Sunday, August 29, 2010

DEAR! - Chapter 3

Finally got down to get this chapter done. Enjoy! This chapter is good!

Continuing from where the previous chapter left off.

Kazusa: "I'm sorry but i can't remember. Did you get the wrong person? Fireworks day?"
Yukari: "um...

... before my brother was lost and before i met Rei and Banri san when we were in the crowd looking at the fireworks. I was really crowded. Someone touched me! People around seems to know however no one said a word. Afraid that something might happen to my brother, i kept quiet. During the same time... "

Yukari recalls Kazusa saving her. Kazusa grabbed the man with one hand, flipped him in the air and gave him a good hard step after the man fell on to the floor. Kazusa left soon after even before Yukari had the chance to thank him.

Yukari: "Things happened so quickly. I didn't even thank him and that is why i wanted to find him. Seems like i've got the wrong person."

Rei hugs Yukari, who's shocked by the sudden hug. Rei: "It was scary wasn't it? You felt helpless alone right? If i was there, i would have beaten the man far more worse than what Kazusa did!" Rei hopes that she had know Yukari earlier.

Rei and Banri assure Yukari that the Kazusa is the person who saved her.

Kazasu: "Even though... it's true that i can't remember. The both of you went missing and i was busy looking for the lost kid."

Rei recalls the time when she was with Banri during the fireworks.

The time when Banri became someone special. Yukari thanks Kazusa formally.

Rei thinks that Yukari is really a nice person. She notices the way Banri looks at Yukari and she felt a pain.

Banri: "However if Rei was there, it will be fine." Banri teases Rei about her flat chest while Kazuza comments that her butt looks like she can delivery safely. Rei is angry and kicks Banri thinking that he doesn't even know how she feels and he's teasing her.

She attempts to punch Kazusa but was effortlessly stopped by Kazusa with one hand. Kazusa hits Rei's head lightly and pats her. Yukari notices how gently Kazusa treats Rei. Rei took of the handkerchief on her hand as she felt a little pain. Kazusa asked what happened and....

he licks her wound!!!! He then bandage the wound again with the handkerchief.

Both Banri and Yukari stood by the side and saw everything. Yukari: "The 3 of you seems close." Banri, engrossed with what he saw was startled by Yukari's comment and said: "We are childhood friends, that's why." Yukari took a look at Banri followed by Rei and Kazusa and thought "Is that so..."

Rei offered to send Yukari home saying that it's dangerous for a girl to go home alone. Banri and Kazusa hits her on the head and said: "Baka, Ahou (means dumb), Aren't you a girl too?"

Rei feeling delighted as Banri and Kazusa see her as a girl. They offered to send Yukari home. Banri carry Yukari to help her on to his bike! Rei was shocked when she saw that.

Yukari on Banri's bike and they moved off first. Rei stood behind looking at them and asked Banri: "Banri... Yukari...." Stopped questioning and forces a smile and asked about something irrelevant. (asked if Kazusa's bike with a higher horsepower is able to catch up with Banri.)

Kazusa pushes Rei's head and said: "That's for sure." He then pats Rei's head gently and tells her not to worry unnecessary. (He knows about Rei's feelings towards Banri, she told her during the fireworks.) Kazusa wanted to put his hand on Rei's shoulder to comfort her however, he decides not to and knocks his forehead against her's instead. Kazusa: "I'm used to Rei being a worrywart. Even if it's a complain, you can tell me." Rei: "um..." and she thought "Maybe i'm too dependent on Kazusa."

By the alley, Yukari thanks them for sending her home. She turns around and took a look at Kazusa, she thanks them again. Rei notices Banri is looking at Yukari again.

Banri: "I think i better send her to her doorstep. I'll return soon however you both can make a move first." and he ran towards Yukari and places his hand on her back. Rei's eyes widen when she saw that.

Rei: "Kazusa, Did you heard anything from Banri?" Kazusa recalls what Banri told him in the afternoon about it being great to meet destiny again." Rei's thoughts is all about how Banri met Yukari during fireworks festival. Banri's expression when he was looking at Yukari.

Even though she does not know the truth, seeing Banri's hand on Yukari back is like a sharp pain pierce through her heart. Rei is about to cry.

Kazusa hugs her in his arms! Tears flowing out. Kazusa pats Rei's head gently.

Kazusa: "Nothing's decide yet."
Rei: "I'm sorry... even though nothing's decided yet, i can't be strong."
Kazusa: "It's alright, you can show me the weak side of you."

Banri hide behind the corner of the alley. He saw Kazusa and Rei hugging. He's expression looks depressed and thought "What should come had come."

Rei's thoughts "When i just started to like Banri... why... liking him... liking him... liking him."

