Wednesday, June 30, 2010



Mui and Keita have been childhood friends for 13 years and are like siblings. The day before Keita moves to America with his Dad, he confessed to Mui. While Mui, upon hearing that, took it as a joke and with the awkwardness lingering between them, Keita left for America. 3 years later, Keita returned. Unchanged, he continues to shower Mui with kind and gentleness like 3 years before and that made Mui realized that she likes Keita too. However, first love, it’s filled with lots of surprises and embarrassment.

Mui, a highschool student, who takes over the role as a housewife lives with her father. Her childhood friend, Keita returned home after moving to America 3 years ago. Keita becomes a “イケメン” (ikeman which means handsome) and can Mui hide her embarrassment?

キミのとなりで青春中。 第2巻
Arfaid of losing Keita, Mui took his confession as a joke. With the awkwardness lingering between them, they separated but met again in highschool. Mui is once again attracted to Keita and by chance, Keita came to know of her feeling for him.

Despite 3 years of separation, their love continues to grow and now they started going out. Their hearts grew closer and at the same time, there were big fights between them. Mui is feeling unsure and insecure as she does not know Keita’s feelings.

キミのとなりで青春中。 第4巻
Childhood friends, Mui and Keita are now going out and a rival is coming between them which cause Mui to lose confidence herself. One day, she witness Keita hugging a girl (the rivial) outside the spots complex.
Not knowing if this series is ending soon, I bought the 4 volumes! (yeeks!) I hope this will be one of Fujisawa Shizuki sensei's longer running series. Was reading volume 2 on my way to work. I like this series despite it being typical. It's just so cute and innocent, their first love. hee.

Thinking if doing English summary share for this series as i personally really like this series. Anyone interested in reading?

And to my friends (none reads manga) who knows me personally and are reading this blog, yup, i'm really quite free here in Japan. heh.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

君に届け映画 9月25日上映予告

I'm sure anyone who reads 君に届け will know about this up coming movie. Here's the teaser.

I'm actually pretty looking forward to this movie which will be release in September here in Japan. I hope it will be as good as the manga.

The cast: 多部未華子 as 黒沼爽子 and 三浦春馬 as 風早翔太


Seriously, I thought 三浦春馬 was kind of cool in 《恋空》 with his bleach white hair and tanned skin. Somehow, he looks so different now, very fair and skinny! (Compared the 2 pictures above). Erm.. actually i cannot imagine him as 風早翔太.

Personally, i prefer 生田 斗真 as 風早翔太. Loved him in 花ざかりの君たちへ (Hana Kimi). Maybe he looks abit too cheeky to be 風早翔太. hah.

Anyway, the lyrics of 君に届け opening song with romanji.

やさしい日だまりに チャイムがディレイする - yasashii hidamari ni chaium ga direi suru
ほほをなでる風 息吹は深くなってく - hoho o naderu kaze ibuki wa fukaku natteku

遠まわりの涙 名前つけた明日 - toomawari no namida namaetsuketa ashita
重なる未来色のライン - kasanaru mirai iro no rain

あどけないこんな気持ちも - adokenai konna kimochi mo
はじけ飛ぶほど笑い合えた日も - hajiketobu hodo waraiaeta hi mo
大切に育てていけるように - taisetsu ni sodatete ikeru you ni
とぎれとぎれの時を越えて - togire togire no toki o koete
たくさんの初めてをくれた - takusan no hajimete o kureta
つながってゆけ とどけ - tsunagatte yuke todoke

放課後の夕闇 笑うきみの背中 - houkago no yuuyami warau kimi no senaka
ひそかなささやき 触れたことのない想いの中 - hisoka na sasayaki fureta koto no nai omoi no naka

僕の中のきみと きみの中の僕で - boku no naka no kimi to kimi no naka no boku de
絡まる未来色のライン - karamaru mirai iro no rain

雨上がりの街の匂いと - ameagari no machi no nioi to
夢みたいな秘密を胸に抱いて - yume mitai na himitsu o mune ni idaite
何度も泣きそうになってまた笑う - nando mo nakisou ni natte mata warau
考えるよりずっとはやく - kangaeru yori zutto hayaku
その胸に飛び込めたらいい - sono mune ni tobikometara ii
つながってゆけ とどけ - tsunagatte yuke todoke

何よりも大事なきみの前で - nani yori mo daiji na kimi no mae de
傷つかないように大事にしてたのは そう自分 - kizutsukanai you ni daiji ni shiteta no wa sou jibun
その一言がもしもサヨナラのかわりになってしまっても - sono hito koto ga moshi mo saonara no kawari ni natte shimatte mo
ありのまま すべて - ari no mama subete

あどけないこんな気持ちも - adokenai konna kimochi mo
はじけ飛ぶほど笑いあえた日も - hajiketobu hodo wara aeta hi mo
大切に育てていけるように - taisetsu ni sodatete ikeru you ni
ほんの少し大人になってく - honno sukoshi otona ni natteku
君になりたい僕を超えて - kimi ni naritai boku o koete
つながってゆけ - tsunagatte yuke
今すぐきみに - ima sugu kimi ni
とどけ - todoke

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Cafe De Crie

My lunch, 和風明太子パスタ, Japanese style Roe pasta.


