Monday, November 29, 2010


I'm sorry for the lack of post recently as I'm pretty tired up with the coming JLPT paper. It's this Sunday *yeeks* and I'm feeling very unprepared this time round. I'm only hoping for a pass. =P

I will get the following series up once I'm done with my paper.
1. Black Bird
2. Himitsu no Ai Chan
3. Dear!
4. Kimi no Tonari de Seishunchuu

I randomly picked up this tankubon 僕の部屋へおいでよ, (Boku no Heya he Oideyo) serialised in cookies the other day at the bookstore and after reading volume 1, i find it intriguing.

Title: 僕の部屋へおいでよ
Mangaka: 斉藤 倫
Our heroine, 十勝京 is an very innocent high school girl whose good with housework and nothing else. She does not have any plans for her future and she's comfortable with it. She chooses to stay alone while her parents are away for business trip as she can't bear to be apart with her friend, which are actually 3 stray cats which she has been feeding since she found time in a field near her school.  
One day, while she was doing her regular feed, she found a guy fainted in the field and she carried him home! (somehow she manged to carry him into a cab or something and it didn't occurred to her that she should send him to the hospital instead!) 鳴沢士朗, the hero is a undergraduate of a nearby university and he's majoring in vet. He's apparently very poor and fainted due to hunger.
Anyway, like it's title, the story developed in a way that 鳴沢士朗 ended up staying in with 十勝京 and the 3 stray kittens. With an additional character, 鈴木綺更, a research student/vet who works in the same vet clinic where 鳴沢士朗 is doing his internship with. Of course, she already unintentionally stirred up some drama for the series.

I like how the mangaka leaves traces of  鳴沢士朗 and 十勝京 past as flashbacks which makes my heart craves for more knowledge about their past and how it made them who they are now. The art is a-ok and the story is pretty slow paced and nothing too dramatic if you are familiar with this mangaka's work. Might consider doing a share if time permits. ^ ^

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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kyoto 2010

In Kyoto with Diana Mini.

Manga Museum. These people are laying on the ground reading manga!!! 

Illustration of me and friends by an artist call Chunco from the Manga Museum. 

Maple leaves from Kyoto Imperial Palace

Maple leaves from 東福寺通天橋.

清水寺Night Light Up

More maple pics.

My favourite photo among the hundreds I've took. 

waiting for my train home with lots of 京都限定tibits.

woke up from my nap and saw this view. Doesn't the cloud resembles Mt Fuiji?

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 8

Tada! I've managed to churn it out! Enjoy! 

Hatori's narration: " It was lacking, in my wish which is like a thread. Rita came to my house, even if it's just for a while, i thought that Rita might have realized his feelings, didn't him?"

And she tells Kousuke: "That my wishful things which is impossible."
Kousuke: "Then?"
What actually happened was....
Rita: "This is not you."
Hatori, disappointed with Rita's reaction: "Like that? Rita is easily taken by a suggestive action isn't it?"
Rita: "Huh? When did i?"
Hatori: "You don't plan to? (kiss me), i'm such a natural beauty."
Rita: "I'm listening, can you explain more concretely?"
Hatori: "You told Kousuke that 'The one she likes is me', being possessive and all. I was only double checking it to see if you are not swindled by him." (I'm not really sure of the translation for this, i think Hatori is trying to find an excuse to why she kissed Rita.)
Rita: "Huh? What is it?"
Hatori: "Why did you come here? A phone call is enough if you want to apologize. Didn't i told you that these actions are very suggestive?" and she thinks "Oh no, i can't stop, even thou i know Rita has no what so ever kind of feelings towards me."
Rita: "I came here today because i was worried about you."
Hatori: "Why? I looked fine don't l? Like a beautiful woman."
Rita: "I've understood. If my actions seems suggestive to you then i will have nothing to do with you, that is fine with you right?" and he left.

The end.

Kousuke: "Hatori chan, who are you going out with now?"
Hatori thinks to herself "Oh no, i've forgotten." and she said: "I'm sorry."
Kousuke: "So hateful, i told you to wait for me and yet you went home. Well, it's alright... if you give me a kiss if not i'm going to die." Hatori looks troubled.
Kousuke: "If you are not willing, i can write it off."

