Monday, June 20, 2011

ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 15

From the previous chapter:

Kousuke: "Can you give Hatori-chan to me? From the way i see it, you are just a kid. Are you BAKA? There is no reason for Hatori to like someone like you!"

Kousuke's thoughts "What should i do?"

Hatori's thoughts "Until just now, i was in so much happiness...

... was it a dream?"

Nakajima: "Hatori, how was it? Are you crying?"
Hatori: "What is it about being strong? Why is more advantages being the weak one? It's not that i like to be strong, i'm actually very weak. Even though so, i work hard. What's with 'I have Nakajima by my side'. Adachi is alone because she does not put in effort to make friends!...

... even though so, she's chosen."

Hatori's thoughts "Stop joking with me. I hate Rita."

Nakajima: "Are you really going home? Should i leave school early as well? Are you coming to school tomorrow?" and she thinks to herself " It's alright if she doesn't think of something strange."

Hatori's thoughts "I'm going to do something wrong, it's all Rita's fault. Without Rita around, it's the same as me being alone. Can't he leave Adachi aside? Even though i cried that badly, i being left aside. He didn't love me, even for a little. I had enough."

Hatori's thought "I'm tired. Regardless if it's a misunderstanding or something which i look forward to. I'm not going to fall in love anymore. I'm going to be monk/nun!"

Nakajima: "What and why are you like this?"
Hatori: "I've decided to be a nun. It's scary to do something wrong."
Nakajima: "I don't understand at all!" and she pulls away the fake bald head from Hatori.

Nakajima: "Come over here! Why? What happened?"
Hatori: "That is why i said i'm becoming a nun."
Nakajima: "Which is why i'm asking what happened?"
Hatori: "I've decided to not fall in love and become a dumb ass again. I've worked hard but there is no guarantee that i will get my reward. I've realized that love is something useless."
Nakajima: "Which is why...."

A loud laughter came for a far. It's Kousuke.

Kouseke: "That's the reason why you decided to be a nun? Hatori is really a genius!"
Moe: "Kou-chan, you are laughing too much. Moe will support too."
Kousuke: "Are you able to not fall in love? Hatori-chan is someone special."

Kousuke: "Aren't you a BAKA? Why didn't you come to me first before deciding to become stronger? I will fly over to Hatori's side when ever you cry."

Hatori's eyes are filled with tears after hearing Kousuke's words but she becomes strong again!

Hatori: "It's alright. I don't need guys anymore. The pre-bell is ringing." and she puts on her fake bald head and heads back to the classroom.
Nakajima: "Don't put it back on! You are really an idoit. You can't move forward doing that. And Kousuke, what do you plan on doing with Hatori? Tell me. Do you like Hatori?"
Moe: "Moe wants to know too."
Kousuke: "Of course i like Hatori. She's cute."

Nakajima: "Is that considered love?" and she thinks to herself "What am i saying here... love?"
Kousuke: "That is impossible."
Nakajima: "It isn't?"
Kousuke: "Maybe."
Nakajima: "Then why are you getting close to Hatori?"
Kousuke: "I think that it's going to be interesting. I'm thinking if i'm going to be real towards Hatori if she dislike Terasaka-kun." and Rita heard him.

Moe: 'Kou-chan. FIGHTO!"
Nakajima: "You are really free and like a kid."
Kousuke: "So that means i'm a very free kid. Nakajima-san, are you going to stop me?"
Nakajima: "Not really. It's good for that BAKA (Hatori). I'm thinking if it's better for Hatori to be going out with Kousuke-kun. Which is much better then keep liking Terasaka."

Rita heard all the conversation.

Hatori's thoughts "If my eyes meet Rita's, i'm going to give him the world coldest look." and she wore the world coldest look on her fave while doing her duties as a class representative for the cultural festival.

Hatori: "Please write down the name of the person you want to represent the class for the Mr and Miss contest. Please write my name for the Miss."

and she sees Rita. He's lying with his head on the desk.
Hatori's thought "He knows that i'm speaking now. What attitude is that? He's unwilling to look over here. There's no meaning for me to give him the world coldest look then."

Rita: "Oi Hiromitsu."
Kousuke: "Why?" 
Rita: "I'm begging you to stop having any contact with Hatori."
Kousuke: "This is none of Terasaka-kun's business. Do you know that you are in no position to say these words to me?"
Rita: "I don't wish for Hatori to be hurt again."
Kousuke: "Me hurting Hatori? Do you know what you are saying? I don't think so... such ordinary matters. It's alright. According to whoever, it seems like Hatori is not in love with me though."
Rita: "What the meaning of doing such things? To insult me indirectly? Doing such useless thing, she's going to get hurt all over again. Don't take it as joke!"
Kousuke: "Do you think of me as such an evil person? Even if it's only for a little, i think i'm more honest towards girls when compared with Terasaka-kun."
Rita: "What are you saying?"
Kousuke: "If you are this worried about Hatori, break up with Adachi now. immediately. You can't do it?...

