Thursday, September 30, 2010

キミのとなりで青春中。Chapter 25

A very brief summary for this chapter.

Miu and Keita finally reached home after a long night out.

Miu's thoughts "Today is the last day i can be together with Keita. Keita will be leaving for America tomorrow. Since it's the last day, i should smile and send him off....

... Regardless how lonely i feel, i can't let Keita see me cry."

Ietei teases Keita saying that Miu will soon be his while Keita is away. Alex reassures Keita that she will keep an eye on her brother as she sides justice instead of her brother. Alex asked Keita if the sudden decision to leave for America is because he is feeling insecure as his father told him to say in Japan and Miu encourages him to go too?

Ietei hits Keita with a cardboard and tells him that Miu too, is feeling insecure with Keita leaving her and yet she still puts on a force smile. Ietei adds that nothing is going with he going over to America and still feeling insecure. Ietei's words hit Keita.

At the airport, Miu, Alex, Ietei, Gutsu chan and her boyfriend are there to send Keita and his parents off. Miu gave Keita a handphone strap she made using the seashell they picked on their night out. She smiles and tells Keita that she hopes Keita will think of her whenever he sees this handphone strap and give her a call. Keita assures her that he will call her despite the time difference.

Miu tells Keita that when he return to Japan again and they will go to that seaside again. Miu smiles at Keita and soon her eyes turn red. Keita touches her face gently and asked if she spent the night making the handphone strap and he thanked her. Miu is trying hard to hold back her tears.

Miu putting on a big smile and wave goodbye to Keita and his parents as she sees them off. She can on longer hold back her tears after Keita crossed the gate.

Holding the handphone strap in his hand, all Keita can think about is Miu.

Just before boarding, Keita told his parents that he can't leave with them. He told his parents that he was feeling insecure that's why he decided to leave with them but now, nothing is more important that staying by Miu's side.

Keita's father told him that he will respect Keita's decision and he wants Keita to believe that he loves him very much. Keita told his father that even with his father telling him, he know and believes.

Miu, standing alone at the roof top looking up in the sky when she suddenly heard someone calling her. It's Keita and Miu is shocked. Keita told Miu that he's not going already.

Keita: "I will stay by your side."

He told Miu that he felt better after telling his parent how he felt and that he shouldn't had kept all those feelings to himself and closing his heart...

...and now he should be honest with Miu too. Having to leave Miu was not alright for him, he lied previously saying that he will be ok. Miu cry saying that she wants Keita to stay by her side but she had no choice... Keita said he knows and he will be lonely is Miu isn't by his side.

Miu's thought "For someone important, we lied. For someone important, we put a smile on even during difficult times. From now onwards, our thoughts will be synchronize. Being honest, we will move forward together. Keita will still be by my side tomorrow."

Keita teases Miu about the promise of going to the seaside again the next time they meet. Keita told Miu that they should continue what they did not complete that night. Miu shocked and says that she's taking back her words.

So Keita did not leave for America after all, this series will be great if it had ended here. This series is boring me a little which explains why my summaries are getting more and more brief.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku)

Title: ヒロイン失格 (Heroine Shikkaku) also known as No Longer Heroine
Mangaka: 幸田日和 (Koda Momoko)
Current Status: Vol 1 (ongoing Chapter 6, serialized in Betsuma)

When i first came to know of this series i thought "Not another childhood friend unrequited love story again" thus i did not read until recently and i'm glad i did! i'm missing chapter 2 to 4 (Should be compiled in Vol. 1) as i only started buying Betsuma from issue 9 onwards as a result i had to read the synopsis in Betsuma and start reading from chapter 5 and am i lucky, i think Chapter 5 is the chapter where things starts to get interesting. It might not be a painful and unrequited love after all! In fact, i think this series is rather hilarious.

Our heroine, Hiyori imagined herself to be a heroine of a love story with her childhood friend, Rita as the hero. Hiyori and Rita are not a couple even though she likes Rita but she does not have the courage to confess her love for him. She thought of confessing her love however things are just not so smooth sailing in reality. Rita is of course a bishie in the manga, popular and good looking. He had many relationship before but none were serious nor long lasting. Hiyori wonders if one fine day, it might be her turn to be Rita's girlfriend.