Hatori: "Let me tell you clearly, even though i said before that it's not easy to forget about Rita but my heart beats fast for Kousuke. However, only a phone call from Rita and i can't see anything anymore." and she thinks to herself "In the end, i can't forget anything." She slaps her cheeks as if trying to clear her head and she thinks "It's so embarrassing." Hatori: "It's so embarrassing that i want to hide myself."
Kousuke: "Then i shall make you forget easily."

And they ended up in a love hotel! Hatori sitting on the bed, thinks "What kind of situation is this?" Kousuke hops on beside her and calls her: "Hatori chan~ Since we are going out, so this kind of this is normal isn't it?"
Hatori's thoughts "NO, NO, NO, NO, this is my first time. Isn't it going to be weird if it's so easily..." Kousuke messing up Hatori's hair and said: "You are being too stiff, too stiff. If you dislike, i won't do anything. Empty your head and leave everything to me, i will be nice and gentle."

Hatori's thought's "No, you are not going to be gentle. You seems like you are going to be rough." and she said: "Then, be gentle please." With a smile (which looks kind of fake to me), Kousuke starts kissing and touching Hatori. While Hatori thinks "Even though i've tried so hard and if this carries on, i will be too pitiful. I hope you can be gentle to me. Rita and Adachi might have done it? Adachi's first time is with Rita?" and she recalls the scene where Adachi tells Hatori to treat herself more importantly.

Kousuke looks shocked and he stopped and asked: "Hatori chan? Hatori has been trying to hold back her tears. Hatori cries and said: "I'm sorry, and as expected, i can't do it." with tears welling up. Hatori's thought's "Why is she only right and me, i'm only wrong? There isn't such heroine around." Kousuke looks at Hatori gently, he pulls her up, pats her head and said: "I understand. Don't cry." Hatori thinks "What am i doing?"

The next day on her way to school in bus she recalls what happened and thinks to herself: "Really! What have i done?" and she saw Adachi and she thinks that it's the worst thing that can happen.
Adachi: "Matsuzaki san, Good morning!"
Hatori: "Good morning." and she thinks "Why now? The person i don't wish to meet most."
Adachi: "It's the first time that we met in the morning. Oh and it's time to change seats soon right?"
Hatori: "Ah..." and thinks "And so? It's alright that you don't talk to me."
Adachi: "Our training camp group will be decides based on our new seating arrangement therefore i feeling excited about it. It's my first training camp thus i'm looking forward to it."
Hatori thinks "Can you please shut up, i don't wish to talk to you." and she said: "Adachi, didn't you hear anything about what Rita and me did yesterday?"

Hatori thinks "Rita might not have told her. I shall let you worry a little too." and she said: "You didn't hear anything? However, if you do... i'm sorry okies? I'll make a move first then."
Adachi: "Matsuzaki san! I've heard about what happened yesterday." (I wonder if the mangaka will revel the real evil look of Adachi in future chapters. I think this is not the first time the mangaka presents Adachi face down then followed by a perfect girl look in the next panel.) It's alright. I don't mind at all."
Hatori: "Are you stuipd Why are you alright with it? Is it nothing to you that i've kissed Rita?"

Hatori: "Why do you think nothing of it? It's not a time to be a good person!" and Hatori thinks that Adachi looks down on her.
Adachi: "What's wrong with being a good person It's not that i think nothing of it. I dislike it very much. Why? I did think for a while 'what's your problem?' but i dislike and gets tired of this kind of me. That's why i think it's better to be a good person. I'm much happier this way."

Hatori cries: "You must be joking. I hate it." and she thinks "I think i've worked hard as compared to Adachi who get attached with Rita so easily. I've thought more about Rita, cried buckets and got hurt because of him. Adachi's smiling face, i don't want it because i don't want such painful thoughts. I'm not going to lose to such a person...

... that was what i thought. Am i wrong? Adachi cried too because i was mean. Even though so, she can be nice to me. How did she do it?" Adachi hands Hatori her handkerchief to wipe off her tears.

And the scene changes to the classroom with the new seating arrangement!!!! Rita is sitting beside Hatori with Adachi behind him and there is an unknown guy between Hatori and Nakajima. (OMG~ i think i love this mangaka, what an interesting seating arrangement!) Hatori thinks "SERIOUSLY? How is it possible for this group to get along well for training camp?" and all the while, Rita is looking outside the window with his back facing Hatori. Hatori thinks that it's the end as Rita is not talking to her and avoiding all eye contacts with her.