... Terasaka-kun, are you going to lend you hand out for Hatori?"

Hatori collects back the paper slips and she thinks to herself "Just as i've thought, it's all Rita's name."

Kousuke appears from behind: "It's all Rita's name! It's tiring doing the calculations."
Hatori: "It's nothing."
Kousuke: "Don't push yourself too much. Instead of not pushing yourself too much, you should be clear headed" and he give Hatori a bottle of drink.
Hatori: "What is that now? You seems to be focusing on Rita."
Kousuke: "It seems that you are much more clear headed now. You know that we have not officially broken up yet?"

Hatori: "HUH? Didn't i say before for use to break up?"
Kousuke: "However, did i say that we are broken up?"

Hatori: "I'm such a BAKA."

Kousuke: "Hatori-chan, do you still want to love Terasaka-kun? Hatori-chan mentioned it before that you like Terasaka-kun and that is why we should break up."
Hatori: "I want to give up already but i still like him."
Kousuke: "Do you still have anymore reason to like Terasaka-kun?"

Hatori: "There is no reason." and she thinks to herself "Reason... what should i do? There is none."
Kousuke: "Why are you crying?"
Hatori: "I don't know." and she thinks to herself "Even though i'm unable to take the fact that i like Rita... I see... there is nothing more to it."
Hatori cries in Kousuke's arms.

From a far, a lady saw Kousuke and calls out to him: "Isn't that Kousuke? What are you doing here?"
Hatori wipe her tears and asked: "Who is she?"
Kousuke: "Amy-san! Going back after the drinking party?"
Amy: "Kousuke, you made another girl cry again?"
Kouske: "Nope, i'm not the one who made her cry."
Amy: "Good Evening, i'm Amy, Kousuke's ex- gf. There's something i want to ask you. Come over to my place."
Kousuke: "Eh... are you sure?"
Amy: "It's alright. Take my bag."

Hatori still in shocked and asked: "How long has it been?"
Amy: "What are you asking? Are you asking how long has it been since we broke up? It's been 2 years."

Kousuke: "Hatori-chan, i'm reall sorry. This person used to be my private tutor."
Amy: "What do you mean by this person..."

Hatori's thoughs "Why am i in such a situation?"

Kousuke: "She swindled me since the first day. I was 13 then."
Amy: "I was almost 20."
Kousuke: "That was a crime."

Hatori's thoughts "Why am i listening to you first love with a broken heart? Are the both of you even listening to me?"

Amy: "I had enough, Kousuke isn't cute anymore recently. Pretending to be cool. Without me you are nothing but a kid."
Kousuke: "I've learnt everything from Amy-san... all those bad things."
Amy: "All those bad things only?"

Hatori's thought "It's the first time see Kousuke met someone he can't handle." and she asked: "Why did the both of you broke up?"
Kousuke: "Cause i was too kiddish that is why she dump me."

Hatori's thought "Eh? It's difficult for me to imagine Kousuke-kun dump."

Kousuke: "Amy-san was supported by those rich and handsome during her university years. Comparatively, i lost out."
Amy: "However, to Kousuke, i'm the best."
Kousuke: "Yes. Yes."
Amy: "Do you understand the meaning of the best?"
Kousuke: "I understand. Please take a drink."
Amy: "I going to the toilet."

Hatori's thoughts "Since just now, this lady has been all about herself." and she asked: "Kousuke, are you alright?"
Kousuke: "About?"
Hatori: "Kousuke-kun still like Amy-san right? It's the first time i see Kousuke putting yourself so low. However, i think Amy-san isn't aware of it. However, it's happy when you are wanted by someone right?"

Kousuke is laughing out loud inside and said: "I really don't feel bad at all."

Kousuke:"Being treated by Amy-san that way. To me, i think of her as someone really special. There is nothing i can do even though she still sees me as a kid in the end. During that time, i didn't like myself."

Hatori's thought "I see. This is how Kousuke-kun is feeling."

Amy came out from the toilet and Hatori shouted at her: "Hey Auntie!"

Amy: "Are you calling me Aunite?"
Hatori: "Of course. Can't you see that you are the only aunite around. That is because Kousuke is cool! He's results are good and he's good in basketball. He's like a idol in school and he's like an Espa who knows how others are feeling. Everything Kousuke-kun said till now are all right. He's great. Even though he always tell me the truth which i don't wish to know but he's always there to help me. He's not a kid... not only is he not a kid, he's someone cool! What with that 'Kousuke is mine' appeal? You might not know about no one is actually looking at you....