An unstylish girl who happens to be Hiyori's classmate appears in front of Rita and soon they become a couple! However, Rita's new relationship seems different! She is able to understand Rita unlike all his previous girlfriend and Rita too, seems serious about this new relationship. Upon seeing these, Hiyori thinks that she should give up her dream as a heroine.

The above is a very short summary which i believe summarised up to Chapter 4. Chapter 1 English scans was just released on 26th Sept by Anime-tion Scanlation as reflected on MangaUpdates. I don't know where to dl the scans as it hasn't been uploaded on to any online reading site as far as i know. I read Chapter 1 from Betusma official site where Chapter 1 (Japanese) is available for a trial read.

I might summarise this series if time permits ^^ from chapter 5 onwards... probably. I'm thinking of getting vol. 1 but cost and space are my concerns. Maybe i shall try my luck at some chinese sites. If anyone of you have Chapters 2 to 4, Mandrian or Japanese can you kindly share with me? hee.


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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

DEAR! - Extra (Love and Sprout)

Let's start!
Kazusa is the narrator for this Extra Chapter - (Love and Sprout).

Narration "How many summers have i spent with you?"

Banri: "It's already so hot early in the morning!"
Kazusa: "This is how summer is like, stop complaining about how hot it is."

Narration "By the way, i'm not talking about you (arrow pointing to Banri.)"

Rei: "Ohayo Kazusa! Ah Banri is there too?"

Narration "Our childhood princess."

Rei: "I thought you just woke up and is on your way here. It's so unusual of you to help out with the chores. Don't do such unusual things. It will be bad if it's not rain but other weird things falling."
Kazusa: "I agree."
Banri points the hose he's holding on at Rei, spraying water at her: "Even Rei is so annoying."
Rei shouted: "Kyahhhh! What is this?"
Banri: "Doesn't it feels good to be cooler?" water from the hose drenched Kazusa now! Kazusa poured the whole pail of water onto Banri and the three of them plus a dog play and fight among each other. Both Banri and Kazusa have their eyes on Rei only.

Narration "It the same since a long time ago and it hasn't change, the way we are together. From the time i can remember, she was a small little girl."

Rei, tidying her hair: "Ahhh... i'm all wet." 

Both Banri and Kazusa looked at Rei as her uniform is slightly transparent as it's wet. Rei: "It's alright, it's going to dry soon if i ride the bicycle."
Banri: "Barely 70B."
Kazusa: "That where your interest lies."
Both Banri and Kazusa thought "It will dry soon but i'm worried about her being seen by other guys." Though worried, there's nothing they can do about it.

Narration "However she will not forever be a little girl. In such a place, it's like a miracle with you unaware of it."

Rei held both Banri and Kazusa's hand: "Let's go! Quick! We are going to be late, why not we do that?"

Narration: " This place, the three of us. You are unaware that we really like you very much."

Rei: "Isn't it great?"

Narration "'Forever' it's a little different from the usual. It's not the 'The same summer', I will protect princess's innocent and unstained smile as long as i can."  

Well, i kind of felt cheated after reading this chapter. Not only is it extremely short, it's just chapter 0 and it only tells me what happened before they rushed to school and they both like Rei which i already knew! Argh.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

World best pick up line?

"I'm Chuck Bass."

It's back!

Eva: I knew it was too good to be true. Who is she?

Eva: When you didn’t come home last night, I assumed you’d left with that girl.
Chuck: I owe you an apology. I don’t expect you to understand, but where i’m from, people lie and cheat and destroy whoever gets in their way. I did it better than any of them. When you dragged me in from that alley, you didn’t just save my life. You have me hope of a new one.
Eva: Well, the you i’ve been living with never did anything to be ashamed of. I hope… I hope you’ll bring some of him with you back to your world.
Chuck: I fully intend to… If you’ll come with me.
Eva: To New York? You got me a ticket?
Chuck: We don’t need tickets. I’m Chuck Bass.

