Thursday, April 28, 2011


I'm leaving on a jet plane in 6 hours time!

I'll do Black Bird and Himitsu no Ai chan after i'm back from Hong Kong okies?


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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Check this out!

森よ (mmori-yo) a mori girl (森ガール) fan handmade accessories.

My newly created blogshop!!!! It's still very raw though... am making improvements to it.

If you are staying in Singapore, you can check out my box at Toy Outpost (Vivocity) starting 1st May 2011.


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Friday, April 22, 2011

ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 13

The cover
It continues from Nakajima telling Ria: "Don't try to be a nerd, I will kill you...."

Nakajima sees Rita, walks up to him and said to him: "Terasaka, i forgot to tell you something important....

.... you incompetent boyfriend."
Rita: "Huh? I feel like i'm being abducted by alien."

Hatori's narration: "From today onwards, its the new semester. I've decided that Rita's confession did not happened and the utmost important thing to do now is to attack!!" Hatori sees Rita (he's with Adachi) she walks up to them with a smile on her face and starts making casual conversation with them.

Moe: "Nakaji-chin, why does Terasaka-kun looks like he's giving up hope?"
Nakajima: "Yup, he's hopeless."
Kousuke: "Heh, he sure looks hopeless." and his thoughts "Seems like things are getting interesting, isn't it?"

Back to the conversation between Rita, Adachi and Hatori.
Hatori: "So Adachi, are you going to Rita's house to make him dinner again today?"
Adachi: "Yup, that's my plan."
Hatori: "So, can i join in the dinner today too? "

Adachi: "Sure! Of course you may."
Rita: "Hey, Hatori, can i talk to you for a moment? Adachi, sorry but can you go over first?"
Adachi: "Um..." and she wonders what's going on.

Rita: "Ermmm, it's about that... when i'm with Adachi, can you don't come over to my house?"
Hatori: "Why? Isn't it like the usual?"
Rita: "It's not and i'm begging you to read the atmosphere."

Hatori: "Why does Rita sounds you've seen a young girl and harboring thoughts and for the 'home electricity' (referring to herself) not to come over.' like a perverted old man. What's about reading the atmosphere? When you treated my confession by just leaving it there lidat?"
Rita: "There's nothing i can do isn't it? I'm still unsure of my own feelings. I hope you can give me more time to think about it?"
Hatori: "Nakajima said that it's only normal for me to run away from you."
Rita: "Hatori, i wouldn't run away, i promise thus, please give me some more time."

Hatori's thoughts "I understand Rita...

... and that is why i don't trust him but there's no use pushing him to the corner now."
Hatori: "I understand. I will wait like a mature lady." and she walks over to lend on Rita and said: "Just for 5 secs" and her thoughts "I'm sure i will be catch his feelings eventually....

... and i'm not letting go! Never!"

Adachi is waiting for Rita in the classroom when two girls walked over and asked: "Adachi-san... did you broke up with Terasaka-kun?"
Adachi: "Nope, we did not break up."
Girls: "That its what i thought too... you see... let's go already. Sorry to trouble you Adachi-san."
Adachi: "Eh?" and she followed behind the two girls to hear them says: "I'm sure that was Terasaka-kun and Hatori. They were holding hands and behaving like a couple."

Hatori's thoughts "Who are you going to choose between Adachi and I? Please don't two time us!"

Back in the classroom, the homeroom teacher needs someone to volunteer as the representative for the upcoming school cultural festival. Hatori's classmates are nominating Hatori to be the class representative and it seems like everyone is leaving and  thanking her for being such an idiot to accept so that everyone can go home early with the class representative decided. Hatori shouts back in disagee, Rita laughs upon hearing Hatori shouting back and Adachi saw it.

Hatori: "Teacher, there should be two class representative right? What are you going to do for the other one?"
Teacher: "There no other choice, choose anyone you like."
Hatori: "Really?" with the evil idea look on her face and thinks "Of course it's only natural to be Rita."
Hatori: "Then... Ri..."
Adachi: "Matsuzaki-san, i want to be the class representative too!"
Teacher: "Yes. It's Hatori and Adachi."
Hatori: "HUH?? Wait a minute teacher!"
Teacher: "The meeting will start at 12.20pm, please go the the music class room."

Hatori's thoughts "Adachi??"

Adachi: "Let's make our move already."
Rita: "You are really going to do it?"
Adachi: "Eh? Why?"

Rita's thoughts "It is impossible for this two girls to remain peaceful together."