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Saturday, June 26, 2010

今日、恋をはじめます 第9巻

今日、恋をはじめます Vol. 9 is finally out. Bought and read.

Is it only me? The story is getting a little.... towards smut? I hope the next volume will be better with lesser smut and more lovey dovey.

Next volume will be release in autumn and now it's only the beginning of summer.


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Friday, June 25, 2010


8月号 7月13日(火)発売

Background about the crimes Kurosaki had committed?

Seems like more details on Kurosaki's back ground and maybe "Jack Frost"? Can't wait to read chapter 38! Do check out my summay a few days after 13th July.

Miu sending Keita off?

I kind of like this series even though it typical, it's those sweet innocent love with nothing too dramatic. Volume 4 is out in the stores long ago but i only managed to find 3 chapters online and i am wondering why. I'm contemplating about buying this series but i'm not too sure if it's ending soon with Keita leaving for America again. Or maybe he managed to convinced his Dad and granted permission to stay in Japan and him and Miu "live happily ever after"? 5 volumes is kind of short, i like to collect long running series. heh.


Probably introducing of new characters in Chapter 2, like the lost kid's beautiful sister whom Banri was captivated at first sight. I will do a summary on this too but it will be after i'm done with Dengeki Daisy, which has first piority.

Appearance of a love rival?

Someone coming between them? But they are not even together yet though they almost kissed in the previous chapter.

ステディ スタディ
A roller coaster ride already when they just started going out?

Just like how the preview describes, a roller coaster ride is going to happen and its only chapter 2 and yup, the confession happend at the end of chapter 1. Looks typical too me again but i'm still reading it since i it comes with Betsucomi.


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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


The long awaited Summer SALE is finally here. I'm planning to recee this weekend so i can just grab and go on Thurs, time is precious and the place is going to be a chaos.

Stating 1st July which happens to be Bonus day. *praying for a fat bonus*

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる 第4 巻 cover

Image from Aokikotomi sensei's blog.

Saw this on Aoki Kotomi sensei's blog, cover for カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる 第4 巻 which will be release on end of July in Japan. I can't wait to get my hand on this!


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Saturday, June 19, 2010

DEAR!- Chapter 1

Since i've bought and shared Dengeki Daisy from Betsucomi, i thought i share another new series too. I'm not sure if it is going to be good, so far it looks pretty typical to me though.

Rei, Kazusa and Banri are childhood friends. This summer, their relationship is going to change...!?

Here we go.

I started with Rei's narration "Dear, when i was 17 that year, the summer was hot." It shows Banri riding a motor bicycle, Kazusa riding a bicycle and Rei standing on Kazusa's bicycle. One of them shouted "The train is coming!" One of them replied "Let's do it!" and one of them answered "Understood!"

Kazusa is holding on to Banri's shoulder to tab on his speed. Rei said "What a good feeling!" Kazusa said " Rei, Be sure to hold on tightly!"

A traffic police is chasing after them but they managed to shake him off by dashing through a traffic light in the nick of time.

Narration: They were called childhood friends since they started wearing diapers, like siblings they did everything together.
This scene shows them teasing each other on their way to school.
Narration: This is my favourite place. This summer is starting with me not know what love is.

Rei and Kazusa are in the school's archery team. They are having a friendly match and Rei said "I've lost again." in a sulky face. Kazusa replied "I've done archery longer than you and that is why, just continue to practice with the aim to be better in the end". Rei though to herself that Kazusa is really great and wonders when she will have such confidence like Kazusa and she is actually the persident of archery club and she gave a sigh.

Kazusa noticed that Rei sighed, he patted her head and comforted her. He said "I'll practice with you if you feel insecure (or unsure?), President." Rei thank him as she thinks that she is always relying on him. To Rei, Kazusa is strong yet gentle。She hopes she's like him too. And they wonders where is Banri.

The scene changes to Banri, he kissing a girl. Rei and Kazusa opened the door and saw Banri kissing on of their club members. Rei shouted saying "Do not target girls from our club!" Banri replied "It's alright isn't it? We only just kiss". Rei asked him about the girl whom Banri was together with recently and he casually said they separated. Rei wonders why Benri likes to make girls sad and its many girls. Banri said "Humans have to die eventually, why don't we just enjoy life?" Narration: He is fun to be around with but after being friends for so long, i do not know when is he his true self.

