Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Me too, Flower

Despite being really busy, i managed to squeeze time to watch this great K-drama!
Title: Me too, Flower!
Starring: Lee Ji-Ah as Cha Bong-Sun and Yoon Si-Yoon as Sae Jae-Hee
Plot: Refer to Asianmediawiki for mroe details.

Needless to say, he's the reason i watch this drama, Yoon Si-Yoon. Love his eyes... single eyelid so cute. lol
I'm currently at the ep 14, can't wait for 15 (last ep)! The upload should be up this Thurs (tomorrow)!

It's a drama not to be miss! Trust me!


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I'm sorry MIA-ing for 2 months and thanks for all the concern!!! Via comments and email!

I was really busy. Busy with work (as usual) and i had JLPT-N1 exam early this Dec (which i don't think i can pass) and i was really busy working hard and making handmade accessories for my upcoming flea (1 day bazaar) on the 31st Dec in *SCAPE (Singapore).

Kindly allow me to do some advertisement here... =)

These are some of the stuff i've made over the past months.

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I hope i can blog more like i used to with the JLPT-N1 exam over and after the upcoming flea.

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ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 19


Hatori's thoughts "BAKA! Rita that BAKA! Why did he tell me he likes me? There's nothing i can do even if he said that now... I've finally found my happiness with Hiromitsu-kun."

Hatori received a texted from Kousuke asking if she'd reached home safely and she thinks to herself "I'm sorry Rita. The one i like now is Hiromitsu-kun. I really like him... I really like him very much. There's nothing much i can do for you now."

Nakajima informs Hatori of their middle high school gathering next week. Hatori is keen on going however she's worried that Rita might turn up. Nakajima asked Hatori if she'd told Kousuke about Rita's confession and it's better to do it before the gathering. Hatori said she's definitely going to tell Kousuke about it however, she's scared of what's going to come next.

Hatori is worried that Kousuke might think that she's still in love with Rita. Hatori still told Kousuke the truth via text. Kousuke pops by Hatori's class and asked if they can have a talk. Kousuke asked about Hatori's feeling now. 

Hatori: "How am i feeling... Rita is important to me and i hope for him to be happy but here is nothing much i can do now."
Kousuke: "Important. I see."
Hatori: "It might seems a little weird but i'm just asking if...

... if im moved by Rita's actions is it alright for Hiromitsu-kun? Is it that easy for you to accept it?"
Kousuke: "I'm sorry Hatori... i'm feeling really bad now. I'm just pretending to be fine."

Hatori thinks that Kousuke is so cute now to feel jealous.
Kousuke: "I take back what i've said just now. I don't allow you to change your heart (feeling for Kousuke himself)."
Hatori: "I'm working hard on my part to not allow myself to change my feelings... if Hiromitsu-kun is unhappy even if it's just alittle i'm can don't go for the class gathering."
Kousuke: "I'm not going to say that. Enjoy yourself! and tell me all about it."
Hatori thinks to herself that she's really lucky to have Kousuke as her boyfriend....

... there's no one other than him who will put himself in my shoes and worry about me.

Nakajima is asking Rita if he's not going for the class gathering because Hatori is worried that Rita will not turn up because of her. Nakajima left know that Rita is not thinking that way.

Adachi called Rita to gather and Rita said he would like to talk to her later.

Adachi looks worried and asked if he can said it now and she went on to ask what she should make for tonight's dinner.... 

At the gathering. Some of their friends realized the ring on Hatori's hand. Filled with happiness... Hatori said it's finally her turn. lol. Some of the girls asked about Rita and mentioned that they've been wanting to meet him. Just when Hatori is think of coming up with and excuse... Rita is dragged in by one of their friend. 

Hatori tries to be friendly and asked Rita to sit beside her but Rita insist that he's fine and sits faraway from Hatori. And this irritating classmate of theirs said "Matsuzaki, you've been dump right? and if i'm not wrong, you and Terasaka-kun had been classmate since junior high right? Naturally you've been going out at least once?" and the other classmates go: "We want to know about it!" Hatori turns to Nakajima for help but she's busy with other classmates. 

Hatori thinks "What kind of question are they asking me?" and she tries hard to think of something and she finally said: "A lot happened between us and i've showed him my bra once." (refer to the first few chapters if you need recap) and Hatori went on explaining that it happened when they were is young.... blah blah blah...

Hatori feels exhausted.

Hatori bumps into Rita when she came out from the ladies. Rita tells her to stop (telling their classmates all those stories about them) Hatori is shock and thinks that she's making so much effort to that the gathering can go on smoothly... then she went on saying that this has been Rita all along. (rejecting her kind efforts)

Rita: "We are no longer related."
Hatori: "I know and I'm sorry." and thinks what's with him confessing to me when he likes and building a wall when he likes. I don't understand him at all and she went on to enjoy the rest of the gathering.

The irritating classmate asked if Hatori is attached and if he's equally a jerk. Hatori rebutted that he's very handsome. The irritating classmate went on to tease Hatori not believing anything she said and Rita stood up for Hatori saying that her boyfriend is really handsome and that he's the champion for the school Mister contest and that he's a good catch. 

Now the girls are all going: "Woah.... can we have a look at his photo?" While the irritating classmate asked if he's only playing with her and Rita told him off that he's being noisy....

... and he's making things difficult for Hatori and it's his fault for the weird atmosphere since the beginning. Hatori is happy that Rita defended her but she wonders if Rita reads the weird atmosphere too.

When the gathering ended, Hatori called out for Rita.

Hatori thanked Rita while Rita said he's not doing it for her and even though he said that (Kousuke is handsome) but he never thought so. Not even once.
Hatori thinks "What is this?" and she received a call from Kousuke asking for her whereabouts.

Kousuke: "Hatori-chan, im here too."

Kousuke is at the station picking her up! omg~
Putting on a really charming front, Kousuke said: "I've came!" but from the corner of his eyes he's looking at Rita and thinks "I hate it when some pest sticks around."

Hatori looks really happy.

Rita thinks "Is she a Baka?"

Nakajima uses her knee to hit the back for Rita's knee causing to fall down.

Rita: "This is so embarrassing, what do you want with me?"

Nakajima: "I thought you've decided to wipe off your feelings for Hatori?"
Rita: "Hiromistu is irritating and i can't help it."
Nakajima: "You are betraying Adachi do you know?"
Rita: "I don't know what i should do."
Nakajima: "Isn't it alright not to force yourself to wipe off your feelings?"
Rita: "Is that so?"
Nakajima: "It can't be help, you are the worst. I'll tell you if you still don't understand....

... You always do whatever things that pleases you. To be truthful to Adachi? Are you a BAKA? You should have told her that early to avoid all the confusion! You think that you are only telling her the truth? Actually you are hurting her! If you still like Adachi and plans to go out with her, even if it's just a little, keep your feelings for Hatori well! If you can wipe off your feelings for Hatori then break up with Adcahi. You are hurting yourself too!"

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