... You will regret badly someday for hurting Kousuke-kun. That is why, Kousuke-kun it's good for you to have confidence!!"

Hatori's thought: "It's alright for you not to feel pitiful."

Kousuke: "Thank You very much Hatori."
Hatori: "Ojiamanshimasu." and Hatori left. Kousuke can't stop laughing out in his heart.
Amy: "Kou-chan. You have an interesting friend don't you?"

Amy: "What does she wants to say? She like a BAKA who speaks with so much emotion nothing concrete can be derived from those words. It's really tired being a BAKA. Kou-chan, are you going out with anyone?"
Kousuke's thoughs "Saying that, you too. revealing your true colors." and he said: "i'm bored and i'm going home."
Amy: "You you like, we can again..."
Kousuke: "Again? I'm not going to appear before Amy-san again....

I'm no longer interested with Amy-chan. The one i can't take my eyes off now is that girl."

Hatori's thought "What am i doing?"

The arc for Kousuke is building up from this chapter onwards. However, i'm wondering if Kousuke really likes Hatori and Rita is irritating. Why does he always shows concern towards Hatori only after hurting her badly?

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隣のあたし - Spoilers!

This is taken off from the last few pages of Vol. 7 Read at your own risk!  

This is Kyou's expression after hearing that Nina is going to spend her Christmas Eve at Miyake's house. Alone, just the both ogf them.

Kyou is feverish. He's sick after lending Nina the only umbrella he owns the day before.
(Note that both Nina's and Kyou's parents aren't home.)

In bed, Kyou can't stop thinking about Nina spending Christmas at Miyake's house.

Soon, he's having flashbacks of him and Nina.
Checked his temperature to realise that he's running a high fever of 39.7degs, proceed to look for some medication and he fainted.

Nina hears a loud sound from Kyou's room and decides to head over to check it out. (She is leaving for Miyake's house.)

Shocked to find Kyou fainted. She hurries over.

Kyou, unconscious murmurs: "Don't go...."
Nina calls Asou immediately thinking that he's calling out for Asou.

Nina asks Asou to come over but is in shock after hearing Asou's repy.
Asou told Nina that it's impossible for Kyou to be calling out for her at a time like this.

Asou don't look worried at all after hearing that he boyfriend fainted and commented Nina for being slow in realising what Kyou meant when he said: "He thinks of them (Kyou and Nina) as sliblings."

Kyou grabs Nina's hand and calls out to her.

I managed to get my hands on the latest volume of Tonari no Atashi yesterday from Kino and i finish reading it on my way home. It left my heart feeling squishy

I love and hate this series. It always ends at the climax and i need to wait for another 4 to 6 months to know whats going to happen next. (I don't buy Betsufure and i can't read it off 7-11.)

Many people hate Kyou but i actually hopes for Nina to end up with Kyou. He reminds me of Rita....

By the way, i only did 2 pages for Heroine Shinkkaku.... will get it done soon. Hopefully by the end of the weekend.

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Thursday, June 16, 2011

BAD NEWS updates~

Thanks for all the helped offered! =)

I will eventually be able to get a copy of BetsuComi (July) as the a very nice lady at Kino (Liang Court) has kindly offered to help me place a special order for it however, it will only arrive 2 weeks later. Which, is still better than purchasing over Amzaon which is OUCH to my wallet. hahaa.

Sorry to keep all DD fans waiting. m(_ _)m

I will be doing Heroine Shinkkaku soon. Keep a look out for it!


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Wednesday, June 15, 2011


 I tried all outlets... Taka and Liang Court.

Good thing is i still managed to secure a copy of Betsuma (July) which i will be collecting later.

omg~ Dengki Daisy!!! Black Bird!!! argh.... can't live with the idea of not getting to read DD and BB and DD is the cover for the July issue. So i went to Amazon to place my order for the July issue and it cost me a BOMB!!!!

This taught me a lesson and i'm going to subscribe to Betsuma and Betsucomi starting today. My heart can't take another attack like this.

To all DD fans... i'm really sorry about this... causing you more waiting time... i'm going to do the summaries as soon as i got my hand on my very expensive copy with is estimated to arrive (according to Amazon):

Delivery estimate: 2011/6/18 - 2011/6/28
Shipping estimate for these items: 2011/6/16 - 2011/6/23

When i thought i can tap on Kino's 20% off for VIP members... i'm spending more instead... ARGH...


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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku)

(Next month, there will be more appearance of Kousuke then before.)

(It's been a long time since i last drew Kousuke thus, i practised last night.)

The above is from 幸田もも子sensei's blog. Seem like we can finally expect more of Kousuke in the coming chapter!

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