Monday, May 31, 2010

How much of a 腐女子 am i?

Currently reading (hardcopy, Japanese version)
1. カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる - up till vol. 3, ongoing.
2. 今日、恋をはじめます - up till vol. 8, ongoing.
3. スイッチガール!! - up till vol. 12, ongoing.
4. 電撃デイジー - up till vol. 7, ongoing.
5. 僕たち知ってしまた - up till vol. 7, release till vol. 9 (thinking of dropping this, just too boring)
6. スキップ・ビート!- up till vol. 3, release till vol. 24 (taking my own sweet time, story is good but the art is not so much to my liking)
7. のだめカンタービレ - up till vol. 2, release till vol. 24 completed (taking a pause as theres's no hiragana attached beside the kanji, makes it abit difficult for me to read)

Currently reading (online, English version)
1. ストロボ・エッジ - up till vol. 5 chap. 18, release till vol. 7?
2. 彼はトモダチ - up till vol. 4 chap. 15, released till vol. 7 completed? (i'm not too sure)

Planning to read (hardcopy, Japanese version)
1. 君に届け
3. Naruto (released till vol. 52 - i can hear my mother screaming)
4. Bleach (released till vol. 44 - i can hear my mother screaming AGAIN)
5. One Piece (released till vol. 58 - i will be deaf)

Planning to read (online, English version)
1. 好きっていいなよ
2. 僕はキスで嘘をつく
3. 偷偷爱着你
4. 好きです鈴木くん!!
5. バクマン
6. Black Bird
7. Honey Bitter
8. 会長はメイド様

Currently watching (online stream anime or drama)
1. Bleach - ongoing, never ending.
2. Naruto - ongoing, never ending.
3. One Piece - ongoing, never ending.
4. 会長はメイド様 - ongoing.
5. ヤンキー君とメガネちゃん - ongoing.

Planning to watch (online stream anime or drama)
1. 君に届け - anime
2. 君に届け - drama (shooting in Sept 2010)
3. スキップ・ビート!(Taiwan version, due to some contract issue shooting has paused or so i heard)

Recently completed (drama or movie from manga, anime, manga, )
1. 僕の初恋をキミに捧ぐ - movie and manga, Japanese version
2. のだめカンタービレ - movies and drama, Japanese version.
3. 恋空 - movie, drama and manga, Japanese version.
4. スキップ・ビート!- anime, Japanese version.

On top of these, i'm still watching American, Taiwan, Korea dramas. *yeeks* Staying at home feeding on manga, anime and dramas. Save money on eating out, transport and clothes. (who am i kidding?)

How much of a 腐女子 am i?


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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Currently reading ストロボ・エッジ online too. Until vol. 5, chapter 18.

Yet another typical shoujio manga with a innocent and cute shoujio heroine, Ninako. She has no experience in relationships and curiously explores the meaning of what love is and is surprised to feel a colorful range of emotions as she grows closer to the school heartthrob (~yes, the most popular guy in school again, didn't i just mentioned that its typical), Ren who is involved in a long term relationship.

Ando, Ren's middle school friend, whom also has an idol-like status in school, is a big time player but changes after knowing Ninako. He eventually falls in love with her even though he is very much aware of her feelings towards Ren.


Typical i told ya. Two idol-like status high school heartthrob finding themselves gradually drawn towards a innocent and cute high school girl. .

There is a strong debate going on regarding who should Ninako choose, Ren or Ando now that both of them likes her already. Initially, i thought she should choose Ren as she originally likes him but now i'm thinking Ando is not bad as well always by her side when she's sad or down. But there is this thing about Ando, he's so skinny! (okies, i have problems with skinny guys, i always feel that they will be blown away by wind easily and i mind the fact that their legs are slimmer than mine.)

Shall wait patiently for new release on Mangafox. *praying for faster release*


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彼はトモダチ (He's my boyfriend, he's my friend)

Currently reading this manga online, until volume 4, chapter 15, a typical shoujio manga with a pretty and innocent shoujio heroine, in her middle school days, likes Mizuno, a popular guy in school and who happened to be the best friend of the guy, Sasamoto, who is sitting beside her in class. She asked for his help to bring herself and Mizuno together and he agreed. However, things begin to change, as Hiyori and Sasamoto grow closer, and they find themselves falling in love with each other.