Fall is definitely my favourite season. Gossip Girl Season 4 - The undergraduates. Caught Season 4 Episode 2 last night and i'm totally diggin' it.

My favourite scene.

Blair tells Chuck that she doesn’t love him anymore, but adds, “It wouldn’t be my world without you in it.” In a tear filled moment, the two finally part ways.

I hope Eva is a real deal and not just another pretender though i too want Blair back with Chuck.

Images gathered from imchuckbass.tumblr.com


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Sunday, September 26, 2010


I will be getting DX BetsuComi (デラックスベツコミ) Oct issue which will include an extra chapter on DEAR!

I know the poll is suppose to end on the 1st Oct however Ankemaybe said she doesn't mind getting the copy of Cheese! Extra and sharing the chapter of Himitsu no Kiss on her blog! Isn't it a piece of GREAT news!

Anyway, the results after 1 day is below. Seems like a little more readers are more curious about Banri's and Kazusa's feelings.

Look out for my new updates on DEAR! from DX BetsuComi.

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I can't decide so you guys have to help me!

DX BetsuComi (デラックスベツコミ) Oct issue which has been on sales since 24th Sep will include an extra chapter on DEAR! This chapter will tell us more about the inner feelings of Banri and Kazusa... their feelings towards Rei most probably.

Cheese! Extra Nov issue which will be in sales on 9th Oct will include Himitsu no Kiss (ヒミツのキス)! This chapter is about a kiss between Reo and Aiko in the train after school.

As much as i like to read both but the price of one magazine the above magazine is twice of the usual monthly issue and i'm only interested in one of the chapters and the others are all one shot. Therefore i've decided to create a poll to see which one are you'll more interested in. I'll get the one with the higher votes. ^^

Poll ends on 1st Oct. Hurry up and vote!

Which do you prefer?
Himitsu no Kiss
pollcode.com free polls

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

ヒミツのアイちゃん - Chapter 10

Let's start! Chapter 10 from Cheese! or Chapter 14 from the Tankubon.

Aiko waking up with Reo by her bedside.
Reo: "Aiko, You woke up?"
Aiko: "Reo?" Aiko's thoughts: "eh? my room... ?"
Reo: "You've slept for three days and i was so worried."
Reo touching Aiko's face: "Feeling better already?" Aiko's thoughts "It's been three days."
Aiko: "Sorry to make you worried." Aiko's thoughts "Reo's been by my side all these while."
Reo holding Aiko's chin and pressing his lips close to hers: "Feeling better already."

Aiko pushing Reo's hand away from her: "Wait... I just woke up."
Reo, holding Aiko's hand: "Why? We haven't kiss since then." Reo pressing Aiko down on her bed: "You promised to give yourself to me if i win the area basketball selection..." Now, pressing his lips against's hers: "I've been waiting since then. I like Aiko." Aiko flushed and her thoughts " I'm happy but i'm not prepared mentally and physically!!!"

Continuation of Aiko's thoughts "I don't want my first time to be like this!!!" and the next scence shows Aiko falling off her bed. I was a dream! Aiko's thoughts "Ero is in my blood too!" Aiko's phone rings, she picks it up and blushes when she saw it was Reo who texted her. Mail form Reo: "Oos! (Good Morning in short) You will be going to school from today onwards? I will be waiting for you at the usual park." Aiko thought's "Damn, It's Reo's fault that i had such a dream. All because of that promise. It's been sometime since i last saw Reo, how can i not be conscious after that kind of dream!

Reo: "Oos!" (looking exceptionally charming in his uniform!)
Aiko blushes: "O... Oos."
Reo: "Let's take a seat for the time being?"
Aiko: "um." Aiko's thoughts "This is bad, my heart is beating kinda fast. I can't look straight at Reo's face."
Reo: "You really have fully recovered?"
Aiko, blushing and looking straight in front instead of Reo's direction: "U... um, I'm already alright. I've told you over the phone, didn't i? I've already recovered for quite sometime. It's Mako brother who's worried. My family is over protective of me. My body has become stiff instead after resting for 1 week." Aiko's thoughts "waaa.. How come i'm the only one talking non stop!?"
Reo: "Erm, Aiko, Regarding the matter the other time..."
Aiko flushed and her heart skipped a beat as she interrupts Reo: "EH!?"
Aiko's thoughts "The matter the other time!!? He's talking about the promise already!!?"

