Saturday, October 29, 2011

電撃デイジー - Chapter 52

This summary is going to be really brief. 

Here it goes:

Teru is trying to wake Kurosaki who had worked through the night up as it's almost time for them to meet up at Master's place for lunch. She threatens to strip if he doesn't wake up.

Well, she succeeded! She pulled up her top revealing her stomach where she pasted a heat pack.

They begin to fill everyone with their findings. (They've divided up the work scope in the previous chapter) Kurosaki started first. He was working on Morizo. 

Kurosaki thinks that Morizono is not as smart as he seems to be and he's actually looking for a pirated version of JF. (Chiharu told him that there is a supply of the pirated JF).

Kurosaki continues to think that he's a dumbass until the mention of M's last words.

M refers to the late Midorikawa-san. The 'last words' was corrupted by Daisy's JF and Souichirou was tasked to decode it and the content of the 'last words' has information about a syndicate which the government is targeting. However, no one knows where is the 'last words'. (Last words is actually some harddisk which contains important data.) 

Kurosaki said that he's not particularly interested in M's last words and made a move first saying that he's tired due to lack of sleep. Instead, he is the one who is most concerned with the M's last words. 

Rena is putting up a strong front in front of student council members.

Haruka, Kyoshi and Riko are all worried about her. Riko tried talking to Rena but Rena is unwilling to discuss anything saying that she will try to resolve the issue herself.

Teru is worried about Rena too. So she gathers everyone for a snowball fight to cheer Rena up. Rena is touched. 

Back in the room, Teru is massaging Kurosaki. Kurosaki asked if Teru is interested in listening to his thoughts about M's last words.

Kurosaki thinks that both Midorikawa and Souichiro might not wish for Kurosaki to have his hands on M's last words. What they really want for Kurosaki to have is happiness, which is by his side. Teru asked him to be more specific about 'happiness which is by his side'. 

Kurosaki teased her by saying that he does not wish to. Looks at Teru with his charming smile and holds her hand. *sweet*

Rena went to look for Morizono and overheard his conversation with someone about selling the pirated JF on their wedding party.

A new arc is building up.... what's Morizono's real motive? He's a puzzling character.

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Monday, October 3, 2011

電撃デイジー - Chapter 51

Finally managed to find time to do this and it's my first time reading as i write the summary. Enjoy!

The cover.

Rena's fiance invited Rena and Teru to a really expensive restaurant for dinner.

Both of them really enjoyed the food. Teru reminded Rena to question her fiance's about his disappearance the last time. Rena thinks that it's not the right time to ask now, that they shouldn't spoil the moment and enjoy the food. Teru's has reservations about Rena's fiance, Morizono.

On the other hand, Korosaki and Kyoshi are at a nearby restaurant, sharing a earpiece and listening to their conversation (Rena, Teru and Morizono) because the restaurant is too expensive for them. A cup of coffee will cost 2000yen kind of expensive. Kyoshi questioned Kurosaki why is he looking so pissed and wonder if it's because Teru seems to be enjoying herself at the dinner.

Kyoshi thinks that all girls will like to have dinner where the view is nice and the food is good. He sees Kurosaki's pissed look and added that Teru isn't this kind of girl and it's great that the dinner seems to be ending in peace soon.

At Master's restaurant, Andy is looking through the security video of the hotel where Teru was hurt by Akira. They found the lady and they are sure that she is Mori Chiharu however, they've not seen this man whom she's talking too. They decided to show this clip to Riko and Kurosaki later thinking that it's not an urgent issue.  The dinner is about to end and nothing happened, Teru thinks that she shouldn't have troubled Kurosaki to listen to their conversation.

Morizono sees that Rena is happy with the dinner and tells her that they are at quits with what happened the other day (his disappearance). Rena is shocked and insist that they are two different matters not to be mixed together. She goes on to question him about his disappearance. He answered saying that in a man's world there's alot of things a woman cannot understand so there is no need for him to explain further. If she is still not happy, he can buy her a branded bag the next time. Rena raised her voice and he stopped her by saying that it's embarrassing and he's going to talk to her father about it.

Rena keeps quite upon hearing that. She does not wish to disappoint her father again. Morizono tells Rena that she's pretty and should behave well so that she will be able to find happiness. Rena leaves first saying that she's not feeling well. Hearing that on the other side, Kyoshi rushes out.

Morizono apologized for Rena's behavior. Teru defended Rena and told Morizono that Rena left because she's going to break down into tears soon and she did not want to embarrassed Morizono. Kyoshi called out for Rena outside the restaurant. He pretended to be passing by.

Rena is unable to hold back her tears any further and wonders why Kyoshi is always around during her vulnerable moments. Kyoshi sent her back home.

Back in the restaurant, Teru thank Morizono again for the dinner and is about to leave when Morizono pulled her back and asked for a favor. 

Morizono said he has information about BAKA Daisy. Teru did not said a word and she wonders if he's one of Akira's compliance. Morizono continued saying he knows about Teru's relationship with Daisy however she does not know his real identity and where he is located. She can contact his only through email.  Teru wonders why he has such not up to date information.

Morizono asked Teru to sell him Daisy's contact and that he's willing to buy her any branded bag she wants and teaches her things she don't know about man.

Teru asked him to let go of her hand and that she already know about man. That man is an honest man who's worth her respect. He taught him alot of things (which includes quarreling) who teaches her better than he does.

She left the restaurant and ran with all her might. Kurosaki pulled her to one of the back alley.

Kurosaki reprimanded Teru for not leaving the scene when she sensed danger. That she should just gave Morizono his contact so that she is able leave safely. Teru said that is what she is unwilling to do so (giving Kurosaki's contact to Morizono). She pouted her lips. Kurosaki saw a poked her cheek and said that he's not angry with her as long as she reflects on her actions.

Kurosaki added that he will bring her to such a place for dinner someday. Not the kind where a cup of coffee cost 2000yen but the kind where a pasta cost 2000yen and Teru's birthday is coming and he's can get her something she likes so she is never going to Morizono again. Teru promised and requested for a sock for her birthday present. (hold hands... so sweet).

Back at Master's place, Teru saw the video clip and is able to identify that unknown man to be Morizono. They wonder if he's really Chiharu's compliance based on his limited knowledge about Daisy.

Each of them takes up different job scopes to check on Morizono. Kurosaki asked for Teru's permission to be part of this mission. Teru agrees. Kurosaki promised that he's not going to harm anyone who's not related to this mission. Teru understands that Kurosaki is going to be Daisy now to protect her.

Morizono received a call from an unknow number and is shocked that it's Daisy who called him. Daisy asked Morizono what he has for him since he's been looking for him.

Nothing much again this chapter, another build up? I think more information will be reviewed in the next chapter.

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