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彼はディアボロ!(Kare wa Diablo!)

Title: 彼はディアボロ!(Kare wa Diablo!)
Mangaka: 霜月かよ子 (SHIMOTSUKI Kayoko)
This series is about the heroine, Meiko, wishing to pursue a relationship with her senior, attempts black magic. In the process, she inadvertently summons Lucifer himself! On top of that, he introduces himself as Rui, her new chemistry teacher?!

I've just finish reading the tankubon Vol. 1 of this relatively new series 彼はディアボロ!(Kare wa Diablo!) which is serialised in Betsufure. This series is so far very interesting, intriguing and not the cliche, typical type of shoujo manga, both the art and story.

Meiko, who is secretly in love with her senior, who is currently attached, attempts black magic and in the process she summons Lucifer instead and the next day, he introduces himself as Rui, her new Chemistry teacher. Not only is he able to read Meiko's thoughts, he able to communicate with her through her thoughts! He fulfils Meiko's wish and her senior soon breaks up with his girlfriend and goes out with her however, he's not the same person anymore. He became a heartless person who will not even save his ex-girlfriend when she fell off from the rooftop! Meiko calls for Rui's help and he's only willing to help her unless she agrees to be his personal contractor. Meiko agrees and Rui proceeds with the ceremony. Things return back to normal as before.

Chapter 2
Meiko is now a witch after agreeing to be Rui's personal contractor. He treats her like his maid and makes her run all the errands for him. Appearance of a new character, Yuna. She likes Rui sensei and is jealous of Meiko. She confessed to Rui sensei but was brutally rejected. Rui says he's only interested in virgins. Yuna aims to get back at Meiko, offers to help Meiko with her assignments at Meiko's house. (Meiko's parents are away on business trip.) However, Meiko's house suddenly catches on fire and a huge book shelf falls on Yuna! Meiko, not willing to leave Yuna behind lifts the really huge book shelf up and urges Yuna to crawl out quickly. This is when she realises that she has some sort of ability - enormous strength after eating red bean bread. She carries Yuna and hopes that she has another ability and that is able to fly but she can't! Rui came to her rescue. She past out and when she woke up, she at the school infirmary with Rui beside her.

Chapter 3
Meiko now lives with Rui since her house was burnt down. The school is going on a trip near the sea and Meiko is determined to fall in love with a guy during this trip. When they reach their destination, Meiko realises that she can see all the creatures in the sea and they can see her too! They teases her and make her falls down when ever she's near the sea. Rui shoos them away and warns Meiko to keep away from the sea. Meiko manages to meet a guy, Yohan, who asks her to go out with him! (It's really random how it happened) He bings Meiko to a rock (for lovers) which is in the middle of the sea. He tells Meiko that he likes her because she reminds him of his pet hamster. (Not that he likes her romantically). Suddenly the sea becomes unstable and Yohan does not know how to swim! (Puzzles me how they get to the rock in the first place. Meiko eats a red bean bread (Yup, she carries it with her, in fact she hangs it in front of her like a name tag!) and uses all the strength she gathers, she throws Yohan as far as possible towards the shore. She tries to swim back but she can't! Rui came to rescue when Meiko thinks that she's going to die drowning in the sea. Apparently the sea creatures informed Rui of Meiko's whereabouts. He gave her a CPR! (Her first kiss!) Meiko lost her ability to swim after becoming a witch.     

Chapter 4
It’s time for fright night and Meiko is in charge of it however, her team members disappear just before the event started. She desperate for help and thus, she turns to Rui but he rejects her. Meiko decides that she will do it alone then while Rui, on the other hand makes a call to the demon prince in the demon world! He requests for the demon prince to open the demon gate and let out some real demons! The demon prince came to meet Rui and they had some local snack from the demon world and tea under the moonlight. The demon prince reminds Rui of his mission. (Content of the mission was not mentioned) and during their conversation, Rui flies off (Yes! He has got wings!) to save Meiko after finding out that the demon prince actually lets out a demon which is of the 6th rank (supposedly high rank). Rui’s motive to let the demons out is actually to train Meiko. (Yup! Meiko ate a red bean bread and is fighting the demon while Rui is having tea and snack with the demon prince! and yes! she brings a red bean bread with her like popeye who always has his spanich. haha.) He picks Meiko up and turns the demon into earth form – dogs! (Dogs are huge and scary creatures in the demon world). Meiko, relief when she sees Rui, hugs him and cry. (The most and only shoujo-ish part in the whole volume) The demon prince chases the demons back, returns and closes the gate. This volume ends with an appearance of a human like creature who escaped from the demon world when the gate was opened.

