Monday, August 22, 2011


I know i've been really slack recently... but there's so many things i need to do and want to do so please do bear with me k?

I have a lot on my mind now. There are things i want to change but they are not within my control and as for things that are within my control, i can't decide which to proceed with. Or how to proceed with.

I hope 2011 comes to and end soon.

Summaries will not be as quickly updated and detailed like it used to be but i will at least do DD and Heroine Shinkkaku monthly. As for BB and Himitsu no Ai-chan, i will find time to do them. I guess i can only do brief summaries for the backlogs while pictures will be as before.


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電撃デイジー - Chapter 50

I'm only going to do a very very brief summary for this chapter as there is nothing much to it. 

 Teru starts her self defense training again. 

Kurosaki is worried about Teru. He regrets that he's unable to protect Teru, allowing her be captured and tormented by Akira. He promises himself that he's going to do his best in protecting Teru.

In school, Teru meets up with Rena and Haruka. Rena asked about Teru's well being after that incident happened. Teru put on a 'genki' front telling everyone that she has already fully recovered from that incident. Teru asked about Rena's well being in return. She's worried about Rena after he fiance left without a word that day. Rena does not plan on telling them what happened...

Kyoshi encourages her to and left them alone. He recalls what Rena told her that day. 

Rena longs to be love by someone, her destined man. However, she always end up getting hurt. She finds it strange that she's telling Kyoshi all these.

Kyoshi thinks that a rich man daughter is no different from him and others as she has such common troubles like everyone else. He's concern about Rena. 

He recalls Rena being small when he hugged her when she cried that day.

At the school backyard, Riko is telling Kurosaki that Master and Andy will be in charge of the investigation of Teru's incident. They are going to tap in to the hotel's security system to looked at what happened that day. While Kuroski will be solely responsible for Teru's safety.

Riko passed a bag of cookie from Rena to Kyoshi. They are gift for Teru after she was hurt. Kyoshi said that he doesn't have a sweet tooth and gave the cookie to Kurosaki. 

They took a break from cleaning to enjoy the cookie. Kyoshi suddenly asked Kurosaki if he likes Teru like they are an item. Kuroski as taken a back by Kyoshi's question. Kursaki wonders if there's someone whom Kyoshi likes.  Kyoshi denied and go on to talk about Rena's situation without letting Kurosaki knows that he's talking about her.

Kurosaki soon realized that Kyoshi is talking about Rena and returned him the cookies untouched. 

He encouraged Kyoshi and went on to talk about Teru. 

How he's being saved by Teru and now he's afraid that he's too late in liking her and he's not letting go of her hand this time round. 

Scene changes to Teru and Haruka.  They've found the address of the shop which they wanted to visit for some cakes and coffee. Rena joins them while Haruka needs to leave to help out at home. Teru encourages Rena to find a chance to talk to her fiance.

They were irritated by a honing sound coming from the side. It's Rena's fiance. Rena was shocked to see him. He's name is Kazuki.

Rena confronted him while he just beat around the bushes not answering Rena's question, not telling her why he left without a word the other day and could not be contacted for the next few days. He suggested to bring Rena for lunch to express his apology he invites Teru too. Teru refused initially.  

However, he insist and pull Teru into the cat. 

Teru texted Kuroski telling him what happened and also sort of asking him for help as he finds Kazuki weird. Kuroski saw Teru's text and is all worked up and ready to save Teru from any danger.


Nothing much right? No lovely dovey... just a build up for the next chapter i guess.

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Sunday, August 14, 2011

ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 17

Hatori is the cover!

 Hatori's thought " I can't believe this....

Hiromitsu-kun confessed to me in such a manner. I'm so happy! This is the first time being the heroine of a shoujo manga since i'm born."

Kousuke: "Morning."
Hatori: "Morning..." and she thinks to herself "I can't look at him."
Hatori: "Oh yah! Tomorrow is the cultural festival, shall we roam around together?"

A girl came towards Kousuke and said: "Kou-chan, can i borrow your body tomorrow? I'm bringing along a very cute girl from M high school so let's sneak out for some fun."
Kousuke: "Eh... that sounds kind of fun."