Two guys went up towards Rita to talked to him. They mentioned that the girls will be excited with Rita around. Rita: "Let's skip the afternoon class to deepen our friendship (to go Karaoke instead) and i'm not going for the camp." Hatori heard him.

Rita: "I'm not interested in 'everyone being happy' this kind of things." Hatori heard him and she's speechless.
Along the corridor, the two guys with another two girls are talking behind Rita's back. The girls think that Rita is cool but the guys thinks that he's merely a gloomy person. Hatori walks pass and hears them and thinks that since a long time ago, Rita has difficulty getting along with people. She thinks that it's really like him to say that he's not interested but she does not understand why Rita is fine with Adachi. One of the guy asked why is Rita not interested and the other answered asking that he don't know but maybe he has something on with the ugly girl. 

Hatori shouts at them: "Don't treat Rita like an idoit!! That is 100% Rita-feel and that is why, don't complain that he's gloomy!" Rita happens to walk out of the classroom and he hears Hatori defending him.

The two guys apologized and said that they are not talking about her but Adachi. They left quickly. Hatori thinks "Eh, i... Adachi? Oh yah! I can't compete with Adachi. Rita likes Adachi."

Hatori's thoughts "Isn't it great if i become like Adachi? If i want to become Rita's girlfriend, this is the only way."
Rita: "What are you doing?"
Hatori: "Terasaka kun, I think it's better for you to go for the camp." (She follows the way Adachi calls Rita.)
Rita: "I'm not going."
Hatori: "That is not right. If you continue to be like this, how can you make friends?"
Adachi: "Matsuzaka san, but friendship can't be forced."
Hatori looks at Adachi and thinks "Huh? No i can't i'm not irritated with you." (LOL, she's so funny! Trying to convinced herself here.

Hatori, convincing herself that she is a changed person said: "Adachi san, do you know if Rita has any friends from elementary school until now?
Adachi: "Eh.. Terasaka kun, do you have any friends?"
Rita: "I'm afraid not... Adachi."
Hatori: "Yah! He likes to be a loner that's why. If he tries, i'm sure he will be able to get along with everyone. It is the right timing now to make and gather friends in high school!"
Adachi: "He's so pitiful."
Rita: "The both of you..."
Hatori: "Therefore, you must attend the camp. I will be by your side if anything happens....

... Adachi san is around too! Ne?"
Adachi: "Um!"
Rita, helplessly said: "I understoond." and he leaves.
Hatori thinks "Now, i've changed a little. I can speak normally to Adachi."
Rita turns back: "Hatori, just now, Thank You."

Hatori, blushed: "um." and she thinks "I can do it, can't i?"

The scene changes to Hatori hugging Nakajima.
Nakajima: "Uwaaa! What is it?" 
Hatori: "I'm great! I shall not be persistently jaundiced over minor matters and i shall stop hating Adachi. Don't i just look like any other heroine?"

Hatori thinks "I've changed...

 ... what do you think? I've changed! Matsuzaki Hatori, being the best heroine is my aim!!"

I'm officially rooting for Kousuke now even though he brought Hatori to a love hotel but in the end he stopped when Hatori says she can't do it. Rita is hopeless.

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Monday, November 15, 2010

咲坂伊緒 - new work

I happened to find out about it when Anonymous asked me about 咲坂伊緒 (Sakisaka lo) new work thus, i decide to do a quick share.

咲坂伊緒 (Sakisaka lo) new work titled ‘アオハライド – Aoha Raido (Light?)’ will be previewed in the next issue of Betsuma Sister (1st Dec). The image on the left, the hero resembles Ren. haha. and the heroine looks prettier this time round.

I have no idea what the story is about but will surf around to find out more and if anyone of you knows any information on it kindly please share with me. I plan to peek (or rather read the whole chappie there =P) into it when it’s out on the 1st Dec at 7-11 and probably do a share. Hee.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

電撃デイジー - Chapter 41

The cover for Chapter 41. Get ready for a full chapter for Kurosaki X Teru!

Teru reading a text from Daisy.