Kousuke: "Hatori-chan, there's an empty seat here."
Haotir: "Kousuke-kun? It's been a long time since we met during the fireworks festival. It's surprising for Kousuke-kun to taking up the role of a class representative. "
Kousuke putting his hand on the girl beside him said: "Surprised right? She cried begging me that's why."
The girl: "I did not cry!"

Hatori's thoughts "Another girl who like Kousuke-kun."

Someone: "Class 1-4, did you bring the note?"
Hatori: "Nope, i'm going back to take."

Adachi: "Erm.. Kousuke-kun..."
Kousuke: "Yes?"
Adachi: "Kousuke-kun are together (with Hatori and Rita) during the fireworks festival too?"
Kousuke: "I met they by chance. Hatori-chan and Terasak-kun seems to have went alone."
Adachi: "Is that so..."

Kousuke's thoughts "This is bad... it's so interesting!"

Hatori reads the notes and know that this year's cultural festival, their class is going to organize the Ms and Mr contest and her thoughts "Rita is definitely going to be the contestant for Mr....

... and i'm going to be the contestant for Ms. and we will win the title for Ms. and Mr. and everyone in school will acknowledge us as a couple." and Hatori continues to day dream through out the whole meeting.

Adachi: "Matszaki-san, the meeting is over."
Hatori: "eh? How? it's over and i heard nothing!"
Adachi: "It's alright. I've taken down all the notes."
Hatori: "Thank You!" and she thinks "It's so convenient with her around."
Adachi: "Come to think of it, Matsuzaki-san, what did you do with Terasaka-kun during the summer vacation?"
Hatori: "Eh?" and her thoughts "Why? I can't tell you those things. If she knows about it now, Rita will apologized to her and that will be the end of everything." and so she said: "I'd alot of things going on and that is why i did not meet Rita at all."
Adachi: "Is that so? Really?"
Hatori: "Huh? Yup, why?"

Adachi: "But for Matsuzaki-san, it's impossible for you to leave Rita alone isn't it?"
Hatori: "I can't help it, can i? I've things i need to do. Speaking of which, you left Rita alone here and went for your overseas exchange. What is it? Is there something you want to say?"

Kousuke sees Rita in the classroom, he's waiting for Adachi.
Rita's thoughts "I think it's better to tell Adachi all the truth."

Kousuke: "Why? Terasak-kun is making such a serious face. Seem to me like you are thinking that you are done with Hatori. Eh... is it true?...

... That's so mean. Hatori is going to be so pitiful. How about giving Hatori to me?"
Rita hit the desk real hard and said: "What's with you? Always poking you nose in to other people business and commenting non-stop. Is it really that enjoyable?"
Kousuke: "Um.. it's really very enjoyable!"
Rita: "Are you an idiot? Are you that free?...

... Do you think you are very cool? Why do you give the face as thought you seems to know everything.?"
Kousuke: "I know i'm cool. It can't be help if others want to be close to me. You think you are very cool acting all frivolously? Junior school level."

Kousuke: "From what i see, you behave more like a kid and it such a pain to look at you. So how about giving Hatori to me?"
Rita: "Are you an idiot? It's impossible for Hatori to like someone like you."

Kousuke: "You've said something very interesting."

Back to Hatori and Adachi.
Hatori: "What is it that you wish to say?"
Adachi: "Even though i've asked you do do it on my behalf before i left for Mexico... What do i expect of others when i asked them to do such things on my behalf. I'm sorry but since i'm already back, there should be no problem. I will stay by Terasaka-kun's side."
Hatori: "What is this? I'm planning to say by Rita's side."
Adachi: "I'm Terasak'kun's girlfriend." and she turns and leave.

Hatori: "Wait! Don't leave. I know. You are afraid of me isn't it? Didn't i said it before? I'm not giving Rita to anyone and i'm going to snatch him away from you and do you remember what you told me the other time?"

Flashback: Adachi: "If Terasak-kun chooses Moe, theres nothing i can do about it. That how i think it is."

Hatori: "This is bad but i'm going to stay by Rita's side from now onwards....

... Is Adachi-san not able to accept it if Rita is going to like me in return?"

Rita appears: "Adachi... the meeting ended? What are you both talking about?"
Adachi: "Nothing much. Let's go Terasaka-kun."
Rita turn around a sees Hatori and Hatori's thought "I'm not wrong! But why do i feel defeated now?"

