Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dr.Ci:Labo at 入間 Outlet Mall!

Lately i've been busy shopping shopping and more shopping! I've got the above UV protect spray from 入間 Outlet Mall! I find it useful to when i need to replenish the sunblock on my face especially when i have makeup on as it does not requires me to use hands to spread the sunblock over my face. Its like a water mist.

Dr. Ci:Labo items are slightly cheaper in the Outlet mall as such ive revised some of the prices for Dr. Ci:Labo products to give better benefits to jbeautybox customers! Pls do check out the new prices!


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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Shu Uemura×anno moyoko - Tokyo Kamon Girls

Shu Uemura×anno moyoko - Tokyo Kamon Girls

Shu Uemura is having an exhibition at 表参道 Omotensando.

1st July marks the day Shu Uemura head office moves to Omotesando building due to reconstuction. "Shu Uemura beauty boutique Omotesando" a new starts and the first artist collaboration in 2009. 安野モヨコ, a very popular manga artist created the 5 woman named: Tokyo Kamon Girls. In conjunction with the limited release of "Tokyo Kamon Girls" and the opening of Omotesando Shop, this special exhibition is held.

Venue: 表参道ヒルズ イベントスペース PE43(本館B3F)
Omotedando Building Event Space PE43 (Main Building 3F)
Date: 1st July (Wed) - 12 July (Sun)
Time: 11:00 - 21:00 (Monday - Saturday)
11:00 - 20:00 (Sunday)
Entrance Fee: Free

The exhibition will showcase representive works from 安野モヨコ and they will provide make up service that looks like Tokyo Kamon Girls for 3 days only from 3rd July till 5th July. Resevation required.

Im thinking if im going to have a look and im thinking if im getting one bottle of the cleansing oil cause the bottle looks so pretty!

1. High Performance Cleansing Oil: Classic (yellow), Fresh (pink), Premium A/O (green), Enriched (orange), White R EX Plus Brightening (purple) (7350yen/9450yen)
2. Brush set (7140yen)
3. Makeup Box (27,300yen)

*Price are Japan Retail price.


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Tuesday, June 9, 2009

My beautybox Part 2

My daily skincare regime. All from my favourite 2 brands: DHC and Dr.Ci:La, all fragrance fee.

After washing my face, i will use a toner from DRx. Then i will apply Dr.Ci:Labo Aqua Collagen Gel. I've finish using 2 bottles of the white bottle one which is for super moisture. Earlier this month, i saw this new product under Dr.Ci:Labo, Aqua Collagen Gel (Enrich Lift Ex). It is a littler richer as compared to super moisture. It is more suitable for middle age woman to reduce fine lines and sagging but i thought i give it a try. Hahah... paranoid of developing lines and saggy face.

eye cream also from Dr.Ci:Labo. Moisture Collagen Eye. I apply it diligently everyday as if I'm pumping collagen to the areas around my eyes. I have a few fine lines under my left eyes. It improved a little since i started using this product but the fine lines did not disappear completely. I guess my only solution is to prevent more lines from forming.

Another of my star product. DHC eye tonic. I used to have short and thin lashes. And i have those folded in double eye lids which makes my eye lashes appear shorter but after using this DHC eyelash tonic, I seriously feel that my eye lashes are growing thicker and longer especially lashes at the lower eyelid. I observe them everyday after i apply this eye tonic. I can see the difference after using it for 2 to 3 weeks. Now i apply it everyday. It is one of the best selling product of DHC.

As you might already know i used to have very horrible acne problem during my uni days, even though its much better now i still get pimples around my jaw areas. Sometime i get really big and red ones while sometimes i can feel that the part of the skin feel uneven, there's like some white heads or some substance (i don't know what is it called) under my top skin layer and i always tries to squeeze them out. I've tried many many different brands of pimple cream, i feel that DHC Acne Spot Therapy is the best. It dries up pimples quickly and in two days the pimple just dried up and drops off! Its really good to have pimples drying up quickly as my itchy hands tends to peel or squeeze them when I'm working. hah. Now i apply a layer daily around my jaw areas and i feel that there's lesser white head stuff under my skin and that area feels smoother now!