Narration: Between us, there is no difference between boys and girls. It's a natural thing that its always the three of them whatever they do. The scene shows them going home together and there are 2 boys practicing baseball and they find their platonic relationship unbelievable. At this moment, a baseball hit a glass window and it is going to drop right on to Rei!!!

Kazusa covered Rei with his body and Banri cover both of them with his body. Rei saw blood on Banri's hand and was worried while Banri was really mad and he shouted "Bakayaro! Do you intend to leave scars on a girl?" Rei looked shocked seeing Banri this mad. The baseball boys apologized.

Rei seems to be still in shocked and she suddenly realised both Banri and Kazusa had become man.

Scene changes to the three of them helping out in a alcohol stall during a fireworks festival. Kazusa saw Rei's hair sticking on to her neck and helped her with it. (~what a scandalous act)

Rei felt her heart skipped a beat and wonders why. Meanwhile, the stall owner ask them to help look around for a lost kid. Rei felt left out as she's walking behind them. Kazusa asked her whats wrong and she replied saying there's nothing wrong. While Banri asked if she's having a period!?! Both Banri and Kazusa replied in unison "Of course we know, we will stay together no matter how many years". Rei blushes abit feeling embarrassed.

She grabs each of them in one hand and said "I'm ok, let's go look for the lost kid". Rei felt that her embarrassment is trivial compared to their feelings. She wants to be together with them. At this moment, fireworks starts and they all looked up in the sky. They made a promise to come here again next year, the year after and for the next 10 years, the three of them, together like how they are now.

Rei saw Banri's injured arm and is reminded of his words when he saved her. Kazusa saw her looking at Banri. The scene changes to them playing "ganken" to split into 2 groups to look for the lost kid. Banri paired with Rei while Kazusa is by himself. Rei wonders why is she feeling a little nervous. Banri said "You look nice in this Yukata" and Rei's heart skipped abit!

Rei is shocked and asked him why the sudden... while Banri grabbed her hand and said "Let go for a date!" Rei in shock and she blushes when she realised Banri holding her hand. When she returned to her senses, she tried to stop Banri and said they are suppose to look for the lost kid. While Banri replied saying that it's alright as Kazusa is around to look for the lost kid and he added "I thought you have nothing to say"

Rei seems alittle shocked when she hears Banri's reply and she wonders what does he means. Banri looking at Rei's boobs and says that she is not his type of girl (think he like girls with big boobs) and he thinks Rei and Kazusa is compatible. Rei wonders why she's feeling kinda sad suddenly.

They held hands and roam the festival while Rei is having alot of thoughts about herself being kinda weird today, about Rei's hand and all. Suddenly Banri pulls her and asked her to run!

Banri then asked to look up and she saw the beautiful fireworks!

Rei admiring the beauitful fireworks and she took a peek at Banri. She seems to be captivated by him.

She blushes and thinks to herself "It's the first time i see him with such an expression". The scene changes to them taking a rest on a platform beside the sea. Banri asked about her feelings after seeing the beautiful fireworks. Somehow, Rei blushes and is speechless.

Bari turned and looked at her and said "I wanted to let you see that (fireworks) so say something". Rei's heart is beating real fast and she seems to want to tell Banri something but is stopped by Kazusa's sudden appearance. Kazusa wants to exchange places with Banri as he said they have been playing while he was looking for the lost kid. Banri agreed and went to look for the lost kid.

Rei looks kind of sad when Banri left to look for the lost kid. Kazusa asked her what happened and she replied "I think i like Banri". Kazusa was shocked with his eyes widen, seems like he did not expect this to be Rei's reply.

On the other hand, Banri found the lost kid and carried him on his shoulders so he can find his sister.

Soon, his sister saw him and rush towards them. She tripped on and fall but Banri managed to grab her in time. She thank Banri and Banri is captivated by her, a beautiful sister the lost boy has.

Narration: That summer, i'm in love and i do not know that everything is going to change.


While looks like a typical plot with 3 childhood friends, 1 girl and 2 guys with one of the guy liking the heroine while she likes the other guy and this other guy likes another girl whom he just met.

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Monday, June 14, 2010

A day of good food

Jo came for business trip again. (lucky gal! come often pls. ) and we met up for good food.

@ some sushi place in Shinjuku


10 pcs of sushi in a really huge plate.

とろ and his friends. It's not as good as the one we had at 築地 of course.

Chill out alittle at excelsior cafe. Ice blended cafe au liat and castard chifon.

Dinner was at a HongKong restaurant in Tachikwa.

HongKong noodle. Slurp.

Choice of 2 dimsum, i chose 叉烧包 and 虾胶.

Dessert was 杏仁豆腐。

Drink was Mango Milk with pearls. The whole set cost 1500yen which is considered cheap in Japan.


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