"Ding Dong Ding Dong" Aiko still blushing and gets up: " It's the preliminarily bell. Reo, let's run else we will be late!" Reo frowning and thinks that Aiko is trying to avoid the topic. (He's not thinking about the promise instead he's concern about what Takumi told him.) While Aiko thinks that it's impossible for he to behave normally. (She's thinking about the promise. haha)xious when Reo suddenly mentions about the promise. Aiko enters her classroom: "Oos!"

Aiko is shocked to see everyone busy decorating the classroom and making costumes: "Why the uproar? Ah.... Cultural Festival?"
Hiroko:"Hiroki! You finally came! Today is the Cultural Festival and time is not on our side. Let me put on your costume for you."
Aiko: "Now? I don't want!"
Hiroko, pissed: "I told you time is running out and i'm like tearing down home room to prepare..." and Hiroko instruct four girls to get Aiko ready.

In class 2A, Reo's class, a guy came running in shouted: "Extra! Extra! That tomboyish girl, Ai, she's dessing up as a maid! She's getting changed now, let's go and have a look!!" Reo , getting ready in his butler costume thinks "Aiko? Maid!!? Howcome i didn't know about it? Is she right? Dressing up as a maid!!?" Reo: "Excuse me, I'm going to have a look too." leaving the girl who's helping him with the butler costume.

There's a crowd outside class 2E, Aiko's class. Reo: "Excuse me, let me go through..." Reo, blushes upon seeing Aiko and thought "!!!" His classmate blushes too and a little shock: "Oh my!" Hiroko introduces Aiko: "Everyone! Have a look! For the hair, we use a blond wig to give a fluffy feeling and a big ribbon hairband to give it a sweet touch. For the make up, we false eyelashes to make her look for bubbly! Lovable style, Alice Maid, Success!" Reo covers his face with his hand as he blushes terribly thinking that Aiko has become too cute! His classmate: "Oh my goodness, I can't believe that's Ai!? Can she sleep with me?" Reo heard him, pissed and dodged him with his elbow.

His classmate: "OUCH! why did you hit me suddenly?"
Reo: "My hand just slipped." Aiko's thoughts "Oh no! Reo!! I didn't tell him i'm dressing up as a maid! He's going to be mad again!" Aiko blushes when she sees Reo in the butler costume and she thinks that Reo will have more fans after dressing up as a butler. Aiko: "Why are you'll here? I'm not some display so go back!"
Reo: "What are you saying? Someone said that Aiko is dressing up as a maid and i purpose take time off to come and have a look. You are quite a sight!"
Aiko: "Irritating! That's unnecessary care!"
With the other classmates staring at the two of them squabbling, his classmate: "The both of you.... are rivals however, the both of you are unexpectedly compatible!" Aiko blushes even more than before.

The girls in the class: "Though feeling a little regrettable, we think so too!"
Reo's classmate: "They might be an item after this festival with Aiko becoming more feminine."
Aiko shouted: "What are you'll taking about!?" While Reo smiling to himself feeling pleased as others think that they are compatible.
Aiko, still shouting: "Stop joking and don't go over board!"
Reo tap Aiko: "It's unnecessary to disagree so violently yea? They said we are compatible." Aiko thinks "REO!?" Reo holding her chin and placing his lips near hers: "I'll treat you like a woman, Princess Aiko." Aiko blushing to the brim, too shock for any reaction. (omg~ in front of the class!?! Reo's going to KISS Aiko!?!)

