virgins. Yuna aims to get back at Meiko, offers to help Meiko with her assignments at Meiko's house. (Meiko's parents are away on business trip.) However, Meiko's house suddenly catches on fire and a huge book shelf falls on Yuna! Meiko, not willing to leave Yuna behind lifts the really huge book shelf up and urges Yuna to crawl out quickly. This is when she realises that she has some sort of ability - enormous strength after eating red bean bread. She carries Yuna and hopes that she has another ability and that is able to fly but she can't! Rui came to her rescue. She past out and when she woke up, she at the school infirmary with Rui beside her.

Chapter 3
Meiko now lives with Rui since her house was burnt down. The school is going on a trip near the sea and Meiko is determined to fall in love with a guy during this trip. When they reach their destination, Meiko realises that she can see all the creatures in the sea and they can see her too! They teases her and make her falls down when ever she's near the sea. Rui shoos them away and warns Meiko to keep away from the sea. Meiko manages to meet a guy, Yohan, who asks her to go out with him! (It's really random how it happened) He bings Meiko to a rock (for lovers) which is in the middle of the sea. He tells Meiko that he likes her because she reminds him of his pet hamster. (Not that he likes her romantically). Suddenly the sea becomes unstable and Yohan does not know how to swim! (Puzzles me how they get to the rock in the first place. Meiko eats a red bean bread (Yup, she carries it with her, in fact she hangs it in front of her like a name tag!) and uses all the strength she gathers, she throws Yohan as far as possible towards the shore. She tries to swim back but she can't! Rui came to rescue when Meiko thinks that she's going to die drowning in the sea. Apparently the sea creatures informed Rui of Meiko's whereabouts. He gave her a CPR! (Her first kiss!) Meiko lost her ability to swim after becoming a witch.     

Chapter 4
It’s time for fright night and Meiko is in charge of it however, her team members disappear just before the event started. She desperate for help and thus, she turns to Rui but he rejects her. Meiko decides that she will do it alone then while Rui, on the other hand makes a call to the demon prince in the demon world! He requests for the demon prince to open the demon gate and let out some real demons! The demon prince came to meet Rui and they had some local snack from the demon world and tea under the moonlight. The demon prince reminds Rui of his mission. (Content of the mission was not mentioned) and during their conversation, Rui flies off (Yes! He has got wings!) to save Meiko after finding out that the demon prince actually lets out a demon which is of the 6th rank (supposedly high rank). Rui’s motive to let the demons out is actually to train Meiko. (Yup! Meiko ate a red bean bread and is fighting the demon while Rui is having tea and snack with the demon prince! and yes! she brings a red bean bread with her like popeye who always has his spanich. haha.) He picks Meiko up and turns the demon into earth form – dogs! (Dogs are huge and scary creatures in the demon world). Meiko, relief when she sees Rui, hugs him and cry. (The most and only shoujo-ish part in the whole volume) The demon prince chases the demons back, returns and closes the gate. This volume ends with an appearance of a human like creature who escaped from the demon world when the gate was opened.

This series is really intriguing and amusing! I highly recommend you to read it if you can get your hands on this series.

I might provide brief summaries like the above when the next tankubon is out (which is about another 4 months wait?) if no one else is working on it and if vol. 2 is still as interesting.

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ヒミツのアイちゃん - Chapter 11

Let's start! Chapter 11 from Cheese! or Chapter 15 from the Tankubon.

The cover. Aiko chan in lepoard prints maid costume.

Its the school's cultural festival.

The basketball team members are mourning over their lost in the Nationals on the rooftop.
Basketball team members in unison: "I feel very ashamed to be out of the game only after one match." 
Aiko: "I feel ashamed. If i'm in the team, we would have win."
Reo: "It's not possible right? Making a fool of yourself in the nationals!"
Hiroko came and hurried them back to the classroom as the cultural festival is about to start soon.

Hiroko: "Until when do you all plan to drag on? It's already been three days and you've lost means you've lost. What do you plan to do by regretting on something that is already over?" She rushes them back to their respective classroom to change in to their costumes. She passes Aiko and Takumi a huge name tag. It's for the event "Best of Kafuu".

