Saturday, December 25, 2010

Loot of the month...

1. Cheese! Feb issue which comes with a Gyuru Gyuru Mush *cute* It's actually for you to coil up your overly long earpiece.
2. Kamisama wa Hajimemashita Vol. 8
3. Kanojo wa Uso wo Aishisugiteru Vol. 5
4. Obaka-chan, Koigatariki Vol. 7 (Final)
5. Heroine Shinkkaku Vol. 2
6. Hana ni Kedamono Vol. 1, I can't help but picked up this when it says: 
Muki's first love is with the worst guy. This relationship is too difficult.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Snowman's thoughts "It looks kinda warm inside..." 

Merry Christmas! and i can't wait for X'mas to come soon as i will be spending it at a place where 'Dreams come true~"


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Monday, December 20, 2010

Black Bird - Chapter 49

The cover with Shou.

A Tengu came running in asking Sagami about Kyou's whereabouts.
Sagami: "I'm looking for him too but before that...

... what happened?"
Tengu: "The skill which the previous previous head owns, the dimension. It is made outside the village."
Sagami: "I knew about this. It's created by Shou isn't it? And it seems like something flew and fall into it. ”
Tengu: "Just awhile ago, i leaped into the mansion and it was motionless. I've opened all the doors, as far as the limits, it is not possible for something to spurt suddenly. Now, the previous previous head is using his strength to calm it in the middle of the village. According to the previous previous head, the dimension is in an unstable state. He wants Kyou to look for the person to look for this missing person."
And Kyou appears before them.

Kyou: "I've found out. It's Misao.."
Sagami: "Don't tell me it's Misaso who fell into the dimension?"
Kyou: "I've looked around everywhere and even waited in the Kidou... When she's by my side..." and Kyou falls on to Sagami, he's still hasn't fully recovered from his injuries.
Sagami: "Kyou-sama, Houki has something he needs to tell you."

Kyou: "Shou's body is malfunctioning?"
Houk: "Yes, initially i thought it was weird too. When Shou attacked in the mansion, he could have easily took Hime-sama (Misao) away but he didn't. Even though we said he hesitated about hurting Ah Ne san (Sagami's wife) but when i think of it deeply, it doesn't seems that way and during my personal close encounter with Shou, there are times when he shuts himself in his room and refuses to see anyone. During our fight, he turned away suddenly when he was just inches away from stabbing me. I don't know the cause and the frequency of it's occurrence but if you think of it like having a stroke, attacked by the unsteady wave of sickness, it seems logical."
Sagami: "It is not strange as it is a body which uses a spell to bring it back to life again. It might also be the reason for this dimension to be unstable."

Sagami: "Please do not worry for now. It is because the dimension is unstable and we cannot control it. It is impossible for you now to do anything to bring Hime-sama back that's why."
Kyou: "Not to worry? It's impossible for me not to worry right? Shou is not my only enemy! There's a lot of people out there who wants Misao. Damn it, when i doing this now... If i don't find her soon... "
Sagami: "I'm sorry Kyou-sama." and he punches Kyou! Wanting Kyou to realise that he is not in the state to move about and he should depend on his men."

Fuzen: "I've already informed Kuzunoba and Dojoji to search and protect Hime. And of course our people from our village and those that have been sent to the human world are all on standby await your order to take action."
Sagami: "Kyou-sama, it's true that you have a lot of enemy but you too have many allies. Please do not put all the responsibility on yourself. You should depend on us when your health is not at the best condition."
Kyou: "I understood. I'm counting on you guys."

Houki: "To Kyou-sama, Misao is his strongest point as well as his weakest point."
Sagami: "Do you have anymore things to tell me? I need to leave soon."
Houki: "I didn't tell Kyou-sama this but i think it's better for you to know. When i was researching on some old documents about how glamorous Kuzunoba was 300years ago, I found out that Kuzunoba did not experiment with Senka's blood. It is documented in the Senka records. If i'm not wrong, Shou-dono must had read the Senka record and tried the medicine. Senka record might be in Shou-dono's hand. I'm not sure but it seems to be recorded in the second half of the Senka record. I followed the instructions when i was experimenting with the medicine. Too bad i only got to look at the part about the medicine. According to the Senka record, Kuzunoba tried to attack Senka with spider, thunder and dog and crane. All these have relation with Shou-dono...