It wasn't pure chance that Sasamoto is sitting beside Hiyori in class, he actually changed seats with another classmate so that he can get to sit beside Hiyori. He likes Hiyori but he cannot reject her when she requested for him to help her bring herself and Mizuno together. Kotone, Mizuno and Sasamoto's childhood friend seemingly innocent but scheming friend, who shares a past with Sasamoto and isn't about to let him go.


Typical plot with a bit of a heart thumbing. The story started off pretty cute and innocent but it's getting a wee bit heavy and sad now all thanks to the childhood bitch, Kotone. Sasamoto broke up with Hiyori and not Hiyori ends up with Mizuno as Sasamoto failed to turn up at the park. She left a note for Sasamoto but it ends up in the toilet bowl thanks to the bitch. I wonder how the stroy will develpe into. I hope Hiyori ends up with Sasamoto eventually even though i like Mizuno as well just that Sasamoto seems more mature (ok, i know they are only in their middle school, 17yrs old).

Even though i am a little eager to know the developement, in my opinion i still feel that it is not worth picking up the hardcopy. I need to select my choices carefully if not i'm not sure how many boxes of managa am i going back home with next Feb and not to mention i can already hear the screaming i will be getting from my mother after she sees my boxes of manga and knowing well that there is insfficient space in my room to store them already. On the happier note, shipment will be paid for by my company! *thinking of buying some shonen manga as well*yeeks* I shall wait patiently for new release on Ainmea for this manga.


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浪漫爱情喜剧 - 呼叫大明星

主演 蔡卓妍 - 陈德馨,贺军翔 - 柏野, 陈至愷 - 钟威力, 周彩诗 - 杨惟晨

简介:香港姑娘德馨自幼随母亲生活。母亲过世多年后,德馨一人来到台湾做了出租车司机寻找生父。一次误会使柏野认识了德馨,两人处处为难对方,但就在这个过程 中,两人慢慢有了不一样的感觉。德馨终于在上海找到了父亲。父亲早就在上海办了自己的企业,而父亲也是柏野初恋情人惟晨的父亲。德馨跟随父亲到了上海,并 学习接管公司的工作。 柏野也因拍电视剧也来到了上海,阿力回到自己的家族企业后也要求来到上海的分公司。在上海, 大家发现了柏野的妹妹柏柔,并有了身孕。柏野悄悄带着妹妹离开大家。柏野在这时结识了一位落魄但有理想的导演,并慢慢展现了自己的才华,最后这部作品入围 了威尼斯奖。德馨终于找到了柏野,两人开始了幸福的生活。杨父也知道开始珍惜十几年如一日等待自己回家的妻子。


因为男主角是贺军翔, 小美, 女主角是港星阿sa, 可爱而且不作作所以决定开始看这部新的台湾偶像剧《呼叫大明星》。《呼叫大明星》每周五在台湾上映,一周一集好慢。看了第一和第二集觉得还不错,不过三四位男女主角之间的关系看得我一头雾水。《呼叫大明星》毕竟是一部浪漫爱情喜剧, 这类的剧男女主角最终一定会在一起,有一个皆大欢喜的结局。


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Saturday, May 29, 2010


The famous 5 way - cross junction in Shibuya.

Starting to cross.

crossing 1

crossing 2

crossing 3, the crowd is starting to merge.

crossing 4
crossing 5

crossing 6

crossing 7
crossing 8

crossing 9
crossing 10

finally cleared.

cars turn.

the crowd, waiting to cross.

the crowd, crossing.


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7-11 Dinner

lazy to cook?

picked up a chicken salad dinner from 7-11 for 298yen (4.25sgd).

actually, it quite expensive for 4 slices of roasted chicken, half hard boil egg, some raw vegetable and some pasta.

the precious 4 slices of roasted chicken and half hard boil egg.


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Friday, May 28, 2010

スイッチガール!! (Switch Girl!!)

スイッチガール!! 第12巻 2010年5月25日発売
omg! Vol. 12! like finally! and the cover looks hilarious!

スイッチガール!! is no longer available in MangaFox as it has been licensed.

Well, even though i am buying the Japanese version off the shelves but i do read the online English versions together with the Japanese version (2nd time, my way of learning casual Japanese) and i prefer Japanese version to English version (it's much cuter when their thoughts and feelings are expressed in Japanese, somehow it seems werid in English, Chinese is still acceptable thou) and online releases are VERY VERY slow (online release was only at Vol. 2, 10 volumes behind) but i still feel a tab sad when it is no longer available. Lucky i can understand chinese and chinese priates are not so law abiding. heh.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

キミはスイッチガールなの? Are you a switch girl?