It's alright that you complain and cry at times. I know very well that you are a good person. Even though we had not met before, to me the happiest thing is you smiling from the bottom of your heart. I will always protect you.

and she thought to herself "Daisy, your gentle words sink deeply in my heart like treasures. I will convey my thoughts to you this time. I don't know if i can convey my words to you directly like how you do. I'm a little scared and i'm sure you are too. Even though so, i hope you can listen to me."

She see Kurosaki and said: "Kurosaki, Thank you for coming...

... i'm sorry i'm deceived you. I lied about meeting Akira here. I know Kurosaki will come here after saying that. By all means, i want to meet Kurosaki."
Kurosaki turns around with his back facing Teru. Teru panics: "Erm.. i... wait! Kurosaki..."
Kurosaki with his back still facing Teru: "It's worthless, don't do it. I don't plan to meet you not talk to you. Don't care about me anymore. Forget about a useless person and live a life of your choice which you like."

Scene flashes back to Teru having a meal with Riko, Andou and friends. They are worried about Teru's plan (deceiving Kurosaki) and that he's going to run away once he knows about it and is Teru going to chase after him? Which they think it's quite impossible. Instead Teru said she has a plan, she will make Kurosaki chase after her instead!

She smiles (thinking about her plan), takes out her mobile and reads text from Kurosaki aloud! (Well, it works!) Kurosaki, stunted, turns around and asks: "Oi! wait, what are you doing?"
Teru: "Ah, you have a problem? Like what you've just said, i'm living a life i like of my choice and i thought you are not going to talk to me anymore?" and she continues reading the text messages aloud. Kurosaki stands there, speechless and pissed. 

Teru continues reading the text messages aloud which catches passer by's attention as those texts includes words like "I said i like you the most, the flower daisy... I think it's pretty too but... The you by my side... I think you are prettier than the flower..."
Kurosaki chases after Teru and shouts: "I tell you to stop, really stop! Since when have you become such a bad girl doing such bad things?"
Teru: "Isn't it alright?" and she continues reading the messages aloud while running away from Kurosaki.

Kurosaki stretches out his hand, jumps on Teru pushing her on the beach. (They kind of suddenly ends up at the beach, anyhow it looks romantic... haha) He finally catches her, pressing her down and snatches her mobile away he says: "How? I've caught you, you this bad girl. I will be piss if you do such things, how should you be punished? Even if you regret now it's too late, you can't get away already." 

Teru gets up and hugs Kurosaki. "I've caught you, Kurosaki. I've finally touched you and i'm not letting go, not letting you escape."
Kurosaki: "Caught me? I'm the one who'd caught you."
Teru: "My plan is a success, if i don't do this, Kurosaki would have escaped. I was sad when you were gone. I've always wanted to meet you. By all means, i want to meet you." with her fingers clasped, she hugs Kurosaki tightly. Kurosaki pats her head: "I say, your method to deceive me and draws me here made me worried."

Teru stands up suddenly and hits Kurosaki. She said: "I need to first apologized for the mean things I've done to you and thus, I'm sorry. I've said what i wanted to and now it's your turn."
Kurosaki still enduring the pain from the hit says: "Ahh.. is it so...."
Teru: "Do you know that not only me, Riko and Andou included, we are all worried about you . You you know how much trouble you've caused your colleagues? What ever happens, you should at least plan it with the people around you before you act right? I already know, you plan to destroy Jack O' Frost that's why you are searching for it. It is a powerful code virus which you've created long ago. I know you feel responsible for it and do not wish to involved others, that's why you acted alone. They've probably said unpleasant things, like hurting me to threaten you. Even though so, i do not wish for you to be responsible for all these alone. This is not the correct method. You know right?"

While saying all that, Teru thinks "He knows it and that it why he is not looking at me... 

... Please do not think that you are not qualified to ask for help or you are not qualified to return. It's alright even if you are weak, i will help you, no matter how many times. Thus, gather up some courage and look here."

Teru: "Kurosaki, let's continue. The date at the amusement park the other time."
Kurosaki: "Haha, you said date? It's tedious to be by the seaside on a winter morning."
Teru: "It's alright, isn't it. With the right atmosphere and no hindrance (referring to Akira) unlike then. Like how are are suppose to be riding the ferries wheel, tell me about the "important stuff" (you planned on tell me). " Teru stretches out her hand towards Kurosaki and she thinks: " Please, hold my hand. Just this will do." Kurosaki finally turns around and looks at her.