Adachi: "Terasaka-kun, what should we eat tonight? I will make what every you like to eat today."
Rita: "Is that so?"
Adachi: "I've not watched DVD for a long time, I've rented one and let's spend time slowly together....

...Terasaka-kun, what do you wish to do? I've willfully did what i wanted to do during the summer vacation so now i'm going to stay by Terasak-kun's side as much as possible. It's not out of obligation of course. It's because i want to do it."
Rita: "Adachi. Wait a minute. There are things i need to tell you."
Adachi: "What is it?"
Rita: "...."
Adachi: "Did anything happened between you and Matsuzaki-san?"

Rita: "!, i'm sorry, i've kissed Hatori during the fireworks festival."
Adachi: "Eh? I thought you've only held her hand. Eh? Why?...

... Do you like Matsuzaki-san?"
Rita: "I don't know."
Adachi with tears in her eyes: "Eh? Then what about me? Do you hate me already?"
Rita: "It's not that."
Adachi: "Then what is this about?"
Rita: "Adachi!"
Adachi: "Do you want to break up with me?"
Rita: "No....

... it's just that i don't know what i should do."
Adachi: "I understood." and she left.
Rita: "Adachi!" but she did not turn back.

The next day in school.

Hatori: "Eh? Really? What does that mean?"
Rita: "I don't know. She wants to keep a distant from me?"

Hatori's thoughts "Yeah! Finally!"

Rita: "And about you... "
Hatori: "I understand. I understand. I know it's not a time to ask of this now. I will wait for Rita to calm down and tell me how you feel."
Rita: "Um.

Hatori's thoughts "So... at the looks of things now... it's just a matter of time."

omg~ Rita should really just end up alone! He doesn't seems to know anything and my dear Hatori!!! You are not normal!!! How can you be satisfied with a guy like Rita who doesn't know anything at all?

I'm pretty sure Rita is going to hurt Hatori in the next chapter pushing and tramping her all over in hell.

argh.... i feel so much anger reading this manga!!!!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

電撃デイジー - Chapter 46

The cover with very cool Kurosaki.

Teru's narration: "Second semester's exam is over and it's the winter break that we are waiting for. Christmas and New Year are the two main events which couples look forward to. This winter makes my heart beat fast like a woman.

... which has already ended and it's the 3rd semester.

Here, the mangaka make joke out of his manga as a Shoujo manga, Christmas and New Year are staples but his choose to do it in less then 2 pages!!! Their Christmas was spent in Ohanabatake (Master's restaurant) with Master dressing up as Santa.

Rena: "Teru-chan, what do you wish to become with Kurosaki?"
Teru: "What do you mean?"
Rena: "You like Kurosaki right? If that's the case....

... How is it possible for you to be happy with a simple and peaceful life? Aren't you ashamed of yourself for not even making something yourself for Christmas? You make Kurosaki not see you as a woman. Are you doing anything or making any effort so that the both of you can be together?"
Teru: "You can't say that i did nothing, i've asked him out on a date to try out Taichi."
Another friend (forgot her name): "And he went with you."
Rena: "The severity of your illness is high. Too naive."
Rena and friend took out their cosmetic tools and said: "No guy will fall in front of you if you only wait. That is right! We will bring out the woman in you!!!" and they proceed to help Teru with her make up.

Teru acting bimbo: "Oh no! The wind is so strong it's going to mess up my hair."
Kurosaki giving the disgusted look: "What happen to you? You look weird."
Teru continue to act bimbo: "Eh, nothing of that. Ne~ Kurosaki... aren't you feeling cold wearing such a thin jacket? You might catch a cold."
Kurosaki pointed the hose at Teru and sprayed water at her and said: "It doesn't mean you can do anything because you are young. Behave yourself." and Kurosaki continues to give her a dressing down. (lol)

Riko: "Really? Such things happened? Forgive him this time."
Teru: "It's too strict to put the blame on Kuroskai. I didn't really wanted to do it. It was just a joke which i lost."
Riko: "However you put it, it's good even if you really wanted to do that (to look more mature). It's not dumb that you wanted to put some make up."
Teru: "The truth is i'm not being taken seriously even though i did it seriously and it seems like i can't think this way. It's not that i'm not confident with myself but i like Kurosaki and he knows it but it seems like i can't ask Kurosaki to tell me anything beyond this. If i over do it, Kurosaki already has an answer i think. That is because
...Kurosaki is an adult, a man. I can't make him feel troubled. I'm satisfied with the current."  