It's actually a popularity contest where "customers" will be given a heart sticker each and they will stick it on the name tag of the person they like. At the end of the event, the student with the most number of hearts on his/her's name tag will be the winner. The winning prize is a trip ticket and Reo has been the winner for the past 2 to 3 yrs.

Reo: "You seems to have confessed to my girlfriend the other day?"
Takumi: "Are you troubled over it? Your girlfriend already told you about it? Kind of fast. I thought we could have shared a secret longer."
Reo: "What secret?"
Takumi: "Then, this means that i can attack with dignity?"
Reo: "I can finally tell you.. not to harbor any thoughts about Aiko."
Takumi: "You can't say that when you can't disclose your relationship in school. How about a bet with special conditions? Therefore, give me a chance?"  

Scene switches to class 2E, Aiko's class. Aiko's classmates thinks that Aiko is not only getting use to being maid, in fact she's like a real maid. While Aiko thinks that being a maid is not helping in her getting more points and she does not want to lose to Reo again. She notices Takumi in butler costume mesmerizing his customers. 

She pulls Takumi aside and questioned him: "Why are you dressing up as a butler? Isn't our class doing the reverse maid cafe? The other guys are all enduring in maid's costume and only you, it's not fair!"
Takumi: "That's because being a butler suits me more and i'll be able to give joy to others isn't it? Please don't obstuct me from taking care of my princesses." And he give a charming smile.
Pissed off, Aiko stomped in front of Hiroko: "HIROKO! I too preferred to be a butler. It's not fair if it's only Takumi!"
Hiroko: "It's not possible as i there is no more butler costumes and Takumi requested irregardless and there is a strong demand among the girls... and from me too. Have you went to spy on Reo? (To check out the number of hearts he has collected) Shift change time is long over!"

Aiko changed out of her maid costume and hurried to Reo's class. She thinks that Reo must be over popular and collected a lot of points. She sees a lot of girls gathering outside Reo's class, she pushes her way in and thinks "Don't tell me..."

She sees a girl pasting her heart sticker on to Reo's heart over flowing name tag while being mesmerized by Reo's charm and she thought "Just as i've expected." 

Reo: "Why did you dress up as Mai to meet me?"
Aiko: "I came to spy on you! What are you thinking behaving so slovenly?"
Reo, pouting: "I didn't... you misunderstood me."
Aiko, displeased: "Then why?"

Reo: "Of course it's for the trip tickets."
Aiko: "What's with the trip tickets?"

Reo: "I'm looking forward to our first experience, with Aiko. That's what i'm thinking."
He holds Aiko's hand and said: "I hope for the both of us to go on a trip. Just the both of us. Not to mention about going on a trip. It seems that i've been waiting for a long time to be alone with Aiko. It doesn't seem good t rely on the prize but i'm busy with club activities and impossible to do partime (with Aiko) so this seems like a chance....

... I'm working hard for the both of us so please cut me some slack? Just a little will do."
Aiko getting nervous as Reo is holding her face while asking her to cut him some slack. Aiko: "There is no reason for me to particularly looking forward to our first experience!? I only want to be alone with Reo that's all and therefore, Gambare! (Please work hard!)" She hugs Reo and Reo smiles heartily said: "Understood!"

Back to class 2E, Aiko's class. Aiko's getting tired from change in and out of the maid costume. She saw Takumi and said: "Time to change shift."
Takumi: "I'm continuing. Kasumi san (Aiko's family name) you can take a rest instead."
Aiko: "You've been working since morning right? Aren't you working a little too hard? What? Don't tell me you are aiming for the trip tickets."
Takumi: "I'm not particularly interested in the tickets but i aim to win. I'm in a bet with Reo. If i win, i can have a date with you for a day."
Aiko's shocked when she heard that and she pull Takumi aside to question him.  

Aiko: "What is this all about? I haven't heard about this at all!"
Takumi: "Isn't it alright? I've accepted the chance."
Aiko: "Chance? You said you will not cause me any trouble and will not hope for anything and now.."
Takumi: "I did say that but... I thought you will keep it as a secret from your boyfriend however, you soon told him the truth. Even though i will be restricted by your boyfriend, i'm still attracted to you and i mean it. Even if it's only one day, i still want it."
Aiko blushes and thinks that he's making the face again and said: "You must be kidding, don't do these kind of things without my knowledge." Aiko stomped off.