...Shou-dono knows the ending of Senka Records. He might attack Hime-sama before anything changed happen to her body."

The scene changes to Misao appearing in front of Shou.
Shou: "Why are you here, Misao?"
Misao: "Shou-san...."

Misao: "What is this? I tried to open the sliding door and suddenly...."
Shou: "The dimension is unstable. Or should i say i can't imagine you why is this chance of appearing in front of me happening."
Misao's thoughts "Chance? It's not done by Shou-san? He's talking about dimension.. could it be the same as the old man's (Kyou's grandfather). If it is, i might be brought to another place if i return from this entrance. I will not know where will i be brought to. Is it better to stay here or to escape?"

Misao sees the Shou is not feel well.
Shou: "What are you doing, Misao? Why aren't you running away?"
Misao: "Shou-san? Why aren't you attacking me?"

Misao's thoughts "I don't know why but i can't move. I know that i need to escape..." and she recalls how Shou treated her when he caught her the previous time.
Shou griped his fist: "It's here."
Misao: "Shou-san... are you not feeling well? And your feet?

... it's changing colour." Misao's thoughts "It's turning dark like it's "dead"."
Shou: "It can't be help. It is so from the beginning. I've tried to surpass nature too much."
Misao: "Shou-san's body... there is a limit to your life is it?"

Shou nods acknowledging Misao's speculation. Misao drops onto her knees in disbelief.

Misao cries: "A person's life... Why Shou-san.. please stop already."

Shou's thought's "Why is she crying? Shouldn't she be happy?"
Misao: "Shou-san, please stop this fight. Kyou does not want to kill you. If you stop now, we will try to find a way to cure you immediately or find a way to lengthen you life."
Shou's thought's "Is she saying that she wants to save me? Have she forgotten what i did to her?"
Shou: "One should die when they have no power, this is how i see the world. If i die here, it means that i'm not powerful enough."
Misao: "It's not true."

Misao: "They will save you. There is no relation with you power. This is the kind of world Kyou hopes to build."
Shou: "Are you dumb Who will want to save someone like me who is powerless? Who will need someone like me? Hasn't you heard anything from Kyou nor my grandfather? Even my parents did not love me and you. You choose Kyou, didn't you?"

Shou strangles Misao: "If there is no you... "
Shou's thougths "My heart would be in this mess. The brother who has something i don't. I'm powerless. He wouldn't win if we are not in this world where power is valuable. There is no other way but to kill Misao. You choose my brother. You gave him strength. I hate you."

Shou: "To lengthen my life, you know of a way don't you? The only way is for me to eat you up."
Shou's thoughts "I hate you. The hatred seems to have seized my heart. It resembles love and i cannot let this happen. If i kill Misao, i can escape from the shadows of Kyou."

Misao: "Even if you eat me, i'm not sure if you can regain strength. If there is someone beside Shou-san and wishes for you to be happy..."
Shou: "There isn't such a person!" and he strangles Misao but some how he startled, Misao's tears trickled down his hand.

Shou's thoughts "There isn't anyone up until now. If i uses a little more strength, this thin neck will break...

... this person who teared for me will disappear forever." and he loosen his grip.
Shou: "How does Kyou touches you? I do not intend to scare you. I will be gentle and yet a little forceful."

He pulls Misao towards himself and hugs her. Shou: "If i hug you, can you straighten your knee? How should i do it? I've not done any of this before up until now. I want to do it to meet your expectations. I want to protect you and not hurt you. To be able to kiss you at time and i don't dare to hope for anything beyond that. Misao...

... if i can live. I want you."

I sort of expected this to happen, Shou becoming Kyou rival in love. There seems to be less lovey dovey-ness in the past few chapters. Hopes that Kyou can save Misao soon and the Mangaka will let us enjoy a few good pages of lovey dovey after so many chapters of 'serious mood' with all the fighting and rescuing and unstable dimension... and i'm very curious about the ending of the Senka's record.

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 9

Finally churn out this chappie. 

Hatori: "Konichiwa! Blue sky and white clouds. A new world!"