I like this chapter! Quite a lot of developments. At least now we know that Banri actually likes Rei!!!! omg... his expression in the last panel... he looks so depressed and sad! Makes me likes Banri even more!!!! Though i must say, Kazusa is more mature and really pampers Rei a lot. I wonder what's going to happen in the next chapter. Maybe Yukari might stir up some misunderstanding? I think she might not be as nice as she seems to be.

What do you think? Share with me your thought? Who are you rooting for? Banri or Kazusa?

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Saturday, August 28, 2010

キミのとなりで青春中。 Chapter 18

This chapter starts with Miu meeting Ietei at the lift station in the mountain. Ietei was expecting Keita but Miu came instead. Ietei said he will acknowledge them (Keita and Miu) if she wins him in skiing. Miu accepted the challenge despite the fact that this is only her first time skiing.

The next day, Miu trained hard as she wanted Ietei's acknowledgement and to become a confident person beside Keita. Upon hearing this, Gutsu chan and Nanase helps her.

Keita told Ietei not to cause Miu any trouble. Ietei said he will not allow "being dump" in Alex's history. Keita teased Ietei that he sees Alex more than a sister as they are not blood related. Letei got pissed and told Keita that he will kill him if he goes on further. Alex to him is more than family even though they are not blood related and Keita is taking his own happiness with regards to his family, for granted. This startled Keita.

Alex finally managed to get hold of Keita on the phone, she apologized on behalf of Ietei.

Parting with Keita, Ietei accidentally fall into a hole!

The teacher is tell everyone to return to the lodge as the weather is turning bad. Miu finally knows how to ski. When she was about to return to the lodge with Gutsu chan and Nanase, a strong wind blew her benie away. She told Gutsu chan and Nanase to move ahead while she went to pick up her benie. She saw a ski pole and wondered why was there only one of it and that was when she spotted Ietei in the hole. She shouted out to him and ask if he's alright. She attempted to climb down to help him but Ietei stopped her and asked her to call for help instead. Miu lost her balance and fell into the hole with Ietie!

In the lodge, they were wondering where Miu is and it's snowing outside.

I've bought Vol. 5 which contains Chapter 19 to 22. Will post them soon!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

You're Beautiful

You are warned. This entry is just me being bimbotic and a crazy fan of the Korean Drama, You're Beautiful or should i say Jang Geun Suk. heh.

I'm HEART this Korean Drama!!! I was aired in Korean during 4th quarter of 2009. I tell you... I regret to only watch it now!!!! and the reason for the delay... is... below.

This flat and oily hairstyle of Hyung Tae Kyung!!!! omg! I'm really not a fan of this hairstyle and him with this unflattering hairstyle appears in most of the posters and adverts for the drama!!! Why?!?! and the eyeliner on the lower lid too.

However, a short conversation with my friend and she convinced me that the drama is really good. She told me it's like Hana Yori Dango (Korean Version). I'm a fan of Hana Yori Dango if you haven't know. haha.

Now i'm addicted to the drama and i've watched it about two to three time.

First time: Too eager to know the developments and i fast forward when there is no Hyung Tae Kyung, Go Mi Nam and Kang Shin Woo.
Second time: Watch every minute and every second of it.
Third time: Watch my favourite scenes over and over again!


omg! so HOT!

They can be cute too!

and quirky!

p/s: There is this thing about hooties in Korea. Was in Korea during May and i realised 1 out of 10 youngsters are wearing the hooties on their head. Must be the influence of dramas.

My favourite is now... him ^^

omg! look at the smile! So charming! This hairstyle is nice!!!! and after a few episodes i've grown to like his eye make up (eyeliner on lower lid) which i initially dislike!

Check out his smile! So charming and yet cheeky.

I love it when he smile and his eyes become two lines! *melts*

This is the ultimate *faints*

Favourite scenes:
1. The kiss after the movie... Tae Kyung pretends to hit Mi Nam so that she can see stars however he kisses her instead and half way through the kiss he told her not to do the pig rabbit thing!!! That's so unexpected and so cute!

2. Tae Kyung chased after Mi Nam who was set up by Manager Ma to go to Busan with Shin Woo. Tae Kyung hugs her at the car park. The grin on his face... so charming and cute!

3. Tae Kyung held Mi Nam's hand to guide her back to her room when her eyes were hurt by the oilment which was meant for her bruise.

4. Tae Kyung found Mi Nam (when she was dress up in the beautiful gown), he said he acknowledges her love and gives her permission to like him. He then hugs her! The same grin on his face again!

5. When he drove the sick Mi Nam to the hospital! Protagonist falls sick, my favourite plot. haha.

I like this fan made video. Most of my favourite scenes are in it. Enjoy!

I'm rooting for Hung Tae Kyung and Go Mi Nam or should it be Go Mi Nyu. ^^ Do do/did you root for?

This pig rabbit must be selling like hot cakes in Korea.


doesn't this look like a typical shoujo manga wallpaper?

You see the similarity?

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