This series is really intriguing and amusing! I highly recommend you to read it if you can get your hands on this series.

I might provide brief summaries like the above when the next tankubon is out (which is about another 4 months wait?) if no one else is working on it and if vol. 2 is still as interesting.

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Blogger Caroline said...

Thanks for the summary! I really like Shimotsuki Kayoko. It's a shame her works are not published abroad. Fortunately, she is popular among scanlators. >.<

October 27, 2010 at 12:03 AM  
Blogger Ankemaybe said...

Thanks. I've been wondering how the story flows. ^^. I wish I have more than 24 hours a day and I do not need many hours of sleep. I have the latest chapter with me. But I have been so busy. Will only be free in mid of Nov so can't do much... Sorry.

October 27, 2010 at 12:42 AM  
Blogger 腐女子 said...

@Caroline: You're welcome. Yup, i'm starting to like her work too! This series is good!

@Ankemaybe: No prob on that, i've read the latest chapter at the 7-11 haha together to Tonari no Atashi and LDK however this luxury is only limited for another 96days. So don't want to go home. =P

October 27, 2010 at 1:11 AM  
Anonymous mo said...

this looks really interesting!! i will have to go book hunting in my local bookstores later.
hopefully they bring in her works! >_<
thanks for the recommendation~~ looks like i have something new to read when i get too bored while mugging for jlpt =))


October 27, 2010 at 4:53 PM  
Blogger 腐女子 said...

@mo: It's really interesting! Read it if you can find it at your local bookstore!

I'm too mugging for jlpt, on weekends only thou. Brain can't function after working hours on weekdays. haha. 一緒に頑張ってね q(^_^)p

October 28, 2010 at 8:42 AM  
Blogger Kanade said...

Woot! Thank you for brief summaries! Bebe scans this series, but I think I'm the only one reading it out of us translators xD

Shimotsuki Kayoko is one of my two most favourite mangaka. I highly recommend you to read everything she's written so far!!

Storm in Heaven scans are currently working on Houkago. And I'm also very very looking forward to D-something series. Of course, Coelacanth is unbeatable, but her other series are EPIC as well <3

Oh and in case you haven't read anything by her, her stories aren't exactly romantic or anything. She always focuses on the plot and makes you crave for more romance. Well, as expected of a pro in mystery!

November 2, 2010 at 6:43 AM  
Blogger 腐女子 said...

@Kanade:The mangaka did left me craving for more lovey dovey between Rui and Meiko. There only 1 scene that's a little shoujio-ish. haha.

I do plan to read her other works after jlpt exam. Coelacanth, you say its unbeatable? Okies, i will start with this then. ^^ Thanks for recommending.

November 2, 2010 at 3:40 PM  
Anonymous ahlee said...

are there any scanlations of kare wa diablo? if so, can you give me a link? i really want to read this.

May 20, 2011 at 9:33 PM  
Blogger 腐女子 said...

@ahlee: I've just checked Baka updates... i don't think any scanlations has picked up this series yet. You might have to wait a while more but i'm sure some scanlations will pick up this series soon as SHIMOTSUKI Kayoko work is pretty popular with the scanlators.

May 23, 2011 at 3:24 PM  
Blogger hope said...

hello this is my first time visiting your blog! and i say it's cool thanks for providing us a detailed summaries and pictures of mangas ehehehhe btw this series is kinda interesting uhmm do u happen to have a raw for this one? i'll ask a group if they are interested to translate this! waaahh based on the summary it has a potential to be best! ehhee thanks again and more power! i'll will be visiting ur blog! frequently

P.S thanks for summarizing HIMITSU NO AI-CHAN ehehe this one is one of my fave manga!

July 3, 2011 at 2:54 AM  
Blogger 腐女子 said...

@hope: I own the tankubon for this series but i don't have a scanner at home to scan the raws even if any group wants to take it up.

It's really an interesting series worth reading!

July 5, 2011 at 11:10 AM  

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