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As much as i would like to share many mangas with you i'm really busy lately thus i've decided to just stick with Heroine Shikkaku and Dengeki Daisy. As for other series like Himitsu no Ai-chan and Black Bird... i will share again when i'm not so busy which i cannot be sure when that will be.

Summaries for Heroine Shikkaku and Dengeki Daisy will not be so detail and quick like before. I hope to seek everybody's understand on this.

Thank You


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ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) - Chapter 18

Brief recap from previous chapter.

Hatori's thoughts "Ne Rita, i've always thought about you wholeheartedly!"
Kousuke: "Hatori-chan!"
Hatori: "Hiromitsu-kun, give me your prize from the Mr contest, NOW!"

Kousuke: "What happened? Why the sudden?"
Hatori: "Give it to me quickly and bring me to somewhere else."
Kousuke hugs Hatori and said: "Alright, lets go somewhere."

Hatori's thoughts "I feel so regrettable to said those words. Why did i love that kind of person?"

Kousuke: "Feel better now?
Hatori: "I'm sorry." and she thinks to herself "Now that i think about it, i've said something really outrageous."
Kousuke: "It's alright. What happened? between you and Terasaka-kun?"

Hatori's thoughts "He knew already."

Hatori: "Its nothing important but (Rita) sees me as an easy girl after i go out with Hiromitsu-kun."
Kousuke: "oh..."
Hatori: "I'm sorry but i'm not taking this relationship lightly and it's not something that's worth crying over about but..."
Kousuke: "This is not interesting at all that another guy made my girlfriend cry."
Hatori: "I'm sorry... i'm sorry."
Kousuke: "But in Hatori's heart, Terasaka-kun is not someone that can be easily removed. There's nothing i can do about that. It's alright as i'm going through this relationship to the end with you" and he slips a ring through Hatori's finger. 

Hatori: "Thank You Hiromitsu-kun!" and she thinks to herself "I LOVE HIROMITSU-KUN!!" and she asked "Hiromitsu-kun, shall we go out tomorrow?"
Kousuke: "I'm fine, where shall we go?"
Hatori: "Erm... "
Kousuke: "Don't tell me you are going to reward me? What's the matter Hatori? Feeling uncomfortable?"
Hatori: "No! Since the beginning, it's not a reward. I really like Hiromitsu-kun that's why."
Kousuke: "That's great! How about coming to my house tomorrow?"

Hatori: "Um!"

and she thinks to herself "Yoshi!" (a term Japanese use when they are determined to do something. Here Hatori is determine to XXX with Kousuke) LOL.

Hatori scrubs herself really clean preparing for tomorrow's "war". She wants to know Kousuke even deeper.

As usual, overly excited Hatori can't get to sleep the night before. She got every thing she needs ready. Kousuke arrives carrying a dog with him. Hatori can't help but thinks that Kousuke is more handsome then when he's participating in the Mr contest. 

Kousuke's left hand is holding the dog strap which stops Hatori from holding his hand. Suddenly it strikes Hatori to run to Kousuke's right side. Unfortunately she knocks herself against a lamp post. 

Kousuke turns away with dark shadows cast over him.

Hatori asked: "Don't tell me you are laughing at me?"
Kousuke: "No. I'm not. I'm sorry. It's because we didn't hold hand isn't it? I just wanted to see what's going to happen if we didn't hold hands but i didn't expect this to happen." and he stretches out his hand towards Hatori.

Hatori's thoughts "Hiromitsu-kun laughs often, unlike Rita. I don't dislike being laugh at by Hiromitsu-kun. It shows that he enjoys being around with me. I'm happy."

At Kousuke's house. Hatori is excited getting to know more of Kousuke's daily life. Hatori takes Kouske's jacket and smells it thinking "This is Hiromitsu-kun's smell."  

And Kousuke happen to come into his room asking Hatori what she would like for lunch.