キミの答えは?Whats your answer?

俺の? mine?

秘密ですよ。Its a secret.


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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Definition of 腐女子

which liteally means "rotten girl" is a pejorative Japanese term for female fans of manga and novels that feature romantic relationships between men.


a female おたく/オタク, Otaku - a Japanese term used to refer to people with obsessive interests, particularly anime, manga and vidoe games.

I think i'm turning into a 腐女子 with the amount of dramas, animes and manga i'm consuming everyday.


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Diana Mini

meet my new friend, new hobby and new toy, Diana Mini.


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Sunday, May 23, 2010


One of my favourite scene in Vol. 1.

クリュードプレイ (Crude Play)
The scene where they came to pick up their former band member, current composer and childhood friend, 小笠原 秋(Ogasawara Aki) in a helicopter. This shows how popular and successful クリュードプレイ (Crude Play) is and too show how important 小笠原 秋(Ogasawara Aki) is to them.

小笠原 秋(Ogasawara Aki) fomer band member of crude play but backed out before the band's first debut. Now the real backstage composer for all Crude Play's songs even though claimed to be produced by 高樹 総一郎 (Takagi Souichirou).

When 小笠原 秋(Ogasawara Aki) first met 小枝 理子 (Koeda Riko). Oh, he used a very cliche picked up line: "Do you believe in first love?" which 瞬 (Shun), Crude Play's lead singer, taught him.

Their second meet up at Tower Records, Shibuya. 小笠原 秋(Ogasawara Aki) was not able to remember 小枝 理子 (Koeda Riko) face clearly after their first meet up and 小笠原 秋(Ogasawara Aki) impression of 小枝 理子 (Koeda Riko) is that she looks like a mushroom thus he was very shocked to see a mushroom-like figure in Tower Records.

and that made him laughed, something which he had not done for a long time after entering the music industry.

All images from Manga Fox, English sub.


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Natural Tears

‘Natural Tears’ is a natural and low-priced cosmetics.

Kwon Sang-woo has started his own "Natural Tears" cosmetics company.

The name ‘Natural Tears’ was taken from Kwon Sang Woo’s own nickname ‘Mr Tears’ and Kwon Sang-Woo himself is the advertising model for ‘Natural Tears’. The first store was officially open in 4th Dec 2009 in Myeong Dong.

‘Natural Tears’ products are really cheap and from my last Korea trip, i bought the Dear Fresh Hydra Super Serum for about $10. It was going 30% off store wide that day.

This is a oil-free, hydrating serum suitable for oily skin according to the SA. It comes in a little glass bottle and on the bottle it says " Earth Marine Water keeps skin full of vitality and radiance. This not greasy rich formula leaves skin velvety smooth all day."

The texture is a transparent gel.

When its spread out evenly, it turns in to water-like. And just like what it says on the bottle, it is not greasy but i feel that it is not moisturizing enough. It smells like some perfume, very light and nice but usually i prefer my skincare products to be fragrance free but this was just too cheap to resist then. hah.

Other items bought from 'Natural Tears"
1. Line & Mode Auto Eyebrow
2. Still Full Mascara
3. Sheet Mask
4. Natural Eye Lashes


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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Diana Mini

she's calling me to buy her off the shelf.

and i'm tempted!


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Thursday, May 20, 2010

キミはスイッチガールなの? Are you a switch girl?

キミの答えは?what is your answer?

俺のね。。。mine is... erm...

俺は優秀な人です。im talented.

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innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream

innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream, SPF 40PA++, Whitening and anti wrinkle, 40ml.

One of my hauls from Korea. innisfree is currently not available in Singapore but i do hope it will come into our little red dot soon.

The smell is the first thing that caught my attention. I'm not too sure what smell is that, some reviews say that its light lavander but it smell like some kind of herbs. Its very faint and light thou and i grow to like the smell.

The colour looks abit dark but upon applying, it blends well with my skintone to give a dewy and natural look. It provides medium coverage thus not able to achieve a flawless. The texture is creamy and watery, very easy to blend as compared to some other bb creams which are thicker and harder to blend.

hand blended with innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream.


I'm currently using it everyday as it fuss free with high SPF, decent coverage and did i tell you what i like best about this bb cream? Its oil control ability! As i plagued with oily skin and usualy my face looks oily and dark by the first break time at 10.30am but with innisfree Mineral Skin BB Cream, it can last another 2.5 hours long before i need to blot my face with oil control paper.

This is a must to repurchase if i have the chance.


