Monday, February 6, 2012

Wild Romance

This is another K-drama not to be miss!

Titled: Wild Romance
Cast: Lee Dong-Wook and Lee Si-Young
Synopsis: Refer to http://www.hancinema.net/korean_movie_Wild_Romance.php

I love Lee Si-Young in this drama! Previously she acted as the smart, rich and pretty girl whom likes Pek Sun Joon (acted by Kim hung joon) in the Korean version of Mischievous Kiss. 

She is this pretty and elegant!


The made her into his cabbage head girl who is rough and violent! She's still cute! Very cute in fact.

Watch it if you find time!


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ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 21

N sees R sitting alone and wonders if he's crying. She's convinced that he's crying after recalling that he had already broken up with A. She wanted to use the hose to spray water on R so that others can't tell that he's crying.

R insist that he isn't crying.

H is think about R and A's break up and on the other hand she's thinking about hugging K.

H came to find K naturally. She decides not to tell K about anything so that it will not cause him unnecessary worries. She sees a pin on K's hair. *he looks so so so cute with the pin!!!* K's classmate lend him the pin as his hair is too long. H pretends to be angry about it as she enjoys making K's a little bit of trouble. She turns around and K is missing!

H wonders is she went overboard. K pushes H against the wall and said: "Hatori-chan, you loose."

K: "You should let me win once in a while."
H: "When did i ever win?"

K: "I'm not telling you."

H thinks to herself: When i'm with K, he seems to always allow me to be myself and making me willful. SOrry R, i'm very happy now."

R out from the bathroom and he  received a call from A.

He picks up the phone.... *i wonder what happen*

It's going to be Christmas soon.

H in the toilet is wonder what she should do for Christmas with he first boyfriend and she heard some conversations outside talking. They are talking about R and A. A is absent from school again and they are putting the blame on R.

H urged them to stop talking bad about R when they don't even know him well enough. The girls starts to say that H is to blame as well. 

News starts to spread in the school and everyone thinks that R is the bad guy. H is really pissed off and she swears to stop all these rumors. 

H feels sad seeing R being bullied by their schoolmates. H dislike herself for not being able to do anything for R and she's always able to be by R's side when anything happens but not now. 

N joins R when she sees him squatting at one corner listening to music. She asked if it's really ok for him to just let others bad mouth about him. He said he's fine with that as he thinks that he's really the worst for what he had done. R warns N not to hang around with him if not she might also be targeted however N decides to hang out with him. 

They spend their time at the arcade center. 

R starts to talk to N about the phone call from A. It's actually from A's parents. They scolded R for hurting their daughter.  R thinks that it's natural for them to be mad at him. R then took out a letter to show N. The letter is from A. Seems like her parents confiscated her phone and she apologized on behalf of her parents for scolding R.

In the letter A wrote: Like how R told H that you will always stand by H. I will always stand by R. Now i too hope for H to be happy. I'm sure K will be mad if he sees this letter.

R thinks that it's best for A if she had nothing to do with him. Now, she is still only thinking about him.

R thinks that since junior high school onwards, he's not responsible enough.

N thinks that he's silly to think this way. She tells R to lift up his head and listen carefully.
N: "One has to be defeated before tasting success. It is not totally redundant to go out with a useless guy....

... reassured. A is able to find a better guy next time, life is long.

R: "N is like a granny."
N: "Are you trying to pick up a fight?"
R: "Thank You Nakajima."

R: "You seems to have saved me by calling me BAKA."
N blushed a little and she wonder if her mother nature causes her to care for R and wonders what's with R's smile just now.

R thanks N for keeping him company. N is having flashes for R's smile when he said thank you.

Someone shouted "Kyouko!"

It's R, he pulled N back quickly and a car drove past. It's still red light when she wanted to cross the road.

Kyouko is N's name which she uses in junior high school. She uncomfortable with people calling her by that name now.

R: "Be careful on your way home, Kyouko-chan." (he's doing it on purpose.)

H, on the train and she's thinking about R. She wonders how is he doing and if he's feeling miserable alone.

K calls H when she's thinking about R. K tells H that he's alighting at the next station. H blames herself for thinking about R when she's with K. K asked H if she's worried about R since just now.

K: "Hatori-chan, if you are so worried about Terasaka, why don't you stay by his side?"

K: "You can come back to me anytime. What's your reply?"

H rushes out of the train to hug K and replied with a loud yes.

K: "This is bad, you've alighted."
H: "I love K the most!"

K kisses H.

H thinks to herself "Wait for me R, tomorrow onwards i will be by your side!"

On the other hand, N keeps telling herself, no it can't be, no it can't be.

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ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 20

H is feeling really happy and it's showing all over her face.