Hatori sees the dishes Kousuke made for her and thinks that she can't even make such dishes herself and wonders what Kousuke likes about her.

They enters Kousuke's room after lunch.

Kousuke: "What do you want to see?"and hes searching through DVDs.

Hatori is getting excited being in a small room with Kousuke and thinks that she needs to think of a topic to talk about quickly.

Hatori: "How about this album?"
Kousuke: "Sure. It's from a long time ago."

It's photos of Kousuke 2 to 3 years ago and most of the photos are taken with girls around him.

Hatori wonders if these are all just normal girlfriends or did anything special happened between anyone of them and Kousuke. She thinks that it's normal for Kousuke always put on a smile and it's not because it's her.

Kousuke: "Hatori, it's about to start. Come over here?"

Hatori blushes and she sits herself in front of Kousuke.

Kousuke: "You are sitting here?"
Hatori panics thinking that she made a mistake and wants to leave. Kousuke pulls her back and said: "Let's watch it together like this."

Hatori's heat is beating real fast.

Hatori: "How many girlfriends have you had before?" and she wonders why is she asking such a question.
Kousuke: "I've never count before. I will make a count and tell you the next time."

Hatori thinks to hersel "He managed to answer it so beautifully....

 ... wait a minute. this also means that he's been with so many girls that it's uncountable. I might also just be one of them and will be easily forgotten by him. I don't like this."

Kousuke: "Hatori-chan, do you still remember that i told youthat  love relationship is a subjective impression when we first met?"
Hatori: "Yup, that was scary."
Kousuke: "Scary? It's strange. I always thought that i can control love but it seems like i can't. It's my first time. I think i've not been in real love until now.

Kousuke: "It's my first time liking someone so much."

Hatori's thoughts "Hiromitsu-kun's voice is giving me the nice sensation.Whispering it to my ears making it ticklish.

Hatori: "Hiromitsu-kun..."
Kousuke: "Yes?"
Hatori: "Hiromitsu-kun..."
Kousuke: "Humm?"
Hatori: "I like you." and Kousuke touches Hatori's lips and kisses her.

Hatori's thoughts "I like you. I like you. I really like Hiromitsu-kun. I must really like him and that is why.... "

Kousuke is making his way on Hatori as Hatori convinces herself that she really likes Kousuke.

Seeing tears in Hatori's eyes, Kousuke asked "Why? What happened?"

Kousuke: "Scared? Dislike? "
Hatori: "No. I don't dislike."

Hatori thinks to herself  "Why? Please stop."

Kousuke: "I will stop now." and he hugs Hatori close to him and said: "It's alright. Today is not a good day. Don't worry. I will wait."

Hatori's thoughts "Hiromitsu-kun is so straight forward with his feelings..... 

... i'm feeling insecure for not being able to answer to his feelings."

On her way home Hatori thinks to herself "The famous P is willing to give up all the girls who idolised him for me. I'm really happy about it. However, am i good enough for him? I must be good. I've decided to be good enough for him. Hiromitsu-kun! I'm going to like you more than today and im going to reciprocate your feelings wholeheartedly!"

... and she sees Rita.
Hatori: "What are you doing?"
Rita: "Nope, nothing much."
Hatori: "I see. I'm making a move first."
Rita: "Hatori.. i'm sorry about yesterday."

Rita: "I'm not going to have any relation with you anymore."
Hatori: "Do whatever you like. And what happened yesterday?"
Rita: "I've decided to be together with Adachi."
Hatori: "And so?"
Rita: "This is the worse but...

.... i think i i like you and that is why i have no more relation with you."
Hatori: "eh? Wait!..."
Rita: "Thank You....

 I'm sorry for always hurting you and not being able to give you a reply when you needed it the most. I really thank you for liking me all these while. Bye."
Hatori: "Hey! Wait a minute!...

... no it's nothing..."

Oh my! What going to happen next?

Come! Share with me your thoughts and guess about how the story is going to develop!

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