Narration: Konichiwa, I'm new Hatori."
Hatori: "Oh no! I'm late! I'm late!"
Nakajima: "Isn't it lunch time now?" and she hits Hatori really hard with a very thick book.
Hatori: "What are you doing? Aren't you being hateful?"
Nakajima: "Keep quite! You're being noisy! And you should know your limits!" What's with this aim of royal road to being a Heroine? Don't tell me you think you can vacillate Terasaka with this?"
Hatori: "Everyone! Is there someone i cannot save here?"

and she saw Adachi having difficulty cleaning the top of the blackboard. Hatori rushes to Adachi's help and says with her eyes sparkling: "Even though we are rivals but we should help each other when we are in trouble is it?"

Adachi: "Thank You Matsuzaki san... "
Narration: "I can be nice even towards my rival. This is the royal way of being a heroine. With this attitude, i will be able to take the seat of a Heroine!" While Hatori acts like a perfect heroine, the people around her seems to be disgusted with her act. (LOL) Hatori accidently knocks someone and she said: "I'm sorry." with her eyes sparkling again. (acting to be the perfect heroine.)

It's Kousuke that she knocked on to.
Kousuke: "Hatori - chan seems to have drawn a down curtain when it comes to things about me."
Hatori snaps off from her new hatori mode screams: "KYAHHHH!!! Good.... Mor... Morning..."
Kousuke: "It's already afternoon."
Hatori's thoughts "There are still problems left unresolved. This person touched my breast!!!!...

... This kind of things happened with another guy and not the hero. It's not the royal way to being a Heroine!"

Hatori: "Ah no ne, Horomitsu kun...."
Kousuke: "Are you breaking up with me? I feel so lonely..."
Hatori: "Isn't it alright if it isn't a break up? It was nothing."
Kousuke: "There is no guarantees that you will be going out with Terasaka-kun. It's worthless going out with a handsome guy like me."

Hatori's thoughts "It is really worthless."
Hatori: "But... but... My aim is to be the Perfect Heroine that's why...
Kousuke's thoughts "What is that?" and he says: "It's alright as Hatori-chan is already a very Perfect Heroine.:
Hatori's thoughts: "Do not tempt me!" and she says: "No, i'm not. I do not want to make anymore mistake and Hiromitsu-kun is not in anyway at fault. I do not want to anymore things that will make myself feel guilty nor do i want to have any regrets. I only want to be straight forward about my love towards Rita....

... I want to become Adachi... That is why i want to break up with Hirotsumi-kun!! That is all. Bye!"

Hatori's thoughts "No i can't. I can't look at Hirotsumi-kun. If i look at his face, i will not be able to get over him."

A voice from a far: "Hahah... I've just seen a rare sight. Kou-chan being rejected by a girl... Isn't she interesting?"
Kousuke: "Why are you eavedropping, Moe?"

During Chemistry Pratical lessons, Hatori thinks to herself: "There isn't any other handsome guys who understands and accepts her anymore."
Nakajima: "What have you added in now?" as she sees smoke in a shape of ghost coming out from the beaker.

Hatori's thoughts "But i've decided to change. That's right! I'm born and changed. I must make Rita look at me." and she changes into her new hatori mode and text Rita: "Rita~ are you free today after school?? Shall we go look for camping equipments together?"
Rita's reply "Today, i can't".
Hatori reply: "Oic... It can't be help then... How about tomorrow?"
Rita's reply: "I can't make it tomorrow too. I can't for the time being, you should go with Nakajima." and he walks away.
Hatori sees the reply and thinks "Eh? Am i being rejected?"
Nakajima: "It is... Did you kissed him one-sidedly?"

Hatori recalls Rita thanking her when she stood up for him (in the previous chapter) and she thinks "isn't that a tingle of hope?"
Hatori: "Is it that Rita will never go out nor play with me forever?"
Nakajima: "I don't know! However, for the time being, he's not comfortable with the two of you being together isn't it? And he has a girlfriend so isn't it normal? And aren't you going on and on about the same thing a little too much?"
Hatori: "So doesn't it means that there is no reason for me being a new hatori if Rita is not going to accept me?
Nakajima: "You aim of being a perfect heroine... even if no one notices you, you should retain the beautiful heart of Adachi and maybe one day, Terasaka will notice it."
Hatori thinks "When will that happen? I don't know!"