Teru smiles gently and Kurosaki stretches out his hand towards hers. He holds her hand. Teru's thoughts "Talks about the important things, about your past sins. From now onwards, i will walk together with you.

She pours him hot coffee from the thermal flask and said she learnt how to brew coffee from Takeda. 

Teru recaps what Riko and Andou told her about Kurosaki's past. (Really, it's all that you've already know in the past few chapters thus, i 'm skipping them because the important conversation is coming up after all these.)

And she ends with: "... and then, my brother died.

Kurosaki: "Yah, I killed your brother, Souichiro. I've did the worst thing."
Teru: "It's not right to say that you've killed my brother. My brother did it out of his own will to help Kurosaki. He died of illness."

Kurosaki: "Even though so... if Souichiro did not help me, you will not end up not knowing about anything until the very last min and was too late to do anything about it and Souichiro might not have died. I've hurt you more than anyone else. I'm not even qualified to face you. Even though so....." and in his thoughts Kurosaki said to himself in his heart: "I want you." However he did not said it to Teru.

Kurosaki: "I'm sorry I've said things that might bored you. I was planning to speak frankly. Are you planning to be a good person? You are a good person. To be forgiven, i seems like a pickpocket. Like a fool. Thanks to those guys (flash backs of the woman whom Kurosaki questioned in the toilet) i realized that i was to naive....

... I can never erase my sins this lifetime. The me (filled with sins), however tough it will be, I don't know if it's  good for me to stay by your side. Honestly, I'm scared to hear you say "I don't forgive you." and I'm scared too if you were to say "I forgive you." I'm scared thinking that i need to listen to your answer."

Teru: "Um... it's alright Kurosaki. I don't plan to say "I forgive you." (She really scared Kurosaki here! Look at him, he's frozen.) You can't forgive yourself right? It's alright. Isn't it torturous to shoulder all the sins you whole life? There is not meaning for me to say if i will forgive you or not and that is why i'm not saying it instead....

... I will say lots of 'Thank You' to Kurosaki." Kurosaki looks like he can't believed what he just heard from Teru and he's speechless.
Teru: "Why do you look like a fool who can't seems to read what's happening now?" and she smiles gently at Kurosaki.
Teru: "Rena told me the same thing (Thank You for saving Arai sensei) and the feeling of sins becomes light. It might sound absurd but i feel proud about myself and i seems to have become stronger. Therefore, Kurosaki, Thank You." and she touches Kurosaki's face.

Teru's thoughts "Don't lose to those torturous feelings of your sins and may your heart becomes stronger. I will become stronger because of these reasons."

Teru: "Thank you for coming back. Thank you for telling me all these important things. Thank you for feeling bad and becoming wore out thinking about my brother. Thank you thinking so much about me to the extend that it pains your heart, treating me so importantly. Thank you for protecting even when you scolds me and drains you. Thank you for calling me Bakero. Thank you for saying 'Bakero don't give up."

Kurosaki: "Oi, you can stop if you run out of ideas." and he turns away from Teru.
Teru: "My strength to thank you will not lose to your sins and these are not all i have."
Kurosaki with his back facing Teru: "I don't know what you are saying. I seriously don't know what you are thinking and you are laughing already. You... "

Teru pulls Kurosaki's jacket: "Ne... Kurosaki, look here?"
Kurosaki: "No, i don't want to. If i look there, i will forget about the important things i want to say. It's really very important things." and Kurosaki is tearing and covering his mouth with his hands.
Teru: "It's alright if you don't want to look here. I will listen from here. Thank you for being the Daisy i like most. Really thank you....

... I've always wanted to meet you. I hope that we will be together from now onwards. Are you going to stay by my side from now on? If yes, please hug me."  and he pulls her over and hugs her tightly!

Teru's thoughts "Daisy, Thank you for always protecting me. I've finally caught you."

Isn't this chapter GREAT! OMG! a whole chappie on just the two of them. Motomi Kousuke is really nice to us fans of Dengeki Daisy. muahaha. and he promises that there will be more of Teru X Kurosaki in the next chapter!

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