Reo's classmate: "Live Kiss!!?" Aiko punches Reo: "Stop it! I'm not doing it!!!"
Reo's classmate: "Not kissing!!!" The girls: "I will not forgive Aiko if they really kiss!" Reo thoughts "She really punched me!?" Reo: "I was only joking! BAKA!" Aiko: " HUH!!?" And they continue to squable. Aiko: "It's not something you can joke with! ERO BAKA!"

"When are you'll going to stop? Are you trying to do unnecessary things to my class's Maid?" asked Takumi. (finally the appearance of Takumi kun!)

He grabs Aiko from behind: "Reo took her away like a knight the other day. Today is my turn." Aiko getting away from Takumi: "What do you think you are trying to do?"
The class girls: "Kyahhh! Ai and Takumi are "that kinda" relationship!!?"
Hiroko thinks that things are getting out of hand: "Ya bai!" (something like Oh no!) and she rushed students from class 2A back to their own classroom. While the girls from class 2A are still asking Aiko who is her real boyfriend. Reo or Takumi.

Reo waiting for Aiko at the train station. Aiko: "Omatase." (Means: Sorry to keep you waiting) Reo is pouting. (omg~ so cute!) Aiko: "Reo, is your mood slightly better now? Many "bad" things happened just now. Why are you keeping quiet, say something."
Reo: "Aiko too, trying to avoid the conversation this morning. Are you hiding something from me?"
Aiko: "Huh?"

Aiko's thoughts "The dream? Is he talking about the dream? Or is it the promise? Which is exposed?" Aiko mumbled: "What is it?"
Reo: "You should know. Stop hiding and tell me!" Aiko's thoughts "Is Reo really mad? Because i'm hiding and avoiding?" Aiko, nervous as she grabs the hem of her top, covering her face with the other hand: "Since you said that. I can't tell you something like this can i? The promise, i know i've made that promise but... it's my first time and i'm very conscious about it! I even had that kind of dream. Moreover, Reo approached me that way in front of everyone. My heart is always thumbing faster than usual.

Reo: "This is what you are hiding?"
Aiko: "This? What is there besides the promise?"
Reo grab Aiko's arms: "Of course it's about Takumi! What really happened on Sat?"
Aiko finally realises: "Ahhhh!! About Takumi!!! Since you've mention... it is true. The truth is Takumi already know i'm Mai. In fact he knew it long ago."
Reo: "I've more or less expected this. It's not about this, any others?"
Aiko thinking hard and blushes again: "Ahhhh... erm... he con... confessed. He said he likes Aiko. However, he promised he will not cause any trouble."

Reo's getting impatient and he grabs Aiko's arms again: "THATS ALL!?"
Aiko: "This is all! Confession right!? It's a major issue isn't it?" Aiko proceed to think harder if theres any other people who confessed. (haha. so cute) Reo finally relief and pull Aiko towards himself: "Ah... it's enough. He only confessed right?" Reo rest his head on Aiko and cursing Takumi while Aiko is conscious about passerby are looking at them. Reo: "Because it's Takumi that's why i thought he kissed you." Aiko: "Huh!? There's no reason for him to kiss me!" Reo pinches Aiko's cheek with both hands: "Then why did you hide it from me?" Aiko: "Ouch! Let go of your hand!"

Aiko's cheeks flushed even more after Reo pinched them: "I didn't want Reo to worry."
Reo holding Aiko's face gently: "If you don't want me to worry, i wished that you've told me. If you are troubled, I hope Aiko will tell me about her troubles. Don't hide things from me . Let's discuss and think of a solution. If you hide from me, i will feel insecure and unhappy." Aiko's thoughts "He is right, i wouldn't want Reo to hide anything from me."

Aiko holding Reo's hand which is on her face, smile: "I'm sorry Reo, I will never hide anything from you ever again." Reo smile and blushes: "um." Aiko's thoughts "I can proceed forward alone. What is important is that the both of us think together." (I think she meant communication but the text shows 考えるコト which means think.)
Reo: "That kind of dream, what kind of dream is that?"
Aiko: "EH!? Who said that? BAKAYARO"
Reo: "Didn't we just promise not to hid anything from each other? You are already breaking the promise?"
Aiko: "Now that you mentioned, you didn't tell me you will be dressing up as a butler for the cultural festival! Why are you keeping quite? You're sly!"