The scene changes to the camp.

Hatori: "The air smells delicious! It's the camp! Thc camp! Nakajima!"
Nakajima: "Yup i know, for the time being there are things which need to be done. We need the guys to bring in the charcoal. Mizu kun. can you do that?"
Hatori pushes Rita to help out too. Hatori: "Rita too!"
Rita: "I'm sorry about before."
Mizu kun and friend: "Ah, it's nothing." and the pulls Rita along: "Let's go, Rita-kun."

Hatori's thoughts "This is good. Aren't i like the perfect heroine? It's only time when Rita realizes it." and she heard a voice from a far saying: "Is it true that you went to Kobayashi-kun's house? It's so shocking..." Hatori switches to her new hatori mode (full mode) and thinks that a girl is being bullied by other girls.

Hatori: "Three against one? It's unfair!"
The girls: "It's none of your business." which is the opposite of what Hatori imagined it to be. Hatori's imagining herself as the perfect heroine hugging one of the three girls and said: "You are actually a very kind girl and i know it..." but instead, Hatori was slapped!

The girl who was bullied is Moe. Moe: "Are you alright? Thank you for coming to help me. You are Hatori-chan right? I'm Kousuke's cousin. Kousuke Moe."
Hatori: "Kousuke-kun's cousin?"
Moe: "I've heard from Kousuke about you that is why i know you. I'm sorry to let you witness some weird stuff. Her boyfriend and i had common interest in music thus, i went to his house to borrow a CD and somehow there is some misunderstanding even though i don't harbor any other intention. Somehow, this kind of actions are not allowed."
Hatori: "There is no definite promise even though they are a couple don't you think so?" (She's saying it with pride as she's been trying to get near Rita who is attached)

Moe: "Thank You! This is the first time someone said such things to me."
Hatori's thought "I've done a good deed, didn't i?"
Nakajima: "What is that Terasaka?"
Rita all wet and top naked: "I fell into the river."
Nakajima: "What did you catch? A bear?"

Hatori blushes and turn away: "He's so sexy! So sexy! I can't look at him!"
Moe: "You like Terasaka-kun?"
Hatori: "!!?"
Moe: "Let me help you! Let it to me I'm good with this kind of stuff."
Hatori is speechless while Moe runs towards Rita: "You've caught a lot of fish?"

Rita wonder who she is while the two friends thinks that she's cute! Moe pulls Hatori along.

Hatori's thoughts "Is she trying to reply my kindness? I wish to get close to Rita..."
Moe: "Terasaka-kun, Isn't Hatori a nice girl?"
Hatori thinks "Isn't she too straight forward?"
Moe: "She helped me when i was bullied by a group of girls just now."
Hatori's thoughts: "Good one, Moe."
Rita: "Are you sure she's the one?"
Moe: "Terasaka-kun is so lucky to be in the same class as Hatori-chan."
Hatori's thoughts "She's being too straight forward again."
Rita: "It's nothing special."
Moe: "No such things. You must be feeling happy about it."
Rita: "Well, she's not troublesome."

Hatori and Moe hold hands in joy. Hatori's thoughts "Thank You Moe-chan. This is the happiest thing that had happened to me recently."
Moe: "This reminds me, Terasaka-kun, do you remember someone called Sakai from Nishi Junior High?"
Rita: "Oh, We used to have sports meet together."
Moe: "She's my good friend since kindergarten and i've seen Terasaka before during the sports meet.
Rita: "Oh is it? Is she doing well?
Moe: "Yup, she is. Can you give me your contact thru infrared later?"
Rita: "Sure."

Hatori's thoughts "Is this one of her tactics on trying to help me? Isn't she a little too close to Rita?" Hatori sees Moe beside Rita the whole day.
Hatori: "Moe-chan! Can you come over for a minute?"