K: "Why? What happened?"
H: "Nothing. I'm just feeling happy to be holding my boyfriend's hand and walking home."
K: "Isn't this something very common?"
H: "To me it isn't.:
H: "Everyone thinks that it's naturally for the boyfriend to come pick her up and to receive a ring from the boyfriend. I really envied them very much and that is why i'm feeling really happy now."
K: "H is easy to pleased. What about others?"
H: "Huh?"
K: "Do you have other things you wish to do? I will make all your wish come true."

H is feeling so much bliss that she's actually a little worried.

Back at home, H's mum told H that she has a visitor and she's actually A. 

A is here to have a talk with H.

A asked: "I'm wondering is R is going to break up with me. I suppose maybe, because he has come to like H. I might have said it before that we should respect one's decision. No matter how miserable i feel, if R no longer likes me, there's nothing much i can do about it...

... and that is why i will respect R's decision. How should i handle my own feelings. To handle my feelings... how wonderful can it be if one can just throw away one's feelings into the trash bin."

H: "A, are you serious about what you just said? What do you mean by throwing away your feelings? Shouldn't you protect your own feelings?"

A: "Who should protect my love for R?"

The righteous spirit in H burns up and she told A that she's going to support her no matter what happens.

In bed at night, H wonders what she should do for saying those words to A in the day.

H looks at her mobile and it's 1:30am. She wonders if K is asleep already. She wants to call him but is afraid to wake him up. In the end, she decides to call him and let the phone ring 3 times and she will hang it up.

K picks up the phone in his sleep!

H told K about A's visit in the day and that A already knows that R likes herself now. H wonders if she's really so kind to worry about them. However, she still thinks that it's best for the 2 of them (R and A) to be back together.

K: "R is serious about liking H?"

H is shock.

K: "Isn't it kind of sudden for R to have a change of heart? I think he likes H because H likes me now. He's trying to challenge me."

H now wonder if R is like what K said. If that's the case, then R does not really likes H. H thank K for enlightening her and she hangs up the phone.

Now, it's K's turn who can't sleep.

H asked N to help R. N refuses thinking that it's troublesome.

N: "Why are you doing all these? Isn't it R's decision to like you or not?"
H: "R does not like me. There's nothing of this sort."

H said that in a loud voice and R happened to be behind H.

H: "I don't think you like me. You dislike K and that is why. It must be because when i like you, i'm always around you but now i'm not around anymore and you feel lonely. You are the one who ditched me."

R: "That is right....

... you've thought alot about it."

H is feeling trouble.

She thinks to herself: "I'm feeling all the happiness alone now... but this can't be help, he's he one who ditched me. R might still like A normally now... i wanted the 2 of them to get back together is not because of A or anyone else..

... In the end, i just do not want myself to end up as the bad guy."

In class, R see two kids outside and this reminds him of himself and h when they were kids. They were one their way home when H suddenly disappears. R feels worried when he turns around and H is no longer around. The H appeared behind him and scared him.

Kid R: "I thought you are gone?"
Kid H: "You got a shock didn't you?"

A sees R and pick up her courage to go up and talk to him.
A: "What are you looking at?"
R: "Nothing much."
A: "I've received 2 movie tickets yesterday, if it's possible..."

Some one shouted H's name out loud and R turns his head towards that direction.

When he realised that A is still talking to him, he quickly turns back and apologized to her. 
A: "Um... it's really nothing."
R: "I see."

H lie on her classroom desk and thinks to herself: There's really nothing i can do.  How can i not like the R is used to like so much?"

R: "No matter how i think, i think i like you."

H lift her head up and sees that it's R who said that to her.

R: "I'm sorry."

H: "It's too late. Really, is it true? However i see it, it's impossible for you to like me so suddenly. How much do you rate upon 10?"

R: "It can't be done!"
H: "What then?"
R: "When you are a BAKA."
H: "What? It's all BAKA?"
R: "When you like someone you are honest like a BAKA. Let me see, what more... Everything." 

H: "But you chooses A."
R: "Um, i did not want to be the bad guy. I knew how i felt then but i decide to pretend not to know about it. Bye."
H: "Rita! I like K now! Are you going to break up with A? Don't do that! I do not want R to end up alone."

R: "It's alright. I'm going to become H."
H: "Huh?"
R: "I'm going to be true to myself like you. No matter what happened, i will be by your side supporting you. If anyone makes you cry, i'm going to beat the crap out of him. If you have things that you are happy about, i will be here to share your joy with you. I will fly to your side when you are being left alone. When you marry K, i will wish you happiness by playing the violin for you...

... i will work hard to become such a person. bye."

H is in tears shouting out R's name in her heart.

R sees A at the corner. She heard everything R tols H.

A: "Tell me, what do you want to tell me?"
R: "I'm sorry, A. There is someone i like. Thank you for everything up until now."

H is on her way to find K and she wonders if he's club activities had ended and she sees R sitting alone and he seems to be crying.

H is shocked but she chooses to turn away.

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