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

スイッチガール!! (Switch Girl!!)


Tamiya Nika (田宮仁香) is a beautiful, outgoing, popular high school girl. She has just the right look, just the right fashions, and is everyone’s friend. What everyone at school does not know is how hard Nika works to keep up this perfect image, and what she is REALLY like at home. When not at school, Nika is a scary, sloppy, tight-fisted girl who wears glasses, an ugly sweatsuit, and has her hair pulled back into unattractive buns. She lies around playing video games and reading manga. Her attitude is bossy and cranky, and she travels far out of her way to shop where she won’t be recognized.

Every day, Nika (仁香) “Switches On” with a strict regimen of beautification that involves primping and plucking and careful dressing. The only person who knows about Nika’s Switched On/Off modes is her best friend, who is also aware of the reasons behind the changes.

However, soon a second person finds about about Nika’s personalities - someone who has his own On/Off switch, but in reverse! His name is Kamiyama Arata (神山新), and he is a recent transfer student. He meets Nika (仁香) when she is in OFF Mode, and then again at school when she is ON. However Nika (仁香) can see that he has his little secret. At school, Arata (新) wears thick swirly-eyed glasses and messy hair that make some bullies think he is an otaku. However, at home, he ditches the glasses and is downright gorgeous! He is just the opposite of Nika (仁香) , but why?


I'm currently only reading Vol. 2 but i'm glad i picked it up at the bookstore. It reminds me of 彼氏彼女の事情, butスイッチガール!! is much more funny!!! It's very rare that a shoujo heroine is hilarious!

Who doesn't have a OFF mode? Guess this is the reason why this Manga is so popular, as you read on, you will be able to find some similarties between you and the OFF mode Nika!


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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


――嘘ばかりつく僕のことを カノジョは「正直な人だ」って言うんだ。

The main character of the story is a bassist and composer named Aki (小笠原 秋). He is the former member of and unofficial songwriter of Crude Play, a hot rock band, and the lover of Mari, a rising J-pop singer. Aki hates the limelight but makes music for both Crude Play (out of obligation for his childhood friend, Shun who is the singer of the band) and Mari (because he’s obsessed/in love with her and she sleeps with him for songs).

One day while being emotional about Mari sleeping with Takagi (高樹 総一郎) (The producer for Crude Play and Mari), Aki begins humming a tune and sees Riko (小枝 理子) walking towards him whom was captivated by him. Without thinking about it he uses a pickup line on her as they pass one another. “Do you believe in love at first sight?” He quickly realizes that he’s said this to a kid (he’s 25 and she’s about 17) and apologizes. But Riko, being the usual dumb shoujo heroine that she is, actually believes this and tells him that for him to have asked her that, he must be interested in her.

And thus begins a relationship based on lies. Although Aki claims he just wants to be with someone not involved in the music scene, he seems to be using Riko as a replacement for Mari, whom he clearly is still pining for. Little does he know, Riko is actually the singer of her own band called the Koeda Greengrocer and worships Crude Play but she doesn’t know that Aki is THE AKI who creates music for Crude Play.

Crude Play's album cover.

カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる - 1 巻

「25!? 25で無職なんですか? それ男としてどうなんですか?」
「親のスネかじってんですか? 金持ちのボンボンってことですか?」
「え?あれ? そっか…そうなるのか」

カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる - 2 巻


カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる - 3 巻

「そうでしょうねー だって彼 声フェチだもんなー
「でもすみません カノジョは 僕がもらいました

カノジョは嘘を愛しすぎてる - 4 巻



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Friday, May 14, 2010

Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling - Etude House

Magic Enzyme Pack Peeling - Etude House, one of the peeling product i bought from my recent Korea trip. On the bottle it says: Gommage treatment with enzyme and yogurt to exfoliate and nourish complexion, remove oil and dirt.

It comes in a cute little purple glass bottle with a plastic cap.

A liquid milky solution. Spread the lotion on face, allow product to absorb into skin by gently patting and leave on for 1 to 2 minutes.

After the solution has completely dried, gently rub off with hands and pieces of the product will start to ball up, rinse excess off with warm water. Use 1 to 2 times per week.

The product is hassle to remove. It took me alot of effort to rub my face to an extend that im worried that wrinkles will form. Even after washing with water, i still find tiny bits of it stuck in my face hair which really irritates me. After using this product, my skin is only slightly smoother. Im not going to repurchase this product and I hope to finish this product soon to start on the cute Appletox from Tony Moly.


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