Moe: "Hatori-chan... what is it?" Acting all cute and friendly with Hatori.
Hatori: "Eh, is just that, Moe-chan seems to be getting along very well with Rita."
Moe: "Oh, i was just trying to gather information and i have some good news. Rita and his girlfriend doesn't seems to be getting along too well. Rita-kun give me ambiguous answers when i talk about Adachi. This kind of recation show's that a boyfriend is getting sick of his girlfriend. For the time being, Hatori-chan needs to looks for Adachi-san."

Hatori thinks "Is this real?" and she went to look for Adachi. Hatori: "Did anything happened recently?"
Adachi: "Nope, nothing special happened."
Hatori's thoughts "Ambiguous answer! Moe is great!...

... It's just like what Moe has said."

Nakajima realized Rita is missing and the other two friends realized Moe is missing too while Rita's girlfriend, Adachi is around.

Hatori's thought's "I'm sorry, Adachi. Even though you might not like the things i've done during this time. This might be my happy ending with Rita. Isn't Moe-chan of great help? After Rita returned, i'm sure he's going to tell me "For me, it has to be Hatori." since he said that i'm not troublesome....

... This might be mean towards Adachi... However i will help her wipe away her tears... as i'm the perfect heroine. Am i being too happy about this? I can't wait any longer, maybe i should go over and take a look."

Hatori found Moe: "Moe-chan!"
Moe saw Hatori and she turns around with her eyes filled with tears within split second: "Hatori-chan.... "
Hatori: "What happened?"
Moe: "It was so mean... I will not forgive Rita-kun."
Hatori: "What do you mean?"
Moe: "He told me directly that he's tired of Hatori."

Hatori: "Eh? Rita?"
Moe: "Um.."
Hatori: "It's impossible for Rita to say such things."
Moe: "That's how i thought too. I thought he's kind and i've misunderstood what he said and i said must be because he has a girlfriend and he said she's troublesome instead! It's hard and i'm not used to it."

Hatori: "I'm taking advantage of being over optimistic when comes to loving Rita. What Moe-chan had just said, is impossible." and Hatori walks away.
Hatori's thoughts "Why do i feel like crying? I need to clear my head! It's impossible for Rita to say such things. However, there is no reason for Moe-chan to lie to me? Even though i've said that, i hope i can beileve what i've just said. He did reject to go out with me." and she saw Rita alone in the woods

... I don't understand Rita at all. What should i do? Does he really thinks that i'm annoying?"
Hatori: "What are you doing here?"
Rita: "I'm looking at the stars. Thank You."
Hatori: "Eh?"
Rita: "It seems like a pretty fun camp. All thanks to you, isn't it?"

Rita: "I'm meeting my primary school friends after camp. Do you want to come along? With Hatori around, it's fine that i don't talk and that will be fun isn't it? Eh? Why?"
Hatori in tears: " Do you find me annoying?"
Rita let out a helpless sigh: "I do but... it isn't that tiring."

Hatori's thoughts "BAKA. I've done it again. He's giving me hope again. I hope to be saved by this hope one day."

Hatori heard someone saying: "I heard she tried to kiss Teraska-kun but she was rejected. No one saw them though."
Hatori wonders what's that all about and Moe calls out to her.
Moe: "I'm sorry, i don't plan for things to turn out this way.. but...

... i think i might have fall in love with Terasaka-kun.."
Hatori: "!!??"

Interesting right? So now do you still think Adachi has hidden agenda or your new dislike is Moe! Now i'm thinking, maybe Rita treats Hatori as only a long time good friend and he feels really at ease with her around so much so that he does not realise that he actually like her? Or maybe he doesn't. However , Moe is irritating but i like her appearance which spice up things! haha.

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

電撃デイジー - Chapter 42

The cover.

From the previous chapter, Kurosaki pulled Teru towards him and hugged her, promising that he will stay by her side from now onwards.

Teru's thoughts "It's the end of an episode and we are back to how we were before. Life is never always smooth sailing and anything can happen. Hi, I'm Kurebayashi Teru, a sixteen years old who wishes for a peaceful and normal life. However, peaceful is not cheap and my life until now has been pretty violence (as she calls how Kyoshi treathened her with a pen knife, how her home was ransacked, how she ended up fighting the school nurse and how Akira kissed her.) and that is why i can't be careless so that if anything were to happen i will not be shocked....