Uncountable blushes in this chapter! A little different from what i've anticipated. I thought this chapter will be Reo taking care of sick Aiko and questioning her about the Takumi issue and Reo totally defenseless seeing the sick Aiko. *images of worried Reo flashes across my head*

However i still like this chapter. ^^ The mangaka gives us sufficient dosage of lovey dovey Aiko X Reo every chapter! I think i'm liking Reo more and more with him so straight forward about his love for Aiko! Come to think of it, Takumi only appeared twice in this chapter. I wonder what's going to happen in the next chapter and if there will be more of Takumi.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

キミのとなりで青春中。Chapter 24


Keita and Miu standing on the platform of Enugahama station, the final station. I seems that Chapter 23 is about Keita's and Miu's last date before Keita leave for America. On their way home, both were silent and they did not alight until the final station.

Keita heard sound of waves and thought that should a seaside near by. He went to check the time for the next train and realize that the last train had already left thus, Keita suggest to look for a place to stay over.

Miu, shocked and she fall backwards hitting her back on a pillar. She wonders why Keita seems to be so very calm.

2630 yen are all they had on them and is impossible to find a place to stay over with. Keita suggested to go to the seaside instead, he stretches out his hand and told Miu to be careful as it is dark.

Miu's thoughts: Keita is really doing things at his own pace, even though so. Regardless if it is sad or happy times, he's supporting me with his smiling face. Back at home, Ietei is getting agitated as Keita and Miu aren't home yet.

Miu tried calling home while walking down the stairs however there were no reception. Keita told her to be careful and she missed a step and fell down.

Landing herself on Keita. Both of them blushed. Miu apologized when she realized what had just happened. Keita, still blushing asked if she's hurt any where. (oh so cute!) Miu, still sitting on Keita wonder what was she doing and Keita told her, for the time being, get off first.

Keita teased Miu saying that she's heavy. Miu turned towards him to defend herself and Keita told her to look up. The sky's filled with countless stars.

Miu was admiring the stars and picking seashell. Keita had his eyes on her all these while. Keita found a really huge sea weed and wonders if it can be eaten. He took a bit and it was filled with sand.

Miu took out a calorie mate and shared with Keita. Miu asked if Keita had packed all his stuff. Keita replied saying he hasn't and will do it the next day after they returned home as he would be leaving the day after that. Miu's thoughts: "Even though i'm feeling happy that we are both enjoying the beautiful sky and sea together. The happier i feel, the sadder i become.

Miu sneezed as she's feeling cold and at the same moment, Keita spotted a ship nearby. They went in the ship and found some fishing tools. Keita suggested to stay in the ship for the night as there was isn't anyone around.

There's only one blanket thus, Keita suggest that they share it. Keita touched Mi's ears and Miu closed her eyes wonder if Keita's going to kiss her or something. However, she was wrong. A fish hook was caught in Miu's hair, Keita merely wanted to remove it. He told Miu get to sleep quickly.

Keita told Miu not to worry as he's not going to do things that she dislike. Miu told Keita that he's wrong, she's just nervous. Keita, blushed and told Miu that he's actually very nervous. Miu realised that Keita was actually putting up a calm front and he knew about Miu feeling nervous all the while.

Miu's thoughts: "Even though Keita likes to do things at his own pace, he always put others feelings before himself. Since a long time ago." Miu: "I don't dislike."

They turned towards each other and was going to kiss! Miu's thoughts: "I really like Keita. I really really like Keita."

At the very critical moment, the ship owner came back! He was shocked to see them however, after listening to their explanation he let them stay on the ship. Only that they had to follow him out to the sea for his catch!

The next morning, the ship owner sent them to the train station and they even brought back fish with them as souvenirs. They blushed when their eyes met and soon burst into laughter. Miu's thoughts: "It seems a little regretable and yet i feel relief. It's alright as the feeling of happiness hasn't change."

bittersweet of parting chapter.

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