Hatori's thoughts "They are only going out for some fun and not doing something weird."

Kousuke: "However, i'm sorry. I can only play with the girl i like."
The girl: "What a boring guy. I will ask others. Bye bye."
Kousuke: "That is because i have to roam around with Hatori tomorrow."
Hatori: "Um! We must roam around together tomorrow! Yeah!" and her thoughts "I'm so happy. Hiromitsu-kun are saying only those words i like to hear."

Kousuke's thought "Oh no... Hatori-chan is so cute."

Rita see Hatori and Kousuke. Nakajima pinches his nose.

Rita: "What?"
Nakajima: "Do you still remember that you are one of the contestant for the Mr contest? Meet at the back stage at 2pm. Do not be late. There's not helping even if you made those face. I'm going to drag you here no matter what cause it's going to be interesting."

Nakajima: "And... Hatori is going out with Hiromitsu-kun. They are going on smoothly so don't do anything to puzzle her."
Rita: "What puzzling things?"
Nakajima: "Various things. For the time being, don't do anything unnecessary."
Rita: "I'm not going to do anything. It's none of my business."
Nakajima: "That is good."
Rita: "You are fine with that?"

Rita: "Don't you feel anything about your friend being played?"
Nakajima: "But she's not being played."
Rita: "You've heard, haven't you? He's with Hatori because of me."
Nakajima: "That might be his reason initially but now, he's treating Hatori well. What you are doing now is making Hiromitsu-kun the villain and being concern about Hatori, please stop this 'concern' for Hatori. Stop all these and know your limits. You should only think about Adachi's stuff and that will be enough."

Hatori's thought "Is it alright for me to be this happy?"

Hatori: "Eh! What is this? Why have my shift increase so much?"
Classmate: "That is because Mayumi is not here today and you are the class representative."
Hatori: "Anyone willing to replace me?"

Hatori's thought "This isn't true is it? I've made so much effort in sorting out my free time with Hiromitsu-kun..."

Kousuke: "It's alright. This can't be help."
Hatori: "Are there any other time where you are free? And you look so cool!"
Kousuke: "Um... I've Mr contest and basketball..."

Hatori: "I'm sorry."
Kousuke: "No problem." and the toss a ring out."
Hatori: "What is that?"
Kousuke: "This is what i'm going to perform later during the contest and i'm going to show it to you first. Now you see it here..."
Hatori: "Um."
Kousuke: "Now put your hand here." and he count to three and asked Hatori to open her hand. Hatori sees the ring in her hand.

Kousuke: "It will not be interesting if i tell you."
Hatori: "You are so going to win this contest and this ring is so cute!"
Kousuke: "It's for you."
Hatori: "Eh?"
Kousuke: "That my plan initially. After i've performed the magic."
Hatori: "I'm happy. This is the first time i receive a ring from someone i like. Thank You!"
Kousuke: "What are you going to give me in return?" and he thinks to himself "Oh my, she is cute!"
Hatori: "Sure! I can do anything."
Kousuke: "Then, Hatori will be mine if i win the contest." 

Hatori: "Eh... for that... "
Kousuke: "Wait a minute. That is not true."
Hartori: "Eh?"
Kousuke: "I'm joking. I'm cold aren't i?"
Hatori: "I'm perfectly fine!"
Kousuke: "Really? If you say that, i'm going to do my best!"
Hatori: "Please do your best!" and thinks to herself "So this is how it is."

Hatori's thought "What have i said?"

Hatori's thought "Whatever! I think i'm so in love."

Classmate: "We've taken alot of orders so Hatori and Terasak please hurry up and fry."

Hatori's thought "I'm doing shift together with Rita... the atmosphere is weird."

Two woman saw Rita and said: "This brother is so handsome. Handsome. You look like someone... and your complexion is so smooth. Help us take a photo." and they proceed to pose beside Rita.
Hatori: "One two three.. cheeze."