Teru suddenly smell the essential oil which Riko is using and they starts to share and talk about essential oil.

Riko: "My troubled princess, i'm giving you this which is effective for relationships."
Teru: "What is this?"
Riko: "This is a perfume which i mixed it myself."

It's Teru's first perfume and Riko is teaching her how to use it.

Riko: "Teru, can i give you one more advice? It is true that there is obstacle dating Kurosaki, a man. I know Teru has your own rules and not to cause trouble for the guy which is right but there is one more step. It is interesting for a relationship to have some complexly....

... You can live by your rules and not cause trouble for the guy but sometimes you need to create some trouble for the guy. This is the right of a woman. I'm sure Teru will be good at it."

Back in the school, Teru is thinking about what Riko had told her when she heard someone talking to Kuroskai.

Someone: "I'm sorry i've heard some strange stuff, Kurosaki....

Kurosaki is talking to Oumoto sensei.

... it's not like there's any reason for me to be suspicious. I heard from the rumors that you've been hiding your relationship with one of our female students. That scholar student, Teru. She's a good student and the both of you are living together isn't it?"
Kurosaki: "Oic. You think that i'm in love with her am i right?"
Oumoto sensei: "It's not only me but it's just that i sometimes hear such rumors from the students."
Kurosaki: "I'm sorry to have caused you to worry. Since the situation is as such, i shall tell you the truth about my feelings. I do not have any special feelings towards her. It's just that many things happened and i happened to be by her side that's all. We are not in a relationship of any sort. Many things happened and it might be long for me to explained everything, do you want to know of the details?"
Oumoto sensei: "Oh it's ok. I've understood and now you've relieved me of the worry....
Kurosaki: "She is a nice girl but she's not growing well... (puberty)...."

... thank you for answering my doubts. I feel more relieved now. Sorry for taking up your time." and Oumoto sensei left.
Kurosaki heard a sound from behind and he's shocked to see Teru behind him. Teru blushed and dumb folded.

Kurosaki: "Since when have you been standing there? You've heard all the conversation? Arh.... erm... hold on a minute, calm down.... that was... "

Teru ran away befoer Kurosaki can finish his explanation.

Kurosaki came looking for Riko for help.
Riko: "Oh, such things happened?"
Kurosaki: "Since then, Teru has disappeared and not returned home. She's giving me the cold shoulder even ever the phone. You mean you don't know, Riko?"
Riko: "Have you tried your best in finding her? Why does it seems to me that you sounded like Teru is giving you trouble. Isn't it just a slip of mouth?"
Kuroskai: "It's not just a slip of mouth. I've planned to say that long ago to avoid being suspicious. It's easier to protect Teru by giving a model answer. My utmost priority is to protect her and that is why im here. Am i wrong to eliminate all problems?"

Riko: "That's how a mature man should behave."
Kurosaki: "That's not the point. Let me know where Teru is once you know about it."
Riko: "Teru is so inmature, do scold her when we found her."
Kurosaki: "I will not scold her. There's nothing i can do since she's angry after hearing those words and i'm not angry either. I'll rely on you."
Riko: "Yup, i understood." and Kurosaki left Riko's room.
Riko: ".. and that's what he said. How is it? Can you forgive him? He did not notice you right? How? Have you calm down?"
Teru: "Yup. Thanks to you." (she actually meant the perfume)
Teru: "Ne.. Riko-san, i'm actually very shocked myself...

... Kurosaki is not right and if someone were to ask me the same question, i will give the same answer like how Kurosaki did. I know i will but that's how it works in my head but when i really heard those words, my heart hurts and there's nothing i can do about it."

Mangaka proceed to mock at his own work.
Teru: "I hope he had said something about me bring pretty. Like 'a pretty girl from the manga ran away' or something."
Riko: "It's classic to shout out the name and she ran away with a cold shoulder."

Teru: "I've caused Kurosaki trouble."
Riko: "Yup, but that is alright. He's not angry anyway. It's good that you've given him trouble. It's good to be obedient but it's a good tool to catch a man's heart if you use it wisely. Like perfume, more doesn't mean good. It's enough for now. Go make up with him quickly."

Teru receive a text from Kurosaki "Teru, where are you know? Come out if you are a good girl and i will send you home. It's turning dark and it will be dangerous. So don't be a BAKA."