... however, i never thought something like this will happen! (Teru, wearing a bathrobe is sitting formally on a double bed and she looked really flushed.) You will be shocked hearing this. We are in a off-season, quiet and stylish hotel. Note: Not a love hotel. I'm in such a place....

a voice: Teru? Kurosaki top naked with a towel hanging over him, just came out from the bathroom asked: "What's the problem? Why have you been sitting there since just now? I'm sorry to have kept you waiting."

... spending the night with Kurosaki only..... how did things ended up like this?"

Teru's narration: Sometime earlier this morning, Kurosaki and i met up with the rest which includes Master, Riko and Andou....
Riko: "Welcome home!" and she gave Kurosaki a punch in the face!
... Then, like how we promised. Everyone wears a smiling face and make peace. Finally, we are back like before. The light of happiness seems to be right before our eyes. Even though so, why is it that at the back of my heart, i feel a tingle of uneasiness? My heart can't seems to feel secure. Why is it so?"

There wasn't time to relax and enjoy in the feeling happiness after reunion. Everyone gathered in a room (which is use by Ministry of Public Management, Home Affairs, Posts and Telecommunications relations, thus it's safe and secured to use for what they are about to discuss.) to discuss about their plans for the future.

With reliable information regarding the revival of JF, they planned for Kurosaki to move alone and goes into hiding (or something). Which will be dangerous and he might not be able to return for a period of time. Teru objects strongly to the plan.
Teru: "I do not want that. Goes into hiding?? Where will Kurosaki be going to hid? I do not want to be separated with Kurosaki. I dislike be separated with Kurosaki even if it is only for awhile. When i finally only get to see him again. I know i've said some willful stuff. I'm sorry. No wait, i know there is there a need for Kurosaki to go into hiding but i do not want to be separated from Kurosai."
Andou: "Get hold of yourself."

Andou asks Teru to leave the room and take a rest as he thinks she is obstructing the discussion. Riko is ask to accompany Teru.
Master: "Oi Andou, What do you plan on doing? You are causing a misunderstanding."
Andou: "Isn't it alright? We can explain later."
Kurosaki: "Misunderstanding? What misunderstanding?"
Andou: "We will leave this interesting conversation for later. Lets carry one with out plan."

In another room, with Teru and Riko.
Teru's thoughts "Of course he's angry with me. I feel embarrassed myself."
Riko: "The way Andou speaks is always pretty hash, don't take it to heart. You must be tired since you've not slept since yesterday and today you went all out to bring Kurosaki back. Maybe you should shower and take a nap."

Teru: "I might not be able to sleep. Can i complain to you? I'm a little strange. I've caught Kurosaki and told him my feelings and Kurosaki has actually returned. However, i'm still worried. It doesn't seems real that Kurosaki is beside me. He might disappear again if he left my sight. The scene when everyone gathered and smiling happily can be easily destroyed if i'm careless. I'm thinking of all the negative things and my body felt kind of strange too. My throat is dry the whole day... am i alright Riko san? We can return back like before right?"

Riko: "It's going to be alright. It can't be helped that Teru feels that way. It's natural for a girl. However, it's a pity though, we can't return back to how we are like in the past. It might seems that nothing has change but the path before us is going to be different. You must have already realize it don't you? You have to learn to accept it."

Teru's narration: I find it kind of strange. Why did Riko has that kind of expression (Riko is smiling) when she's listening to my complains. During then, i did not know why."

The discussing is over. Master left and Andou is about to leave soon. Kurosaki is waiting for Master to tell him where he's hideout will be. Andou tells Kurosaki to rest well for the night and Kurosaki questioned Andou why didn't Andou lectured him up until now. Andou tells Kurosaki that he understands Kurosaki's feelings and intention and it might be more effective to leave the lecturing to others.

Andou: "Aren't you surprised by her gentleness and her quriky way of thinking?" (Kurosaki recalls Teru telling him that she does not plan on forgive him instead she plans on telling him thank you.) Don't feel embarrassed for returning. It's Teru who saved you even though you might not have fully recovered....