Rita: "Don't laugh." Hatori is trying hard to contain her laughter after seeing lipstick marks left behind on Rita's face.
Hatori: "I'm not laughing."
Rita: "I told you not to laugh! It was so frightening, i thought they were going to eat me up."
Hatori: "It's tiring to be popular." and thinks to herself "We are able to speak normally. Seems like a long time ago."
Hatori: "Erm... i have a boyfriend now."
Rita: "I know. It's him right?"
Hatori: "Eh? How do you know? He's really cool, Hiromitsu-kun."
Rita: "That is good."
Hatori: "And so i'm not going to cause you trouble anymore....

 ... from now onwards, i will be your normal childhood friend."
Rita: "Oh."

Hatori's thought "As expected, i'm happy being able to speak with Rita this way. To Rita, this might be something not stressful and worth being happy about."

Rita: "This is a joke right?" Hatori rented a costume from a cosplay shop for Rita's Mr contest.
Hatori: "I forgot to being the costume i made.. that's why. You look good in it."

At the backstage, Kousuke is shocked seeing Rita in the cosplay costume.
Kousuke: "Wah... you've become really cute. It's alright, you still look like a prince. What are you going to perform?"
Rita: "I'm not performing. I'm not interested in such matters."
Kousuke: "Thank you for letting me win."

Soon, it's Kousuke's turn to perform.

Kousuke: "Hatori will be happy if i win this contest. It's alright for me to receive the  most important thing from Hatori right?"

Kousuke: "I'm going."

Rita recalls Nakajima's words. 'You are concern about Hatori and because of that, you want to do something because you are concern.' Whatever, it has nothing to do with me." and he sees the blissful smile on Hatori's face.

Rita is next and he sees some musical instruments lying on the backstage floor.

Hatori wonders what Rita is going to perform while Nakajima is just looking forward to see Rita in his absurd costume.

Rita plays the violin and shocks everyone!

Hatori: "Don't he look cool? Even though the one before looks cool as well."

Nakajima: "How is he able to do that?"
Hatori: "Even though he looks like that, he started learning violin since he was 3 yrs old and he's very good at it. Why does he suddenly wants to perform violin?"

Kousuke: "Oh no, i shouldn't have challenged him."

Hatori's thought "This is bad. Looking at Rita working hard, i can't simply just cheer for Hiromitsu kun alone. This much be the so called motherly love."

Adachi: "Congrats. As usual, you are great! I'm sure you will win."

Adachi: "It's the first time seeing Terasak-kun so seriously doing something. You look great! I don't mean that you are not great when you aren't serious normally."
Rita: "Thank You. I need to change." and thinks to himself "What am i doing?"

Hatori pushes the door and asked: "Rita! Are you there? You are here! You were great! The girls behind me were all shouting for you!"
Rita: "What is you purpose for saying all these?"
Hatori: "It's nothing..."
Rita: "Isn't it great if he had won? So that you can go to a hotel asap?"  

Shocked, Hatori stepped Rita foot in anger. Hatori: "You don't need to say that! You ero BAKA!"
Rita: "You shouldn't say love so simply."
Hatori: "Huh?"
Rita: "By saying that, it means you will be going to the next level. What do you mean by from now onwards we will just be childhood friend? Don't say this one minute and something else the next minute....

... what do you mean by being together forever? Don't say such things lightly."
Hatori: "Huh?"
Rita: "You've said that before right?"
Hatori: "I see. I see. Ne... Rita....

... Since when did treat it lightly when i said i like you?"
Rita: "Hato..."
Hatori: "That's enough. I'm sorry to have caused you trouble. I've wasted 5 yrs of my time liking you."

Hatori storms out of the room.

Rita begins to see images of Hatori calling out to him in his head and tears tricked down his cheeks.


A great chapter isn't it? I had to translate this first this time! I will do DD next, soon i hope.

The story is finally moving towards what we have all hoped for!!! Now i can't wait to see how the mangaka is going to develop the story. I wonder if she's going to make Rita ditch Adachi and go after Hatori instead. However, i hope he goes after Hatori but Hatori will still be with Kousuke in the end. hahah.

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