Aiko's thoughts "What's with the both of them. Making me the bet on their own and Reo, Reo too! Didn't we promise not to hide things from each other? What's up with all the trip just for the both of us. Since things already turned out this way, just wait and see!" She stomped straight into Hiroko and ordered her to strip! And we hear Hikoro screams: "IYAH!!!!"

Theres a lot of students outside Aiko's class and one of the girl dropped her bag. Someone came forward to picked it up and asked if she's alright. The girl seems to be mesmerized by this person.

It's Aiko in butler costume and she said: "My princess." (She really looks kind of cool here.) The girl still blushing asked: "Is it alright to accept my point?"
Aiko: "It's my honor." The girl thinks that she's falling in love and we see three other girls dropping theirs upon seeing Aiko and pasting their heart sticker on Aiko's name tag. Aiko thinks that it's show down time! 

It's time for the last big event of the cultural festival and everyone gathers in the stadium.
Takumi: "Otsukaresama." (You've worked hard) Finally (time to know the results) Reo." 
Reo: "I'm going to win for sure."

"Now, we are going to announce the results. The winner for the best of Kafuu is....

Kasimi Aiko san from class 2E !! She got a total of 597 points! Reo and Takumi look at each other in disbelief while Aiko is rejoicing on stage with her prize.

Reo: "Why are you the one who won instead?"
Takumi: "There no meaning to it if you win!
Aiko: "It's because the both of you decides on things without my consent. Don't do things behind my back, this is what i dislike most!"
Reo turns to Takumi: "You big mouth."

Aiko directing at Takumi: "Takumi! Don't asking me out for dates as i will reject time all! And now Reo! I don't think i should accept all the protection from you. Didn't we agree that from now onwards, no matter what happens, we should resolve it together and not hide anything from each other?"
Reo: "It's my bad however, if he loses he will not harbor any thoughts about you the second time... that's why i accepted the bet. Well, in the end i still got my hands on the tickets."

He hugs Aiko and pats her head while Aiko blushes and thinks "Oh no, this will mean my first time... *blushes*"
Takumi: "Hey! You guys seems to have forgotten that i'm still here though."

A funny yet sweet chapter! I like how Aiko tells Takumi not ask her out any more. So very straight forward, moreover it's in front of Reo. Haha. Ikumi has been missing for a few chapters and i wonder if the mangaka is planning something big for her next appearance. Even though i don't really like her but she sure can spice things up! Hmm... wonder if it the next chapter will be about their first couple trip...

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Monday, October 25, 2010

(秋) Autumn Gets up 2

My autumn gets up 2.

I pretty much wear the same top just a different knitted jacket (from Pageboy) with shorts and black leggings. Weather is getting colder which is time for my newly bought knitted hat and very over worn furry boots.

I just so love autumn.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

DEAR! - Chapter 5

Let's start quickly, last chapter ended with a cliff hanger!

The chapter starts with Kazusa on top of Rei with his lips pressing on hers! Rei hopes that Kazusa will stop and get up soon.

On the other hand, Banri holding Yukari's hand said: "It might be hurtful to Suzuki-san however since a long time ago till now, Kazusa has only Rei in his eyes. It's alright if you think that i'm taking advantage of the situtation. Can it be me? Please."
Yukari: "Banri-san..."

Scene switches back to Kazusa and Rei with Kazusa still on top of Rei. He looks straight into Rei: "Are your feelings so easily erased? Do you understand already?"
Rei's thoughts "I like Banri."

Rei covers her face with both her hands: "I can't return back to how we used to be."

Rei's thoughts "I know Banri likes Yukari and i've found my answer. Even though i've decided to convey my feelings to him, i'm scared. I cried because i know i'm not going to get the answer i'm hoping for. I'm so spoiled and am such a coward."

Kazusa pulls Rei up, wipes away her tears and asked: "Do you know what i just did awhile ago?"

Images of Kazusa kiss her flashes across Rei's head. She blushes and pushes Kazusa away. Kazusa: "I take that as i'm being rejected. However, it's alright."