... Daisy. You will stay by her side forever. Don't feel embrassed. Welcome home. From now on, it will be your duty to protect her right?"
Kurosaki: "That's needless to say. I never plan on giving her to anyone else."
Andou: "She seems kind of strange in the afternoon. You might not be able to see her for sometime when our plan starts and please put in few good words for me. I was a little hash just now."

Riko: "Tasuku. I'm just about to call you over."
Kurosaki: "Why? Did something happened to Teru?"
Riko: "I think i've said things which i shouldn't and i didn't know Teru will be so... It's the first time seeing her like this. You will be shock too. It's better for you not to see her now."
Kurosaki: "What are you talking about?" and he rushes into the room to see Teru despite Riko pulling him back.

In the room, Kurosaki: "Teru!"
Teru: "Welcome back Riko san. Riko san is right. It really feels great after a bath."

In front of Kurosaki's eyes is Teru out of show in a bathrobe. (LOL)

Teru, flushed seeing it's Kurosaki instead of Riko. Kurosaki rushes out but Riko slammed the door in his face leaving Kurosaki and Teru locked in the room over night! Riko told Kurosaki this is his first hideout and he needs to be on guard as there is a high possibility that Teru is the enemy's target. She also told Kurosaki that Teru is feeling insecure and the fact that Kurosaki has returned doesn't feels real to Teru.

Teru: "Ah no.. ah no... Kurosaki... Where is Riko san? Shouldn't i be going home soon?"
Kurosaki blushing: "Eh Teru, shouldn't you change out of your bathrobe once you are out from the bath? Things turned out to be kind of troublesome with only the both of us in the room tonight. Do not feel shaken as there is a reason and i will explain it to you.... Maybe i should take a bath first."

And that is how Teru ended up in a bathrobe sitting on a double bed while Kurosaki, half naked coming out from the bathroom.

Kurosaki explained to Teru that they are both in hideout tonight.
Kurosaki: "You will sleep on the bed while i will sleep on the sofa."
Teru: "Wait, I shall sleep on the sofa..."
Kurosaki: "No. This is the rule when you are hiding out with me."
Teru: "But you can't sleep well on a sofa right? and you will have bodyache. How about the both of us sleep on the bed?"
Kurosaki: "What brainless thing are you saying."

Teru: "It's alright..."
Kurosaki pinches Teru's nose: "A girls shouldn't say such things. It can't be that you don't know the meaning of that right? It's alright. Go to bed now."
Teru: "um." and she blushes.
Kurosaki: "Don't worry Teru. I will be here."
Teru: "Eh, Kurosaki... will be here until i fall asleep?"
Kurosaki: "Hahah. I can do that if you want but that's not what i mean. I will not disappear from your side second time again. I swear. I can tell you repeatedly....

... I've been thinking since just now, how to make you feel safe. Teru, can you tell me? What do you want me to do? I will do anything." with his hands on Teru's face.
Teru: "Just this way, Be by my side till i fall asleep. I will fall asleep soon. So just for this short period of time and can i borrow this big hand of yours?"
Kurosaki: "Of course you can but don't do anything funny like dig your nose or something."

Teru: "A lot of things happened today. Kurosaki, welcome home. I can finally feel relief feeling your touch. It finally feels real that Kurosaki is back. I want to have Kurosaki all by myself today. I want to feel your touch more and your voice... from now on, about Kurosaki... i will..." and Teru fell alseep.

Kurosaki blushes wondering what Teru's going to say about him.. form now on.... and is shocked that Teru actually fell asleep!

Kurosaki: "It's not a time to fall asleep now when i'm concerned about what you are going to say. Hey! be responsible!"

Kurosaki: "Hey! Are you asleep? Not waking up? You can let go of my hand now.... What are you talking about saying having me all for yourself... BAKA... what do you think i am? I'm yours." and he kisses Teru's hand. *so sweet* so gentle*

Narration "Even though it's only a little. It's a little different up until now. I can feel your warmth being closer to you."

I know i used to do more detailed summaries but i hope you are fine with this. =P

I love the top naked Kurosaki who just came out from the bath room *nose bleed* , i love the Kurosaki who's always worried about Teru, i love the Kurosaki who's always ready to protect Teru and i love the Kurosaki who is always so gentle towards Teru. The pinching of nose and the kiss on the hand... *heart meltz*

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