And last but not least, Neck cream of DHC. Our neck is closest to our face and yet we always forgets to take care of our neck. It is important to take care of our neck so as to prevent wrinkles which will reveal our real age in future.


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Sunday, June 7, 2009

My own beautybox

My beautybox just cannot stop growing after i stayed in Japan. I always feel so tempted to buy something from the drug house i pass by everyday more so after i saw the product being introduced in my favorite variety show 女人我最大or its the 人気No. 1 in some of the Japanese magazine that i read.
The above products are use during the face washing stage.

This pink bottle is the Mild Cleansing Oil from DHC. I've tried the medicated cleansing oil from DHC and cleansing oil from Fancl. I was tempted to try this new cleansing oil frol DHC was because when they first introduce this product earlier this yr it was only selling at 798yen per bottle, the usual price is 1200yen. I think its a good alternative for someone do don't put on really thick make up. The oil has higher viscosity and its easy to spread and rub across the whole face.

I got these from my doctor, i used to have very horrible acne problem during my uni days i've been using this brand of facial and toner until now. Per bottle is now 40sgd. I used to get it 32 sgd per bottle when i first started using. Before i came to Japan i bought 5 bottle of facial cleanser and toner each. I still have 1 bottle of each left now, still thinking if i should continue using or i should change to other Japanese skincare products.

I like to scrub my face daily because i believe that i need to remove the dead skin on my face daily to prevent them from accumulating. So when i stumble upon the daily scrub from Eucerin i though i must have it. After trying, i find it quite normal. I dont think i getting a 2nd tube.

This is my favorite facial scrub. I bought it from a roykan Hakone (箱根) when i went touring last year. They have samples for us to try in the onsen(温泉) place. This product really shocked me! The substance is gel-like and as i spread it over my face and starts massaging my face i see little bit of substance forming. Like the images below. It is able to pick up and snowball all the dead skin.

I use this product twice a week on days when i want to use a mask. It is very important to remove all the dead skins before using a mask so as to achieve the full effect of the mask. Every time after i finish using i feel a sense of fulfillment. I felt that i've successfully removed all the dead skin on my face. Especially the dead skin near the small area around and under the lips. My skin feel smoother and fairer too! It can be used on areas like elbows, knees and heels where dead skins loves to accumulate.


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Maquillage CM for Summer 09 Base Make up.

蛯原友里 is the spokesperson form Maquillage. She is one of the top models in Japan.
This ranges of Maquillage makeup base & foundation are specially design for summer weather, which is great for our Singapore weather as well! Resistant to sweat and sebum, long lasting up to 8 hours!


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Coffret D'or

Coffret D'or CM for 2009 Summer new collection.

This is for the rouge

This for the eyeshadow.

柴崎幸 and 常盤貴子 are two of the official spokes person for Coffret D'or.


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Shiseido Aqua Label

Shiseido Aqua Label CM for their new product - Bright White Ex (晶透白去黑精华)

宮沢りえ is the spokesperson for Shiseido Aqua Label. In the CM she said "Someone asked her how does she, a person who loves sun able to have such pretty and fair skin. Hopes to maintain such skin condition even when she becomes a granny".

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Saturday, June 6, 2009





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Shiseido Aqua Label


The clip above is from 女人我最大部落客推荐开架热卖商品。柳燕老师 introduces some of the new products which were launched in May 2009. One of the item is the Bright White Ex (晶透白去黑精华) from the Shiseido Aqua Label Whitening series. 柳燕老师 explained the content and usage of Bright White Ex.

In this clip, one of the blogger, cherry she introduced a product called Perfector (高效活肤导入液)is also from the Shiseido Aqua Label Moisturizing series while 林葉婷老师 is using a similar product (Blue bottle) more for whitening purposes.

Hope you enjoy the clip and have more understanding about the products from Shiseido Aqua Label.

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