Kazusa holding Rei's face, looks straight into her: "I've always like you. That is why i said it's too late. I've like you way before you can imagine and since than, i'm unable to return. Do not be afraid anymore. Even though things will be different, i am still here and i will support you. Do not escape from the answer you've came up with."

Rei calls Banri that night, planning to tell him her feelings. Rei's heart skipped a beat when she ses Banri and suggests Banri to bring her for a spin on his bike too. (He sent Yukari earlier using his bike.)

While riding on Banri's bike, Rei recalls a conversation she had with Kazusa earlier.
Rei: "Kazusa, but.. i like Banri..."
Kazusa: "I know, that's why i told you that."
Rei: "Eh?"
Kazusa: "I mean i know your answer and i will not kill myself. I'm alright, you better get going. Regardless of the result, if you don't go now you will not be able to move forward." and he pats Rei's head.
Rei: "uhm."

Kazusa, smilingly: "I will provide aftercare after an honorable death."
Rei: "I don't want to be such crafty girl." 
Kazusa: "That can't be help."

Rei's thoughts: "I don't know when it started but i feel enormously sad every time i thought of it. I'm sorry Kazusa for not being able to reciprocate your feelings. I feel ashamed of myself for being spoiled and with you giving me support. That is why, for Kazusa and for myself, i cannot escape anymore."

Scene switches to Rei and Banri strolling along the bank.
Banri: "What happened? You seems strange."
Rei: "Uhm, alittle."
Banri: "What happened between you and Kazusa?"

They reminisced about their childhood and Banri said: "When did that happened? Now that i recall, it's no longer the same."

Rei thought to herself "Banri too, knows that it's impossible to return."

Rei: "Kazusa confessed and kissed me."

Banri: "Oic, finally."
Rei, surprised: "You knew?" and thinks that she's the worst.
Banri: "It's obvious, you are the only one who didn't realize. Is this conversation about 'what am i going to do?' It's alright to tell him 'Uhm'. Since a long time ago, i find the two of you really compatible. The way Kazusa treats you so preciously, isn't it just great? "

Rei's thought "I know he's going to tell me this."

Rei: "I can't rely him...

... because i like Banri. I like Banri."
Banri's eyes widen when he heard Rei's confession.

Banri: "I'm sorry. I like Suzuki-san (Yukari). I can't reciprocate your feelings."
Rei, smilingly: "I know. It's obvious. It's Kazusa who urged me to convey my feelings clearly." Reminding herself to smile.

Rei: "I like both Banri and Yukari."

Rei's thought "I can't let Banri feel troubled."

She bows and said: "That's why, from tomorrow onwards... how should i say this, please take care of my your 'new childhood friend' which i hope to become. I confessed to die an honorable death. I'm sorry that i've said hurtful things. I will be fine soon. Hope we can be childhood friends again someday. Please."

Rei's thought "Kazusa, this is my answer. Now i'm hurt but new."

Banri pulls Rei towards himself and said: "I've understood...

... Thank you for your feelings." He lets go of her, walks away and said: "See you tomorrow."
Rei just stood there until Banri is far gone and thought "See you tomorrow. Tomorrow, a different and new childhood friend."

Rei cries out loud saying: "It's a foul. It will be great if i can be back to normal again easily. However, it cannot be done easily. Wasn't i great? Kazusa. I smiled so as to not let him worry."

Rei's thought while looking up in the sky "Bye Bye, Banri. Kazusa. The three of us are unable to return and move forward however, before getting hurt, i need to move forward. I need to run away from this pain and start smiling and start talking with them soon.

At the same time, Kazusa sat by the balcony looking up in the sky. (I guess he thinking of Rei.)
While Banri sat on his bike looking up in the sky too and said: "I feel kind of pain."

What as sad chapter! (T_T) I wonder why Banri told Rei he likes Yukari when the one he really likes is Rei! Maybe he's those who will never snatch the girl the brother likes or maybe he owes Kazusa something (like he save his life before or something?) or he thinks that Kazusa is better suited for Rei than himself. The three of them are all so similar, self suffering type. I wonder what will happen to them from now on.

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