Kurosaki's thoughts "I'm sure i've hurt you, even if it's for a little. 'What do you think of me?' i can't ask you such and unrefined question, all the more i can't reply using text. However, for you, there is no lies with text because i'm DAISY. I've did things that i've shouldn't to hurt you and that is why i can't just leave things as it is and not convey my feelings to you....

and he received a text message from Teru asking him to guess here she is giving him three choices. Kurosaki turns around and see Teru.

Kurosaki: "Since when have you been hiding there? I've already found you so you shouldn't run away anymore."
Teru: "You are BAKA if you didn't notice it within 5 secs."

... i will not use words but other methods to convey my feelings. Sometime i will be mean and at the same time i will be gentle to convey m feelings. This is my unspoken rule."

and he hugs Teru from behind. (So cute!!!!)

Kurosaki: "So it's all ok? You are not mad anymore?"
Teru: "I'm not mad but why do you have to say that my puberty was bad? It's like saying i'm not attractive as a woman."
Kurosaki: "My bad, forgive me just this time?"
Teru: "It's about human respect."
Kurosaki: "Um...

Kurosaki's thoughts "From now on, i cannot be careless as you are someone i want to try with... 

... i must be thinking to much.... but i've been thinking about it since we were in the car. It's like a nice floral scent."
Teru: "Is that so? I don't know." and she things "he's sense of smell is good. I only use very little of it."
Teru: "It must be you who's thinking too much. You are weird."
Kurosaki: "Since im concerned about it i will check it out myself." and he puts his face so very close to Teru's and said: "It's perfume....

Continue from Kurosaki's thoughts "I've forget to focus my attention on you instead i've been too strict with you.... and one more thing.. this is not a kiss for just any woman.... 

  ... You've used just the right amount for a woman's perfume. You seems to know a lot don't you?"

Teru fell on her knees and stammer: "That's sexual harassement! You BAKA Kurosaki!"
Kurosaki: "Wait for another 10 year when you are a pretty lady. Why? You don't have a waist?"

Continue from Kurosaki's thoughts "Becareful of how a man treats you in return. I will not use cheap tricks so there is more training which needs to be done."

isn't this chapter sweet? Love to see Kurosaki panics when he can't find Teru! hahah.

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Friday, April 15, 2011

僕等がいた - Chapter 65 Teaser

This chapter is so short i don't even know how much i should reveal here thus this is going to be really brief as this chapter is really short and nothing much really happens. 


Nanami: "Aki-chan, i've changed my mine. Can you give me Yano's contact?"
Aki: "You are going to meet him no matter what? You are going to meet him no matter, no matter what?"


Nanami's thoughts "The only thing i know is that i think i want to see the smile on my ex-boyfriend's face."


Nanami's thoughts "What should i do? Maybe i should send him mail first before calling him? But why? I'll send him a mail."


Nanami's narration: "I will not demand, that is why....


... can you listen to what i've got to say?"

I wonder why Takeuchi is taking out the proposal ring? I'm thinking that he might be wanting to throw it away? My guess is, he loves Nanami but he knows very well that Nanami only loves Yano and Yano too, only loves Nanami. hmmm.... i can't really figured out this chapter... i only know that Nanami is sending a mail to Yano and she has things that she needs to let him know. 

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011


13th of the month again! 

and i've just called Kino to confim that there will be a shipment today and i will proceed to make reservation later at 2pm!

the cover for BetusComi.  

the cover for Betsuma.

*drool* (m sure u know who im drooling at) hee.

Keep a look out for the folowing up coming summaries/ teasers.
1. Dengki Daisy - Chapter 46
2. Heroine Shinkkaku - Chapter 13
3. Black Bird - Chapter 53
4. Bokura Ga Ita Teaser - Chapter 65 

Oh yah, if some of you might remember i kind of did a mini poll to asked which new manga do you all wish that i will translate after DEAR! but many things happened after that (going to Japan again and getting hit by M9 etc... ) and i just found out that Chibi Manga has the scanlation of the first two chapters of Kimi ni Kedamono out already! I'm so sorry for my delay.... but isn't it much better to read from scanlations? hahaha. 

Thus, i think i might do this instead. 

I just got to know that bxsmanga is planning on doing Kimi to Koi wo Shita. (君と恋を知った). hmmm... so if they are going to do scanlations for this series... i think i should do another series instead. lol.

Kimi to Koi wo Shita.  (君と恋を知った)

I'm planning to get the tankubon of this series too... but it's so expensive here. Now i miss Japan. boo.

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